Anyone else having this problem?

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I'm trying to buy a boulder stable with coins and it ain't working. I get an error "Purchase failed." This happened to me once before and it was because the game showed my coin count as more than it actually was, and restarting fixed it. I've restarted 4-5 times now and still the same results. I have trial membership rn and 2808 coins. 8 coins more than I need to buy the stable.


On that same not, I can't buy 400 coins for 48 gems. I have 51 gems.


I'm thinking maybe it's not registering taht I have an active membership and is charging me the non-member price? I really need thsi stable to hatch my Grapple Grounder and make the most of Toothless.



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Just realized - I'm being

Just realized - I'm being charged the non-member price for items even though I'm a member, which was indeed the issue, despite the fact that the price displayed in the store is the member sale price. Whats up with that?

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I have had this problem more then once but i either #1 re-install SoD or #2 X out the game and re-log back in. But its my tips i hope it helped! if it didnt i hope admins will help you with the situation! Take Care! & Goodluck! ^^






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