Any Wattpad Users? Silver's Gift:

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Hey! Do any of you use Wattpad as your reading station? Well, I do! It's great XD I also have been making a story that Involves Dragons and Vikings, but I do not consider it as any to do with httyd, because I made it myself with my own knowledge XD

Anybody want to read it out? If so, My Story is Called.... Silvers Gift: A Silver Century,  by Celestious91 (me)


^.^ read at your risk XD

















Siggy comin' through!



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Heyo, I'm Sylvya!



If You're in my clan, 'Dark Challenge', PM me to get me on your Friend List!



Viking Name: Sylvya

Clan/Position: Dark Challenge (Leader)

Dark Challenge/Total Points: (4759) Ranked: (145)

Hobbies: Farming, Doing Art, Reading, 

Playing Piano, Raising Dragons, Running, Adventuring, Hiking, Writing, and Racing! 

  • Adventurer Level: (50)

  • Trainer Points: (400000)

  • Fishing Level: (30)

  • Farming Level: (30)



(Art done by me)



Hello, I am Sylvya and I am known as Sly, I expect a lot about myself, and I have achieved greatness by creating a fantastic clan. I am a proud Leader of ‘Dark Challenge’, and I truly enjoy hanging out with my clans-folk. The first top thing I am proud of doing in SOD is farming in my ambient and gorgeous farm; Evansce! And Isle 40! The second top I am proud of is being able to enjoy Thunderdrum Racing with my allies, I love hitting the top, but I also recognize great players!


My family and friends! Guess who reccomended the game for them :')). They're newbies, but hey, they enjoy playing! They want allies as well!


SpyCyn: CFPX6V

GydroSlayer: F1FTS7

LordSorian: GFPEP7 AND LadyKemin: GFPX6V , My twin cousins :^))

MageTacker: GF1K3K , A Great Friend :D



My trophy Count: (10,000) and counting!

Dragon Count: (30+)


  • Symbol (Deadly Nadder) -Lvl 50. (My First Lovely Adoptable)

  • Razor Shin (Titan Skrill) -Lvl 50

  • Dark Slayer (Typhoomerang) -Lvl 50. Clan representative.

  • Dracula (Grapple Grounder) -Lvl 23

  • Silver (Whispering Death) -Lvl 50

  • Waterbug (Gronkle) -Lvl 20

  • Dark Heart (Teen Typhoomerang) -Lvl 7

  • TGM (Titan Scauldron) -Lvl 50

  • Fauna (Tide Glider) -Lvl 15. Rescued.

  • Magnus (Eruptodon) -Lvl 13

  • Nawshin (Whispering Death) Lvl 12

  • Narwal (Monstrous Nightmare) -Lvl 12

  • Sorian (Raincutter) -Lvl 12. Rescued.

  • Gilstone (Mudraker) -Lvl 10. Rescued.

  • Milkweed (Groncicle) -Lvl 10

  • Valorials (Zippleback) -Lvl 10. Rescued.

  • Porso (Adult Thunderdrum) -Lvl 5. Rescued.

  • Shura (Baby Skrill) -Lvl 4. Rescued.

  • Satsu (Baby Mudraker) -Lvl 4. Rescued.

  • Zaragozakian (Adult Armorwing) -Lvl 4

  • Razo Grip (Adult Deathgripper) -Lvl 4

  • Dark Mage (Adult Hobblegrunt) -Lvl 10. Rescued.

  • Dark Soul (Adult Sweet Death) -Lvl 10. Rescued.

  • Strykore (Fire Terror) -Lvl 50

  • Evanerious (Whooly Howl) -Lvl 11. Rescued.

  • Begones (Adult Boneknapper) -Lvl 10

  • Corina (Adult Shockjaw)-Lvl 10. Rescued.

  • ASC (Adult Sandwraith) -Lvl 50

  • Elior (Adult Fireworm Queen) -Lvl 10. Rescued.

  • Phyrra (Adult Singetail) -Lvl 4




 (Art done by me)



I've got lots of dragons, for now, I'll place a my main Trio here!


My number one choice of dragon to fly and shoot is Symbol, the Deadly Nadder!



     Dark Slayer; the Typhoomerang, is always the first to meet new of our Clansmen, and is always lightned up in that sweet fire of his! Dark Slayer represents our magnificent clan; Dark Challenge!




Razor Shin, here, is the only fastest dragon I have so far, he enjoys the wind under his wings when he goes for a good Thunderdrum Race!



     Fauna was rescued from the outcast. I'm doing my best!


My Siggy is still under construction sooo, if you met one of these four dracs onliine, you're officially invited to my greatest hobby in making, my farm! Evansce!


My farm data says I have room for more items, but that space doesn't exist, my farm is full, I can't place any totems anywhere either to get to that 400/400 mark, (if that's possible). Evansce is jammed packed!





What a relaxing view in the Training Grounds


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I have Wattad ;) I will check your story xD

My Name there is Astirdia ;D






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Okie XD thanks!

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Same here :D My friend

Same here :D My friend introduced me this website. Now, I can read any novels I like!


Hi There~ :) Just wanna inform all of you who wonder why I wasn't online in the game. That's because I'm not going to play SoD anymore due to some issues. But, it's not like I'm going to quit playing SoD forever, I will come back soon with a brand new account or maybe not :/

And lastly, you can still see me around in the forum. :D




  • Forgive my weak grammar :)

Sven & Crsytal Maiden <3




My Artwork : <3




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I have one. I'm

I have one. I'm @Dragon_drawer147 and I have one major on going book. Though I have 3 books out there. 


So, I'm back. A lot has changed in my life. I came to the conclusion I'm Asexual Panromantic, and after that, got a girl friend who i really love. Ive moved on from httyd art to horse art. I animate a bit. I'm in my Horseback riding school's drill team again. I'm stressed as ever and I'm pretty sure I've developed a small case of depression thanks to bullies at school. I have a lot of Horse Ocs and thats all i seem to draw now a days. Oh, i also got a puppy.




Goldtail, Oswind, Night Valkyrie, and Northfire

by pixel

i am 100% against hacking and cheating

Follow me on:


-Deviant art


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