Announcement for alll Zeal Predators :)

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Announcements for Zeal Predators:
If you didn't know, Zeal Predators is Part of the Dragon Alliance, this page will tell you what is the alliance about:
The alliance has its own forum, created by me, and Predators are required to create an account in the forum. Once a good amount of members are in the forum, I will start removing those who aren't in the forum. The forum will allow me to talk to you guys more and announce important information. Here's the link to the forum:
I appreciate those who have already registered in the forum. It's very easy to register, probably easier than getting an SoD account so please do get an account in the forum.
Another important thing I would like to discuss, those who are removed from the clan are allowed to join a secondary predators clan that I will create very soon. The clan will only allow ex-predators to join. Once you get enough trophies in the secondary clan, you have a choice to join back to Zeal Predators^^ *More information will be told at a later date*
*If you are not a predator, but do wish to join a clan that is also a part of the alliance, register in the forum and go look for a clan you might like ^^ we have lots of clans for you to choose from :)

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