Anyone wants to learn me how to RP?

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Yesterday I saw a topic about RP'ing, and now I understand a bit how it works, but I want to practice before entering an actual RP. I'm still not 100% sure how to RP and I also don't know how it works when there's a big plot. 


So does anyone want to help me practicing? =3

TY ;-)


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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

If you've ever written a fanfiction before, then think of roleplay as kind of like a real-time fanfiction with other people involved. You just follow the specific plot, initiate character interactions, have a few battle scenes maybe, and a bunch of other things. But yes the reason I'm posting is because I'd help you practice. 


Here's a breif example of how I usually roleplay (in first-person):


The longer I stared at the 104 Building, the surer I got that I had just imagined Joshua up there. But... Really? That WAS his favorite spot, after all... And he was no stranger to just disappearing spontaneously...

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SouSound like something I could do. But could we meet up around 2:00? Here on forums? I have curchanda potluck today's d can't get on till they are over. But I would be happy to teach you! Here are my credentials! XD


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Roleplaying is- in a very simple explanation- a group storytelling effort.


If you like and/or are good at writing worlds and characters, you can do roleplay-- (depending on the system and rules, if any)


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I help you I just need some help

I've roleplayed a lot on another game, so I can RP with you. Buuut I have a Issue, I'm a newbie here annnd idk how to make a Forum like yours all I know is how to reply, I just want to know where the post button is or something. Thank yoooou <3


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Anyways, welcome to the Forum =)

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I help you I just need some help

I've roleplayed a lot on another game, so I can RP with you. Buuut I have a Issue, I'm a newbie here annnd idk how to make a Forum like yours all I know is how to reply, I just want to know where the post button is or something. Thank yoooou <3

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