Another way to age dragons? (quests finished)

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Was wondering if there is a new way to age up our dragons with levels? I have finished all quests (only on silver stars which sucks because there are no more) and my sandwraith is a baby.

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Mini games(Flight Club, Dragon Tactics, Thunder Run Racing, Fireball Frenzy)give xp for dragons, although baby dragons can't do any of those.(Poor baby dragons don't have any mini games they can do now that Eel Roast has been removed)There's also battles and stable quests. You can battle with an adult dragon and then when the ship's health gets low, land, dismount your dragon, and then switch to the baby/teen dragon that you want to level up. Not all stable quests accept baby dragons but some do and if you have the right dragons for certain stable quests then you can put the baby in with some other dragons so it can get some xp.


In regards to your UDT stars/points, I suggest doing battles and/or farming to help you gain UDT points. Battles give you UDT points as well as dragon xp and harvesting stuff from animals gives you UDT points as well. I've had my platinum star for a while so I don't remember if harvesting crops gives you UDT points. If farming's not your thing(I know some people don't like it)then I suggest doing battles whenever you can. Not only will you get UDT points but you'll also get xp for your dragon.


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Aloha Lola

The best way I can tell you about leveling up dragons has to be Battling; each hour, try to be amongst the top so you'll get loads of XP. Plus, you earn extra cookies in the process, so it's a win-win situation, hahaha.



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How about . . .

Baby dragons:

Stable missions, definitely! Chopping wood in the Wilderness/New Berk, your babies will collect the wood for you, and then you can feed them, which levels them up.  In addition, you can give them Dragon Nip to make them happy, but do it before you feed them. If they are full, you need to shoot the leaping Eels, to make them happy.


Short wing dragons:

Glide in Flight club and then you can feed them to level up. Fireball Frenzy, Battles and Stable Missions give them exp points.   



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Switching to Baby Dragon or

Switching to Baby Dragon or Dragon you want to level up the last minute before the battle event end is my go to tactic, it seem to be the fastest way for me.


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Thanks all, really useful!

Thanks all, really useful!

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You're welcome. :)

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One of the fastest ways I know of to age them up is to change to them right before a battle ship event ends. This will give your dragon tons of xp and you'll have them to adult in no time at all. I got my crimson goregutter from lvl 1 to lvl 10 adult in about a week by doing that method. It's the fastest way I know.


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