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Yup I am rewriting it slowly here is the Prologue and Chapter 1.


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“Aniu Ravenwolf! Get back here now! That claw is an artifact of our Ancients! Bring that back here now! I will be talking to your father about this! Chief Herrick will not be pleased!”


That was Gizzard he is our lovely keeper of all things important to history. Oh and that's a younger me with my blonde hair pulled into two short braids my blue eyes looking for my sisters hiding place. Once again stealing something from the Hall of History. I wanted to show it younger sister Uina Ravenwolf. She was turning six today and that means she is getting her first dragon egg. I’m 11 so I already have my dragon.  His name is Stormheart he is a pink Nadder with golden spikes and purple under markings. He is not quite big enough to ride yet. But soon we are going to start our training.

Oh the claw that's right this claw belonged too Starwing the The Bold a Flightmare that belonged to the first village chief almost 700 years ago!  I wanted my sister to feel it and too see it in person not through some glass case. Yes I stole it but I’m going to put it back. Gizzard wouldn't of even noticed if his dumb dragon hadn't sniffed me out. I don’t like Rumblehorns.


“Aniu! Down here!” A redheaded girl few years younger than Aniu whispered from under the docking planks that also meant in the water. She had big blue eyes and her hair was long and tied over to her right side. Aniu jumped into the water with her. Just before Gizzard and his dragon Thornface could sniff them out the sisters ducked under the water, smiling at one another the girls held their breath until the threat had passed.

Rising to the surface the sisters gasped for air whilst laugh quietly adrenaline still rushing from escaping discovery. Aniu pulled out the claw from under her shirt.


“Look Uina, if you cover it up so that it's dark around it you'll see it glows!” Aniu stated quite proudly as she handed the claw too Uina, then Aniu cupped her hands around it causing the claw to glow a faint but clear purple.


“Wow! It so cool! Sis, have you ever seen a Flightmare?” Uina asked with awe struck eyes staring at the glowing dragon claw. Aniu removed her hands from around the claw, and shook her head.


“No silly everyone knows that Flightmares moved far away when the glowing water stopped flowing through our village.” Aniu sighed and splashed some water in her sister making her growl, in return Unia splashed back.

Soon the two girls where splashing and laughing having moved out from under the planks and into deeper water. Uina stopped for a second too look around just as Aniu pounced on her sister startled by the sudden action Uina’s right hand that held the claw opened wide and the artifact drop with a slight splash into the water sinking almost instantly.  As fast as Aniu could she dived down into the dark water following the faint glow to try and reach the claw before it sank to deep.

Reaching her arms out as far they would go, holding her breath, kicking her feet as hard as she could. But it was too late the claw had sunk too deep and she was running out of breath. Abandoning the quest, Aniu swam to the surface. And with a gasps and coughing and her sisters crying they reached the shore.

Looking up the girls where meet with Gizzard’s stern glare with his Rumbblehorn, Thornface snorting smoke and, their father, Chief Herrick Richard Ravenwolf the II his face showed his anger but above all else his face reflected disappointment.

Yeah,  that was not a good evening. Let me tell you. I was yelled at and got grounded. That means I had to wait a extra month before I started dragon training. What's worse is my sister had to wait 3 more weeks before she got her dragon egg. It was a Nadder egg like mine.  The nadder was red with white spikes with blood red underbelly. The whole town was mad at us for weeks. NOw that it's been a year and I haven't been getting into trouble. Cause I have been too busy dragon training. Today is supposed to be a special day, today I turn 12 and my father has a gift for me that belonged to my mother. Oh!! look!! look!! Father's about ready to call my name to receive my gift!!

“And last I would like to call up my own Daughter Aniu Laylina Ravenwolf the I!” Smiling at his daughter Herrick watched as his little girl stood up somewhat shyly. And started walking towards the front of the Great hall. Where her father stood proudly holding a small ornate box.


“You look so pretty sister.” Uina whispered to her sister as she walked by her.


Aniu looked down her her small purple dress with white lilies decorating the hem. Her hair was braided up into a bun. Upon reaching the first steps to where her father awaited her, Aniu examined the box he was holding. It was small with red jewels lining the sides and, a strange dragon carved onto it, this dragon had a round head and long ears on the top of it's head. It has four legs and, large bat like wings it's tail had two set of fins one pair was near the base of the tail. And the other set of tail fins was at the tip of the tail. It's eyes were depicted with white gems and it's spines that ran down it's back where marked with fine sapphire. The body and wings were covered with obsidian.



Aniu looked at her father his smile warm and proud. Aniu turned around to face the hall filled with people and dragons but most stunning of the dragons was Firesoul Herrick’s black and red titan wing Monstrous Nightmare. As Firesoul yawned Herrick spoke up.



“Twelve years ago I welcomed my first child into this world. Layla and I were thrilled and I have had the joy watching her grow into a fine young lady. Hatch her first dragon, and fly into the skies with him. Now I am delighted to hand over this necklace..” Herrick paused opening the box he pulled out a necklace a red circular  gem could be seen and curled around the gem was that same strange dragon. “This is the Ruby Heartstone it belonged to your mother.” Herrick set the box down and placed the Heartstone around his daughter's neck the room then erupted into cheers of joy and happiness Herrick then said. “Let the festivities begin!!”

I didn't stay with all that crazy. Me and my sister left to go. Enjoy a peaceful night up on the hills that overlooked the ocean. Although what would be a nice night would soon set my life on a path ever changing and cruel. One that would change my life forever. A path that would change both of our lives.

“Look Stormheart and Flameheart are playing!!” Uina exclaimed with joy. Aniu was quietly looking at her new necklace. Wondering what kind of dragon was curled around the gem. Looking at her sister distant looking eyes, Uina poked her to get her attention. Aniu looked up and smiled.


“What kind of dragon too you think this is Uina?” Aniu asked her sister. The two girls started talking and speculating as too what kind of dragon that was on the necklace.

Unknown to them however a figure walked towards them with  evil intent. She was dark skinned and at least 5 years older than the sisters. Upon a approaching them six dragons landed surrounding the girls who were now aware of the danger. Stalking up to the girls the women spoke with menacing words.


“Which one of you is Aniu Ravenwolf?” The women demand of the children. Aniu terrified and tear faced said nothing this was when Uina spoke up.


“Who are you!!” Uina squeaked out. Fear on her voice


“Since you asked I will tell, I am Nikora.” Nikora introduced herself with a mocking bow.


“Stormheart what are you doing?” Aniu whispered to her dragon who was acting weird and walking towards the other dragons.


Nikora snickered and spoke again.



“Which one of you is Aniu Ravenwolf?” this time she was demanding the dragons moved closer and both Stormheart and Flameheart join the other dragons as they stalked toward the frightened children. Just as Aniu was about to give herself up Uina spoke two words that would forever change the fate of the sisters lives.



“I am!!” Uina said with confidence and with those words. Nikora grabbed Uina threw her too one of the dragons and with a swing of her hand Stormheart came to her and Nikora mounted upon the dragon. Aniu yelled out in panic and dread.


“No sister!! Stormheart!!” Aniu franticly tried to reach for her sister and for her dragon. Uina was knocked out by the force of the dragon's grip around her tiny body.



“Stormheart? What a lovely name from this day forward you will remember me as Nikora Stormheart!!” Nikora spoke as Aniu crumbled to the ground in tears. Shouts could be heard from the village flames could be seen in the skies. And Nikora faded into the night taking with her Uina and there dragons.


Fate’s cruel hand had only just begun to spin it's endless pain upon the sisters destined for greatness through blood's blood.

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Chapter 1

Kidnapped by Pirates or Saved by them?

It's been 3 years since my sister was taken from me. My village grieved for her. Prayed to the gods that, to Odin that her soul be welcomed past the gold gates into Valhalla. But I never once thought her dead. I believe Nikora Stormheart took her and kept her alive Nikora was after something some I had and until she gets it Uina is her only source of information.  That is why I am here today. Speaking with my father about the famous School of Dragons.


“No!” Herrick yelled at his pleading daughter who had just questioned him as to whether or not she could go to the School of Dragons.

“Father please! Listen, at the school I could learn things about dragons, I could learn about Niko-” Aniu was cut off abruptly. Her father's voice raised in fearsome anger.

“YOU! Will not..” The was pause and he lowered his voice.  ...speak that name aloud.” Herrick let out a exasperated sigh before he continued to speak again this time more softly. “My dear, I have already lost one daughter I have no intentions to lose another.” Herrick spoke to Aniu sternly, but lovingly. He hated seeing his daughter in so much distress, but he could not bare the loss of a second child. Herrick thought to himself, if only her mother were here.  After his thought had finished distracting him, Herrick turned to Aniu, early protest already escaping her lips before he could speak.

“Father please. I only want to find Uina and bring her home, and stop Nikora Stormheart!” Aniu’s voice was strong, fierce, and confident. She would stand by her words and not falter.

Herrick new that as well. After all Aniu’s mother was the same way. Aniu looked at her father whose face was no longer mad. Herricks face was filled with sorrow and grief. He reached for for words but found none. Fighting back tears, he turned away from Aniu toward the door. And in voice near silent and cold he said.

“There will be no more talk about the School of Dragons. Am I clear?” Herricks words were harsh but this did not surprise Aniu, she simply dipped her head in reluctant obedience. Her father spoke again this time softer, His words laced with both grief and regret. “Face the truth my daughter, Uina is dead.” with that he walked out of the house without even a glance Aniu’s faces which was streaked by silent tears.

Aniu stood there quietly crying, not in grief like her father did but in sadness and hurt for no one believed her when she would say Uina was alive, and so Aniu remained in the room for a moment more before storming out the back door, and heading toward the forest.

It’s just great you know! Knowing no one believes you or thinks you're capable of anything other than staying on a dumb island. All I wanted was to find the truth. Why did Nikora want me and how did she even know who I was! So many questions and no answers. Sometimes forest walks really help me figure things like this out. That's why I am here in the middle of the deepest forest on our island supposedly alone at just around dusk.

“No mate that ain't gonna do.” A brown haired boy spoke oddly too another person who was picking up random sticks and looking intently at them. The boy had his hair tied back in a sloppy and loose pony tail. His clothes were burgundy and navy torn and clearly worn out. He wore a hat with six large feathers blooming off the back of it.

“Aye but Flame Swords leg is broke, ain’t he gonna need a large stick ta walk with? This one seems ‘bout right. If I say so meself” The  other boy spoke as he turned around and reached for another large stick. Aniu who was crouched behind a tree avoiding notice was able to see his face, he had green eyes and long black hair that was shaggy and tangled. His clothes were old rags ripped and clung to his body as if wet and sticky. Aniu caught the strong scent of sea salt coming off the boys.

“Pirates…” Aniu said to herself as she leaned in closer supporting her weight on a low tree branch. The branch creaked a bit but the pirates did not seem to notice.

“Aye his leg is broke but I’d be knowing me lil brother quite well and he’ll want a straight sick with no bends in em.” The brown haired boy turned around again this time Aniu caught a clear look of his face he wasn't a boy at all he was at least 20 years old. This startled Aniu and she pushed h.ard on the branch making its snap and break off the tree a bit Aniu quickly moved so her body was covered by the tree’s trunk.

“Aye Captain Dash, as you wish sir I wil-” the shaggy pirate was silenced by the Captain.

“Shh. Quite Nertron we have a wee lil bird watching us.” Captain Dash moved slowly, sword drawn, to the broken tree branch he signaled Nertron to move around the opposite side of the tree who gladly and with a silent snicker did so.

Aniu made a break for it but the pirates were too quick Nertron grabbed Aniu’s small arms and sneered at her face revealing a mouth full of disgusting teeth.

“Let me go!” Aniu demanded trying not to let the fear inside her get too her.

“Oh look at tha’ the birdy want’s to be let free.” Nertron mocked Aniu by loosening and then tightening his grip on her.

“Not so rough, You might break h’er bones Nertron.” A cold laugh escaped the Captain's mouth he continued “We can’t let h’er go now tie her hands. We’re bringin her back with us.”

I couldn’t decide weather or not it was a good thing that I was caught or not yeah I could be killed but from the sounds of it these pirates were in pretty bad shape and I knew a lot about helpful herbs and such maybe if I helped them I could get to the School of Dragons. It was a long shot but right now anything beats going back to the village.

Of course I had too put of a struggle otherwise they might think I was trying to get captured and just killed me right then and there so I yelled and screamed and bit that Nertron guy. When we got to the camp I was shocked. Two men were pulling an old blanket over the face of this one sailer and another was trying to stop the bleeding on another. Whoever attack these pirates wanted all of them to die.

In the back of their makeshift camp a young boy no older than myself was sat up against a rock he was clearly in a pain stricken sleep. The Captain whispered Flame Sword too himself upon seeing the boy. I hoped to myself that soon everything would make some sense.

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That's all I have right now. Feel free to R&R. I plan on rewriting the whole series!

The original and unfinished version can be found here (EWW) I was looking back on it and it is terribly written! I am ashamed to called it my work lol.

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Oooh, slick work!

Trackin' your awesome works ma friend!




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Thanks for the track!

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I little thought.

So when the new expansion came out and, I saw the word Stormheart I was like "No way! I have a dragon named Stormheart!" So I started thinking, I always wanted to do something awesome, that would allow me to tie my fanfiction to the game, not just the franchise itself. So by making Nikora choose the name Stormheart to purposely spite my heroine, seemed like a good idea! I just hope it pays off in later parts of the book.

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Chapter 2

"Author's Note: Chapter 2 is a tid bit shorter then I wanted to be.*


Chapter 2

A Pirate's life

It was strange you know, seeing all of those people beaten up and broken down. Captain Dash as I knew him was currently sitting next to who I believed was Flame Sword as his leg sat an unnatural angle. Once the men had finished tying me up they went over to the Captain to await further orders from him. At this time my nerves were starting to get to me.

“Ngh….big brother? Tis you?” A small and weak voice came from the sickly boy. He winced in pain as he tried to move. His leg denied him the motion causing an immense amount of pain to wash over him. Aniu looked closely at the boy he had brown hair like his brother he wore a white shirt with a green and red scarf. The shirt seemed worn and worked. The scarf however, looked as if it was brand new, despite the clear fading of the colors. Off to his left was a silver winged helmet. Aniu found this particularly strange, as that type of helmet was unique to viking life, not pirate. Flame Sword also wore large furry boots and typical striped brown pants worn by many seafaring men.

As Flame Sword opened his eyes they immediately fell upon Aniu. Blue eyes locked with green eyes. Aniu blinked and looked away from the crippled boy. Confused and scared Aniu let out a small whine, tears began rolling down her face in waves of fear and confusion. Aniu sniffled and heaved in great gulps of air, but this only made the tears flow more.

“Who is she?” Flame Sword croaked out,  his voice sounded dry as if it had been parched from water for more then a few days. Flame stared at the sobbing girl. When no one gave him an answer. He asked her himself. “What yer name be?” He tried his best to sound cheery. Having swallowed to help ease his parched throat and mouth. He waited for answer, watching as Aniu gathered the last bit of her courage to reply with a quiet but somewhat sassy remark.

“I won't tell you anything unless you unbind me!” Aniu's defiance startled the pirate company. One of the men spoke out before Flame Sword could.

“An why would we do tha?” The man was dressed in shaggy rags like the rest of rustic gang, but he did wear an eyepatch over his left eye. Aniu pondered his words for a while before she spoke her reply.

“Because…” She paused trying to pick her words carefully. Aniu continued. “Because I know how to help you guys. I know where there is clean water and how to fix his leg.” Aniu raced through her sentence as fast as she could taking a deep breath she spoke again. “But I want to know what happened to you all, and I want to be taken to the School of Dragons!” Aniu calmed herself down and waited for the pirates reply.

“Capt'en?” Nertron asked. All the pirates looked at their captain eagerly awaiting his answer. Captain Dash stood up and walked over to Aniu.

“If I cut yee free, ye better not try anything foolish.”  Captain Dash cut the rope binding Aniu and let her go over to see Flame Sword.

“So what happened to you all?” Aniu asked as she explained Flame Swords leg.

“Well we were sail’in on the sea ya see.” One pirate replied to Aniu.

“And it came fast as ever. Unseen like a shadow except for silver and blue light.” Another continued.

“And then it was gone!” The first pirate finished.

“And with it me crew.” This time is was Captain Flame Dash that spoke. “Eight blasts o’ blue light an a silver blur. That all I saw before me men started fall’in and me ship took on more water then she could’a handled.” Flame Dash looked away for a moment and, then rather harshly, asked Aniu what she knew about broken legs and, how to fix them. Aniu replied intelligently.

“You'll have to break it back into place.” Aniu looked away from Flame Sword’s face not wanting know what his reaction would be.

“Are ye daft?” Shouted Nertron in heavy protest.

“Pipe down Nertron.” Flame Dash commanded Nertron. Who reluctantly agreed and sat down lifting a bottle of nearly empty rum to his lips gulping it down in a disgusting manner. The sight made Aniu cringe. And she wondered to herself if he did that on purpose in that moment Aniu caught Nertron eyeing her in a unsavory manner, she brushed the look off and continued to explain to Flame Dash what would need to be done in effects of fixing Flame Swords leg.

After I had finished explaining the processes of fixing Flame Swords leg. And after the gruesome task of doing it. I found myself talking to Flame Sword about dragons in general although he had quite the different outlook on them. I ended up telling him about Nikora and how she kidnapped my sister and stole our dragons. I honestly thought he would think I was crazy when I told him how I thought my sister was still alive. But he only looked at me and told me his own history.


“Me parents were killed in a dragon attack.” Flame Sword spoke after a slight pause. He continued. “It was dark night, filled with flames and death. Me brother was doing his best to shield us from incoming attacks, as we ran to our house.” Flame Sword stopped talking and looked over to his brother. Flame Dash got up and walked away from the camp. Aniu noticed a slight limp in his left leg. Once Flame Dash was gone, Flame Sword continued his story.

“When we got to the house, there was this large red and black Monstrous Nightmare on the roof, and on his back a man clad in armor. He shouted with fury and his dragon roared great bouts of flame came from the dragon's maw.” Flame Sword gulped and hesitated before continuing. “As the fire rushed at us I heard my mother and, father yellin out our names. Before I knew it we were thrown aside...that is uh...when….” Flame Sword found himself unable to finish. Aniu reached forward and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“I know how it feels to lose a parent. My mom died bring my younger sister into the world.” Aniu looked at Flame Sword and he looked back at her, their eyes locking for a brief moment. Flame Sword spoke again.

“Now me and me brother, well now, we're livin the pirate life.” Flame Sword smiled and Aniu giggled and asked Flame Sword with a wide smile.

“And what exactly, would be the pirate life?”

“Anything you want it ta be!” Flame Sword answered with like happiness.

For the rest of the night Flame Sword and I exchanged stories of our adventures and fun. When Captain Flame Dash returned he told us to get some sleep as we were bound for the School of Dragons in morning. I was so excited to go, I hardly slept at all. I couldn't wait to see what new adventures awaited me and my new friend!

*Another Author's Note: I also realized that I was writing this in size 14 font, so now that it is size 12 I will have much longer chapters each being aound 4 to 5 pages like these ones were but with a smaller font it'll look way  longer! Also here is a sneak peek to what th next chapter will be about. Chapter 3 Dragonless? Let's fix that! Please enjoy and feel free to comment and track!*

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Just finished the prologue! Not too shabby! Here to support you ^^






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