Anyone here play dragon cave and wanna talk about it?

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One of my most favourite games is now dragon cave/dragcave. Why? BECAUSE IT HAS HUNDREDS OF DRAGONS YOU CAN RAISE! And what's better than having hundreds of reptilian friends?

so yush does anyone wanna talk about dragcave? Here is my scroll if you wish to view my dragons:




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I used to.

I used to play it many years ago, back when there was only about 30 different sprites you could raise. I got bored eventually since you can't do anything with them, they're just lifeless images that sit there- as opposed to our dragons on SOD. 

That is why i stopped playing many sites/games like dragon cave. It doesn't matter how beautiful the art work, if you can't do anything with it I get bored in a few months.

I have thought a few times about starting again but there are just way too many now to keep track of, and all of my rare ones would be long dead by now.

Edit: I just reset my password out of interest and they're all still there! 

Heres the link to my cave:


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