Another suggestion for sell items (with a few ideas)

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I know i know, this has been requested a lot of times but still... they really need to add this to the game (i know, you can actually "sell" items in the job board) but i have a few ideas for a sell system (kinda) and i want to share them with all of you

First of all the farm items... you can't sell neither animals or harvests (except for the ones in the job board)

2nd... You can't sell items in the "quest items" section (you know that one where mystery boxes are)

3rd... You can't sell dragons (i'm talking abouth hatched dragons, also i think maybe they should add a new feature so we could release dragons by clicking a button in their stable for a small amount of gems or maybe gold if you have a lot of UDT points or something)

4th... The dragon eggs, if they added a feature to sell them maybe you should get gems for them but the sell price is going to be low (idk maybe 75-150 gems for a death song/screaming death egg or less, for starter dragon eggs 1000 gold or idk and 35-100 gems for all the other dragon eggs or less, just another suggestion)

5th... The saddles... does anybody here has 5 or maybe 6 defender saddles for the same dragon? well, i think they should add a selling system for these (seriously, i only have 1 hotburple... i don't need 6 saddles for him) you should get a small amount of gems or gold (maybe 10-25 gems or 200-500 gold)

6th... maybe you are thinking well that sounds fine (you don't like the idea? well... it would be something like: it sounds awful!,) but how are we going to sell the items if they actually add this feature?

Well, i have another idea for that,they can add another board to sell specific items like the job one, or maybe by clicking them in the backpack it should appear a "sell" button or something

Well that's all i have for now, i hope they add a feature to sell items soon (not only the job board)

Oh and i know this doesn't have anything to do with the subject of this post, but please... please add a confirmation for the insta-hatch, i spent 40 gems or even more by accident trying to feed a chicken or a sheep


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