Anyone else having problems with their farm ??

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Is anyone else having problems with their farm at the moment? Right now it seems impossible to farm properly!

Whenever I try to enter my farm, it keeps on crashing and with the odd chance I get in, I can't move my player! Please help me!!!



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You're not alone

While I haven't gotten the problem that you're experiencing at the moment (and sorry that I don't know how to help you), my farm is almost unplayable right now as animals keep spawning outside of their pens, items randomly duplicate, and every time I go to reorganise the decorations and pens they go back to where they were, sometimes overlapping on top of each other and I'm unable to put them back into storage. While looking for a fix for my problems on the forum I've stumbled across hundreds of others with the same/different problems. If all these posts haven't reached the admins yet then I don't know what will. I do hope that they're working on a fix for farms instead of something new because it doesn't seem right to introduce new things while all the old ones are broken. But for now the only 'fixes' I've seen are clearing your cache and staying out of your farm for a while. Lots of people have said they've private messaged the admins so hopefully they see the messages soon. Sorry that this wasn't much help but you should know that there are plenty of others experiencing farm problems :c

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I'm able to enter my farm, but I can't move my viking once I get in. :l It's really annoying. Since I rely on eggs to feed my dragons, I can barely get around the game anymore. :c


I tried clearing my cache, after which I could move around in my farm again, but next time I entered it, it was back to the same old glitch.








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*cries for all the glitched farms*

It's terrible

I rely heavily on eggs too and luckily thats one of the things I am still able to do

I used to play on browser and clearing my cache didnt work with much

I now play on the downloaded application so I'm not sure what I can do from there

I'm just hoping the admins get around to it soon

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Would be nice if the Admins

Would be nice if the Admins paid attention to these and showed that they did by responding. It is now the end of the month and I still have the same issues as well. Frozen in one spot and can't farm. Can't even leave the farm and to keep playing I have to just shut the game down and start over as I come back in the Lookout. Don't even plant crops for the quests any more because they have all died as I can't get to them to harvest them.



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One thing works for that...

I have found that if I open and then close the back pack that it will unfreeze me and i can move in the farm. Other then thast everything else seems ok for now EXCEPT I cannot milk my yaks! When I try to my character, even when standing right next to the yak, keeps running at it and never stops. I can click the yak and the milk bottle but the running doesn't stop. I have to exit out of the game, and sometimes just as I do that I hear the "schwing-schwing-schwing" sound like the yak has been milked. It's been doing this since last week far as I know. :/


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Can't enter my farm

My game keeps crashing when I try to get into the farm. It just freezes with the loading screen and my entire laptop freezes and I can't do anything, not even close the game. 

Please, fix.

I am using the downloaded version (not the app) on a hp pc. 



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Same here

Yepp I do have this problem sometimes too. Than I dont have any other options to shout down the laptop totaly, arrrg!!!