Anybody esle having server issues?

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So ik this can't connect to server thing was present on the desktop app because I experience it on my laptop. But now it's on my phone too?? My phone was working fine until now. Is anybody also getting the same server message when trying to play?



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Yes, however I've been getting since the last major update, and that's even if I can load into the game because it usually crashes before then. You're not alone!


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You could Pm an admin and tell them about this. They can probably help you with this :D. I suggest you pm Brynjolf, i believe he’s the most active admin on the forum :).

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Sorry for bad English :P

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If this happens on all your devices I'd check out your internet connection, if I were you. Maybe try using wired on your pc, if you can.


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I too am having problems

I too am having problems connecting to the game. How do I get help? 

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Me too

Yeah I keep getting the server message as well! Last time this happened, I think it was for about 4/5 days then everything was fine for about 2 months. I’ve had this now for 2/3 days so far so hopefully I’ll just have to wait it out

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Hi again, I just tried again and now it’s sayind it has to load 27 on the loading bar thing. Yesterday it was about 86 I think. So hopefully it will keep doing down.