Are they ever going to let us sell stuff?

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Ok so I'm sure posts like this have been made already but I was really wondering about this and I'm honestly too lazy to go digging around for them. Anyway are they ever going to add the ability to sell eggs or even farm items? I have over 50 of multiple farm items just sitting in my farm inventory thingy collecting dust. I dont need them nor want them. Right now I am low on coins and the only way I can get them is by battle events and stable quests. I've completed all of the quests except some expansions but I dont have the funds to get those right now, so that way is out of the picture.
I have a crap ton of eggs that I dont want to hatch too. I'd much rather sell them for some amount of gems or coins. I dont care at this point.
I faintly remember being able to sell my rage skull masks when I first started playing. But hey, maybe I'm just imagining things.
Another thing I want to add/talk about is a trading system. I'm kind of neutral about this. On one hand it could really help players and bring them together, but on the other hand you would most definitely have players scamming each other and begging for people to trade. Which would really be annoying.
I use to play this game called Animal Jam. Some of you may already know what it is. Anyway, they had a trading system. (I'm not very good at explaining things but I'll try my best) In this trading system you put some of your items up to trade and other people can pick which item they want to trade, they can trade one or more of their things for one of your things and the other way around. What I like most about this trading system is that it gives you several chances to decline the trade if you dont want to at almost any point. This was they way it worked when I played but it may have changed.
Honestly, I just want a way to get rid of all the useless items I've collected over the years. I'm fine with any ways.


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I don't know if the game will ever add trading. Personally, I wish there was a way to DELETE unwanted objects (which I am pretty sure there is not?). I have too many stinkin' friendship archs!!! But yeah, it would be cool to trade.


     To avoid scamming when trading, the game, I assume, would put a set price on objects so that people would not feel cheated. However, this would create another problem--I'll use dragon eggs as an example. If dragon eggs were availible through trading, then they would have to be either more or less expensive than the store price. If they were more, why would anyone want them? If they were less, why would anyone buy an egg from the store? (the game probably does not want players becoming rich--they want all of the gems!). Plus, you may get "high/rich" players that buy tons of the eggs and sell them to other "low/poor" players (which would make them rich and leave the store "bankrupt"). That's probably why the game does not have trading (and the fact that it has many glitches and things that need to be fixed; trading would probably A. cost a lot of [real] money and B. make the game run slower or be more expensive to buy/maintain, etc.). Anyway, if trading ever does exists in the game, players would probably only be allowed to trade iteams of equal worth instead of getting gold or gems. For instance, let's say I had a skrill egg and you had a sandwraith egg. I would be allowed to trade my skrill egg but only if I obtained your sandwraith egg (or I could trade my skrill egg with anything you have that is worth 800 gems [or whatever--the same price as the skrill egg]). 


   But yeah, I get your point. It's kind of hard earning gold and gems--especially if a person is not a member, which is what I am. I would suggest the game find a way to make gold and gems easier to obtain for people who do not/cannot pay real money for it (but I guess the game won't because they want money!). 


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What if the selling/trading

What if the selling/trading happens, but does not go towards another player? You just sell it back to the store, but you don't get full price back. Now there's no incentive to abuse the system since you're losing game currency per transaction. 


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That would work and would probably be a better idea. But I still doubt it's going to happen, as it would cost money. 

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Teachnically you can either sell or delete fish and crops. To delete them, open your backpack and click on the fish/crops you want to delete. I wouldn't recommend deletion, ever, because you can sell them as well. To sell them, go to Johann's Trading Post (looks like a board) and trade your fish and crops for coins.


I doubt they'd ever add a trading system. Personally I'd better like being able to sell eggs for like 1/2 or 1/4 their gem price in the store. 


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Selling Dragon Eggs

I agree, because I have some eggs that I don't want. I wish that they could allow us to sell them or something. I would probably say that the items would be worth half from their actually value. I'm pretty that this will create an equilibrium for extra gems and gold. However, will they allow us to trade certain items for eggs possibly? I'm wondering if that would be possible.



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You could just hatch all of

You could just hatch all of the eggs you don't want--that's what I do (I have like 10 gronckles, 8 whispering deaths, etc.). Since there is nothing else to do in the game, I almost "constantly" get eggs from battles or silver chests (found in quest thing), hatch any and every egg I get, get gems for stables, raise the baby to level 10 from battle points, etc. Etc. I get it if you don't want to do that, though! But I doubt they are going to start trading. Personally, I'd rather them come up with something fun to do in the game--I'm gettin' kind of bored doing the same thing but there's nothing else to do

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I have seen TONS of people asking for this and yes I think this would be great! If they don't set up a trading center, at least maybe they could set something up so we can send eggs or anything we have to our freinds in the game. The only downside of this is that there will probably be a bunch of people running around asking for stuff.


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