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I've been trying to complete this quest for the longest time, and every time I tapped on Ruffrunner after finding Dart and Pouncer (I play on mobile), it wouldn't let me continue due to it not finish loading. This happens EVERY time I selected this quest, and I'm on the verge of not only never doing this quest ever again, but not playing at all and just hop on every day to get the 30 gems you get everyday with the the 3 limited ads (the chest button on top in case you were wondering) throughout the rest of the event. The only saving grace is that the quest was cancelled when they put in new daily quests for the day. But right now I still have it, despite the fact that they change the daily quests everyday. I was hoping every time I selected the quest, it would've been fixed. But every time I play it, I've been proven wrong. Is there a way to fix it, or is everybody experiencing this problem? I'm tired of seeing these daily quests be so broken. At least some of them work still.


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I have the same problem.    I

I have the same problem. 


I can find Pouncer and Ruffrunner but not Dart. There is no quest arrow to where Dart is and after clicking on Ruffrunner, Ruffrunner appears again somewhere else and when I click on them again I get the never ending gears. 


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Having same problem . . .

I can find all NightLights. . . but main problem is still occurring. . . spinning wheels/quest gets continually stuck

Quest proceeds as follows:

I find Dart, and when I clicked on her . . . she flies away, now I'm directed to find Pouncer . . . so, 

I find Pouncer, amd when I click on him, the spinning wheels occur. . . I exit and reentery game--I find I'm still on this quest, but . . . now I need to find Ruffrunner, 

I find Ruffrunner, click on him . . . he flies away, but he reappears on distant hill. I click on him again, and spinning wheels occur, again. 

Neither Dart nor Pouncer reappear elsewhere (I checked and did not find them); however, Pouncer never flew away at all-the spinning wheels just started rolling. And, Ruffrunner reappears back on the island after flying away. . . when I click again on Ruffrunner the spinning wheels start......................again


This quest still does not work and it never ever ends!!!  I have no intention of trying this quest again; it is now on my permanent Ignore list! 


I'm still very grateful that I was not thrown out of sync with the game this time; that was a good fix! It's just sad this quest still does not work; its a great idea, but the quest just loops in a nonstop circle.


Luckily, today's other Daily Quests both worked, so I've received my Dreadfall Daily Quest reward for the day. . . . Now I'm off to check on battle events for the day.



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I found this quest yesterday, and because I know that bug is public I didn't do it. (thank Odin, at least I have a lot of pumpkins ready for the Vegetables! Dragons! Buckets? quest the next time I have to do it again) Seriously, I really, really want this bug and the Dreadfall DT blueprints to be fixed because this quest looks fun and I want to try ALL the blueprints!


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