Any hints on leveling up your viking?

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I don't have any quests, battles don't give out viking exp, neither does racing or flightclub. Only ways I know are dragon tactics and the lab (told by from a friend) Anybody else knows any other ways? 

Really hoping the next expansion will drop sometime and help with it all too because oof.














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Farming, fishing, elemental match, thunder run, shooting fire pits (although I think this option does not work anymore). You can also trade to Trader Johann for Viking XP. Hope this helps~ 




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Maybe I'm blind, but I don't think I saw any viking xp for Thunder Run when I've been racing? Or is it in single player? I believe elemental is the lab, but it only gave 12 xp which sucks.  Farming and Fishing have their own levels though I believe and doesn't give Viking xp in general? Cause I'm still maxed in my farming. Thank you for the reply though, appreciated.