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I want to address my recent hiatus from the game, forum, and related discord and/or communication services. I know that most people wont even care, but this is for those who do.


If you haven't noticed, I havent logged into the game or shown my face here for upwards of 4-6 months as of now. I rarely speak in the SoD Discord nowadays, and it's as if I have quit the game, which I haven't. I basicaly stopped playing and forgot about the game and flight rising during the middle of last summer. I had to prioritize on a lot of things such as moving and getting ready for school. The move went along nicely, and before I knew it, school was about to start. I took the last week of my summer situating everything related for my first day of school, and 8th grade is going well.


Even though I have time to play and stuff, I had lost most of my interest in the game. As I used to focus on doing battle events and racing, things got repetitive and more or less boring. I'm active on discord and I play Minecraft most of the time, so if you want to talk to me on discord feel free to add me Tibbles#2709. 


As for getting back into the game, I will try my best to spark interest in it again. I am 2nd elder of tdr and I wish to remain like that, but I completely understand if I lose my spot there. I still support the clan with all my heart and I dont plan to leave it any time soon. 


I hope this cleared a few things up as to why I haven't been active in a long time. 

Thanks for reading, love you all.


-Tibbs <3



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