Another racing bug?

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Forgive me for being a dummy and not fully understanding all the of the racing bugs, but I just feel I need to ask about this.

But anyway what I'm talking about is this:


This started with the classic countdown to finish on the second round happening the second time when racing before. Other times racing with this person it was fine, first time the countdown glitch happened we both lost 5 trophies, then the second time, she somehow got the ten trophies while I got the 5 when I was ahead of her (I was in racing gear and she wasn't). Also to note, she stopped moving both times it happened for a little bit before leaving.

I really don't want to accuse anybody, but nowadays, I always feel I need to check with others that might know more just in case. I am hoping it is just a bug that will be fixed or something, or at least, happen once in a blue moon if it never does.




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