ARK: Survival Evolved. Anyone play it? If not still read :P

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ARK's channel:


This is a game based on living on a island and you form tribes and raid but that's not all. On this game you can tame prehistorc mammals and dinosaurs and DRAGONS. There are also pterasaurs,bugs,sharks(megalodon)snakes(titanaboa),birds,fish,prehistorc sea reptiles(plesiasaur),frogs,crocs(Sarcosuchus)and more!

Craft to create almost any structure including boats,platforms,bases/forts/houses and saddles from wood,metal,thatch,flint,fiber,oil,pearls,cementing paste,hide and stone which can be gathered amongst the island and even some of your pets or mounts tamed can produce or gather some of this stuff.

You can also create camp fires and cooking pots to cook meat to eat and eat berries you collect from bushes.


If you like to roleplay there is a password and admin provided server called The Forgotten RP. When you login to ARK(you must have a Steam account and buy it. But its worth the money trust me. So far its one of the top most recommended game on there and nearly every steam user has the game) and set the Server Filter to: Unofficial. Once done search The Forgotten RP,click it,then click Join, then type in the password that the admin sent to you email then you can join. Once you log out from that server don't forget to go change your Server Filter from Unofficial to My Survivers so you can easily find it later.


Register this site to be given a password:

Please read the rules before joining. Everyone on that server is friendly and will help you tame things and perhaps even let you join your tribe! Taming and XP gaining on that server is also raised higher than Official Servers so it will be easier to start rping. For now you don't have to RP but once everything is set up and we have enough members it will be strictly RP only. This is one of the very few servers that has tameable dragons that anyone can own but are a challenge to get but you'll recieve help if needed! The dragons spawn on mountains.


This server you can build houses,bases,stores,and ect to roleplay. You could also have your How To Train Your Dinosaur/Dragon rps on a game instead of on this forum or perhaps act it out on ARK! :D


Today ARK devs are releasing 2 new locations(Swamp and Snow biome) on the map and new animals plus bug fixes and ect which are introduced on their Steam Forums announcements and on one of their videos in the channel.




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I love that game!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

I love ARK, I've been. Playing that game since it came out lol. I already have a trex, spino, 4 raptors,a bronto, ptera, and I'm trying to get a paraceratherium. That and I have the same mod you're talking about, its the small dragons mod right? Also does that server allow transferring your dinos and characters from other servers? If so then I would really like to join.

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I don't think transfer is enabled but it is easy to tame and level up on that game. In a day you can be level 30+ on that server if you have a tribe. You could join mine once you enter the server. Just mention your looking for a person named: Tee Kay.

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The new Ragnarok map has just arrived and while i'm unhappy about it being released when it's pretty much only half-done, I love the new griffin they've added :)


Anyone interested in joining my ARK server can join the steam group here:


(Also I believe this is in the wrong category, it shouldn't be under Website Suggestions, it should be under

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