Any Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Fans?

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Hello, I was just wondering if anyone liked Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus. If you haven't read the series, I seriously reccomend it - read PJatO first, otherwise you won't get HoO.


My Favorites -

Favorite Book In PJatO - The Titan's Curse

Favorite Book In HoO - Blood of Olympus

Favorite Character in PJatO - Percy Jackson (duh)

Favorite Character in HoO - Percy and Leo






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    The movies are a disgrace...


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    Fin, cause in the end yer grounded :p

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    Oh look you made it to the end, good for you

    I accidently clicked out and didnt save.... crap...


    When you and your friends find something cool

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    Seeing a teacher durring the summer

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    When the party starts with out you

    When the light wants to shine brighter than your future

    When your ship becomes cannon

    Then the feels hit

    When your Fandom gets insaulted

    When someone wants to take your book

    When someone talks about your hair being naturaly messy

    When some one tries to  tell you that you're wrong

    When someone you hate attempts to be menacing

    When you hear a scary noise in the house

    That moment when you have a massive point

    When your friends are at a contol point and you come in to save the day

    When you have pizza but it gets stolen

    When you work but need to go faster

    Finally geting a kill halfway into a game

    When you get to the objective but get caught on it

    Talking to some of your friends

    When mom asks for your homework

    When you're kinda mad at your friend at someting stupid that they did

    When you almost shoot your friend in game

    When you do something epic

    When your mum wants your phone

    Whenever i get a car...

    When you get the hero and everyone wants to kill you

    When an X-wing sees you all alone

    When my parents are talking about my future

    When talking to someone you dont really trust

    Being stuck in a conversation with a person that you hate

    When you leave your people

    When people cant stop asking you questions

    When you're about to go off on someone

    When some one says that they love you

    When you can't even be that cool

    When you come to save the day but the whole team is camping

    When you drop in and get rekt

    Some days you just need to face plant..

    When you know all of the parts of the lightsaber

    When you miss something old

    When you hear the song of ur people

    When someone tries to sink your ship

    When someone says something stupid

    When you drop your book and the bookmark comes out

    The look that you have when you see someones outfit thats a major no

    Dat epic catch you make  (i didnt start with when, twice, in a row :O)

    Getting away with something (omg three times! i need cake for this..)

    Quick, turn! (i want more cake for this, i dont get paid enough)

    Talking myself through math (like serriously)

    Blocking the final boss even though you have no idea waht to do

    Telling ppl that ur british (btw i update this when....)

    It was a trap (^^ a certain girlfriend isnt onnn and im bored)

    When someone takes ur cake >.< (oh hai Dragon cause ik u read this)

    How it feels when the game crashes (and Marg and Master probably)

    100% srrs i did this when i was younger (i have no life shut up)

    I DONT WANT TO BE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE (ajhssdkls;dskdepdcf)

    How RTOTJ should've went (im back from my massive nope)

    Trying to avoid question (6/4/16 6:30)

    Checking for messages mid escape

    Getting burned by friends (hmmm.. not real burning)

    Ah, there we go! (again im hella bored)

    My friends when i say i'm ok (still bored)

    Eachtime someone wants to kill me (which is a lot of times)

    What happened to all the gifs I just put..... Wth as a British person I shall not stand for this!!!!

    Screw it I'm getting cake and some tea >.>


    getting that hero kill on one hp

    Seeing someone get burned


    I hads a dragon make this this for me o.0

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    It's crazy how far they took it. It's, it's bad. Even the author of the book hates them, and I personally hate it too.

    Just a few memes. :3


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    At first I read "are a

    At first I read "are a disgrace" and got annoyed and then I read "movies" and nodded my agreement. I haven't even seen the second one. And never will.

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    Finally a "any fans out there" thread that I can say, YES, YES, I am definitely a fan! Love Percy Jackson! I literally grew up with it. I read the first book in middle school. (I'm 21 now and about to be a college senior.) XD


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    If course





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    Forum private message thread?

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    Festus and Smaug seem to get along quite well...

    Yes. Yes. More yes. 

    No joke, I just got back from the store with the new book. I just got to chapter 4 and it seems good so far. Poor Apollo has to deal with acne and no eight pack on his stomach. XD

    Unfortunatly I don't own the books, but I have read them. The details are a little fuzzy though. :c 







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    i love pjo!! i read the blood of olympus in one day the day it came out, ha. haven't gotten the hidden oracle yet though, although i plan to.




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    YES! I love the Percy Jackson

    YES! I love the Percy Jackson series, and the Heros of Olympus series! 


    They need to do a better job on the movies though. Both of them are completely wrong. I mean, the movie was good, if it was seperate from the book, but overall.... No.


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    ~I Uncapped Riptide it was so Dangerous~

    Percy Jackson was the highlight of my life until i finished Blood of Olympus. I couldn't find a book worthy of being my favorite again. I was so sad T_T


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    I also Like Pokemon :3


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    *Odin contemplates your teeth brushing abilities...

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS I love those books, along with the Kane Chronicles and the new ones they're releasing base don nors emythology that I forgot the title to... It's Magnus Chase, right? Or is that just the name of the main character..? Idk, but I love these books!

    The movies though.. -shiver-

    Those movies were horrid. Comparable to the Avatar movie adaptation.. But I still think the Avatar one was worse. (Of the show Avatar the last airbender, not the one with the blue cat people..)


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    Clan Stuff/Miscellaneous:

    (right now it mostly has things for the Sisterhood of Clams, however if I find some phantoms stuff I shall add it to this section as well)

    The Sisterhood of Clams' adorable mascot, Clament! (Done by the clan leader, Sky and Ocean!)

    Awesome Elder picture of Me, Zuski, and Gummy Bear (our codenames, respectively.) by Sky and Ocean!


    All clam members by our clam leader, Zuski/Sky and Ocean!


    My clam badge by Zuski/Sky and Ocean! (The derpy bird represents me perfectly.)

    Check out the dragon fight club! It's a cool sort of 'event' area where we stick dragons head-to-head on eachother and vote/see which would win in a fight!


    Currently there's a tournament going on! Which side are you on?





    Team ice FTW!



    Lil' short:

    Jayfeather: C'mon friend, this thing won't hurt anyone!

    Odin: I do not have time to mess around with strange objects.

    Jayfeather: Look, just hold still.

    -Seawings makes sure to not be in the shot of the camera-


    Jayfeather: Aha! Got it. Ahh fish paste, my wing was in it..

    Odin: Hand that over this minute! I... want to see if you got my good side..

    Jayfeather: HA!

    Seawings: G-guys lets just bring this thing to Ice, o-okay?


    Jayfeather: YOU'LL HAVE TO FIGHT ME FOR IT!!


    -Jayfeather flew off chuckling-

    -Odin roared after him-

    -Seawings whimpers and decides to follow-

    (Funny picture of Odin and Jayfeather by Wutend Bonfire!)












    Ha! Got ya >:D

    (awesome gif of Odin by Peymae!)

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    Yes. It's Magnus chase and trials of apollo, When i was at the library they had magnus chase book and im like: I'm not waiting another year for another book so i didn't read it XP

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    Percy Jackson #2 Fan!! Haley Riordan is the #1........

    Yes! Huge fan right here! Been reading the books ever since they came out, well ever since I could read properly (I was only 4 XD). I have every single book. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The Kane Chronicles. Heroes of Olympus. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard annnnnnd Trials of Apollo! Which I finished the day I got it haha XD. I also have all the Demigod diaries and the Greek Gods and Heroes books as well :)


    Welcome to

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    Viking Name: FangtomNF

    Clan: None

    Friend Code: WPL


    Credit to Hattori for the Screaming Death Bouncies!




    A little bit about me -

    My OC's - Jake Romain and Fangtom Romain are actually what I look like in real life haha XD

    I'm a guy.

    I'm 15

    I'm a huge book worm, I got my own little library in my room

    My fandoms are - All Percy Jackson series(Including the KC, HoO, MC and the Trails of Apollo), Lorien Legacies, Inheritance series, Maze Runner(both books and movies), Marvel and DC movies/comics/TV series, HTTYD, The Arrowverse (Including the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow) and Doctor Who

    I have made multiple Romain OC's that live throughout Universes - I got a Pokemon one - Kai Romain. Two Percy Jackson ones - Jake and Riza Roman(Twins) and a HTTYD one - Fangtom Romain.


    I'm a huge Marvel and DC fan!