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I would like for these suits of armor to be in the game and I bit of something else.

Dagur armor, Veggo armor, Ryker armor, Hiccups first flight suit. These are ALL from race to the edge except this...AN ARMOR FORGE!!! You can go to it in Berk or in your farmfarm. You can craft your own personal armor or color the armor you currently have. Who ever thinks this cool plz tell me!


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that would be cool and are you talking about dragon armor or ppl armor? If your talking about ppl armor they need to be crafted as you said. And mabye you can find metal and stuff here and ther. And for dragon armor the same thing. I m sick of haveing to buy stuff with gems. And haveing dragos dragon armor would be nice. And mabye they can add a no person mode where you cant see your human on your dragon. I think that would help a lot of role players.

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Nice Ideas

Wow I like those a lot those are some awesome and cool in every way. Good idea's i hope these get noticed!

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Also yes I mean ppl armor like with Veggo's armor that is for a person same with Ryker and Dagur and Hiccup. But the Dragon armor is a very cool idea too i hope all these are put in SoD.

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Ths would be great! Especially if the adde3d a mine or something for you to use. Say..on dark deep. You could have your own mine (like having your own farm) and "farm" rocks. And you could go on stable quests for different minerals. Then the devs could have it a little more worth while, so that we could pay gems so we could get more minerals, or find them faster. We could visit other ppls mines too, and rate them like with farms!

I am loving this idea more and more! Although I wanted it ever since the Rise of Stormheart expansion when you make armor for Haralds Terrible Terror.


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Dang I like the idea for mine and the stable quests. The cool thing is, the more ppl that, reply the cooler the idea's get.

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Admins if u see this post plz consider all of these amazing ideas and it possible add them to SoD, I would be extremely happy and I think a lot of others would be also!