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I've been playing this game for a while now, and the one thing I've always found lacking, was a comprehensive guide to assist users with determining what type of gear they should buy.  What makes it worse, is that once you purchase a piece of gear, you can't find their stats anymore, as they're not available in the store, and the stats don't show in the "change appearance" window.

I crunched the numbers and added all the stats of the best gear and full sets in the spreadsheet linked HERE.

Bear in mind, that not all pieces of gear are listed.  This was not an accident, as I excluded any piece of gear that had identical stats of another piece with better stats.

With the introduction of the new Night Fury set, figured people might find this useful, so I made it public.  Please feel free to build your set in whatever manner suits your desires.

Full link:

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This is awesome! Thanks for

This is awesome! Thanks for putting it together!


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Updated to include the

Updated to include the changes to the Stormcutter set.

*Note: due to it's similarities with the Night Fury set, I predict that the Night Fury Chestpiece will probably have +3% speed on it as well (but that is speculation, so it's not included in the guide yet)

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Updated to include the new

Updated to include the new Alpha set and changes to the Night Fury & Stormcutter sets.  Due to the number of alterations and tooltip disappearences, these updates are subject to change in the near future.

*Note: Stormcutter & Night Fury Bracers/Pants both previously had 2% turn & 2% pitch as added stats; the new update removed those stats from the tooltip.  This does not mean the stats were actually removed from the gear, but that the tooltips are in fluxuation due to the numerous changes.  Also, the Stormcutter Boots lost it's 2% pitch, but is still displaying 5% run speed.  Because those tooltips MAY reflect actual changes, the optimal sets have been updated.

** If anyone happens to snag a screenshot of the Night Fury mask & boots, as to their current tooltips in the store, I would appreciate a post here so that I can update.  Please and Thank you!

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I'm slow.

     Hhh- it's a litte hard to read for me because I don't.. exactly understand the format. And I don't understand the stat boosting thing either. There's offsets? Armor can reduce stats??? I'm?? Probably not reading this right. But. If the.. Are the stats that are posted in the store different from how the peice actually effects you? Because I'm going for speed, I've been trying to race on my Gronckle and.. well, I need all the speed boosts I can get. I'm wearing these items based on the store's written values:


Screaming Death Chest : 5% Speed, 3% Pitch

Screaming Death Trousers : 5% Speed

Death Song Black Boots : 3% Turning, 2% Speed

Alpha Toothless Helm : 2% Happiness, 3% Speed

Screaming Death Faceplate : 1% Pitch, 2% Speed

Death Song Black Bracers : 2% Speed

Dragon Rider’s Pauldrons : 5% Speed, 3% Turning


(I made a full list of all the armor stats myself, but with the numbers the store has. It's here if you want to look at it. I had made a fake account just to look at the armor since I've bought it all on my main and can't check.)


Are the store-posted stats accurate..? And if not, what'd be the best armor combination for speed...? MagmaFlow really isn't the fastest dragon. And I.. don't really know how to 'crunch numbers'.


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Sorry if it came off

Sorry if it came off confusing, I tried to simpfy it as much as possible, but with all the different stats and different armor types featuring different amounts of those stats, it was essential to create a spreadsheet that would match them side by side.


Since all the stats in the store only show 2 stats, they're not always organized to compare with other pieces.  Some have speed & pitch, but no turn.  Some have happiness & run, but no speed, turn or pitch.  To top it all off, the tooltips aren't always consistent with their location in relation to each other (sometimes speed is on the left of the armor, other times it's on the right).  It makes comparing them difficult, especially if you bought a piece already, and a new piece comes out... the armor in your inventory doesn't display the stats it showed in the store, can you remember every stat on every piece you already own?  I made this guide as an ever-changing spreadsheet, that could keep all that data, and update when new gear comes out.


To answer your most pertinent question outright... what is the most (S)peed you can get with gear; well it's kind of a loaded question.  Speed comes in various forms in this game.  Is it just top speed you want?  How fast your dragon takes off and dives?  What about banking or maneuverability in winding areas?  You say you race a gronkle, and well, they're one of the most maneuverable dragons in the game.  They can accellerate pretty fast, stop on a dime and turn with the best of them; but as you said, they DO have a low top speed.  If you're building your gearset around maximum top speed to help curb that handicap, then you made some sound selections in the gear choices.  Also though, they are a little slow to climb & dive (going up and down), so you may want to also consider (P)itch as a secondary focus.


In the guide I posted, you can see those same selections within the row of "Best In", category listing "Speed".  Following that column down, and you can see there are some other similar types of armor with the same maximum speed, for gear pieces like helm, chest, bracers & boots.  Those alternate pieces offer differing choices in "off-stats".


Off-stats are additional bonuses given to you by your gear selections, that you weren't focusing on.  (For example, you wanted a piece of gear that gives you +3% speed increase on it... you found the piece you wanted, and in addition to that speed, the armor also gave you +2% turn rate.) It was an added bonus.

Speed is generally what all the different categories of stats focus on, just differ in how it's applied to movements in game.  It's broken down like this:



Depending on the dragon you race, specializations in different gear pieces will result in different handicaps being made up for.  Example, let's say you were racing a Skrill instead of a Gronkle.  Skrill has a high top speed & accelleration, but lacks in maneuverability.  A dragon rider racing a Skrill with full (s)peed armor, in a map with lots of turns (like Wooly Canyon), can easily find himself coming in 2nd or 3rd against a Flightmare or a Gronkle.  It's important to plan your armor for which dragon you ride, and make adjustments to your gear, should you ever decide to race something else.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you, I was mostly confused by the terminology. This is really helpful now that I understand what I'm looking at- again, thanks! I'm going to put a link to it in my signature so I can keep track of it better.

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Updated with Sand Wraith set.

Updated with Sand Wraith set.  Only notable set pieces are bracers and boots, which feature happiness (a lacking trait from other sets once they were debuffed).  But they ONLY feature happiness, and the two pieces that do have maneuvering stats are outshined by night fury, alpha & stormcutter sets point for point.  It does have a unique look though, not really expressed in any other sets, resembling desert attire.  Mostly a vanity set.

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tip toe... tip toe...

quietly tracking! step by step! good going btw


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Link for Armor Stats



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Thank you!

This is super helpful :D



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Minor update with the

Minor update with the sandwraith bracers added

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There was some major changes

There was some major changes in the game with the update to the racing features.  To balance the gameplay, some drastic changes to the existing stats on most gear pieces have been altered significantly.

The most noteable change is that the highest increase of P/T/S stats is now maxed at 21% increase; whereas it used to be at 45%.  Almost all armor stat pieces now feature happiness instead of off-stats, though there are a few that still retain multi-function capabilities.

I've updated the guide to reflect these changes, and it is highly recommended that you re-review your armor set to determine how these changes will affect your dragon racer's responsiveness.  Good Luck!

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thank you so much!

thank you so much!

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*minor update: steel night

*minor update: steel night fury helm

although better than the regular night fury helm, alpha still tops it in speed

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i just promed skrill armor and needed the info