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Hello everyone! I've been recently reading tons of threads of people sharing their dragons, so I'd like to do so as well! And believe me, I have a lot of dragons, and with now seven vikings, I've turned into a dragon general or something 


All that I ask is that you all please don't directly reply to any of the posts that I make reguarding dragon-based posts (just use the "Post Reply" button) so I can edit them in the future! Thank you all!


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My top favorite dragon species is first!:

Deadly Nadders

(yes, I give full names to my dragons, please no judge)



Full Name: Oceania Bluetail

Gender: Female

Rider: Hypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Oceania is my first dragon on my Eye (my nickname in-game, I try to be social, yes, but chat's are so mean these days ;=;) and I've done most of the main game with her on this account. She is my absolute best little girl ^-^

Oceania's parents were captured by dragon hunters, and in a last ditch effort to save her baby, her mother threw her eggs overboard. With a rising storm coming up, none of the hunters had time to go after the drifting eggs (sadly her parents have never been heard from again). Out of the entire clutch, only her egg was found by patroling dragon riders and was brought to the School of Dragons, where she was placed with the other Nadder eggs. A few days later arrived students from Berk to start their dragon training adventure. Eye was attracted to the Deadly Nadder nest, and noticed the smallest egg there had rolled out of the nest and rather cold. She brought it over to the lava pit and the egg immdeiatly hatched in her arms. presenting Oceania.

Rather small, but full of heart, the defendless hatchling was kidnaped several times from bully riders to make her their own Nadder so Eye couldn't have a dragon, but in the end, Oceania always made it back to her rider's side, and they grew up togeather to face many perils. No matter what, Oceania will always be Eye's favorite.

Has three children and mate to my friend's Nadder, Whiterabbit.

Extra: I had no honest clue what to name her, and was originally just going to call her "Ocean" when sudgested spelling on my deivce popped up with "Oceania." I went with that.



Full Name; Rosebud Longpoison

Gender: Male

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Rosebud is Eye's second Nadder, and at first, she was hesitant to even hatch him since she would figure that Oceania would think that she was being replaced. In the end, he was hatched, and to Eye's dismay, he looked like a fellow ex-friend of her's Nadder. He had sadly betrayed the School to join dragon hunters, so their relationship is rather icy. She named the little hatchling after her friend's Nadder, and borrowed the last name to always remind her that even the best can become the worst.

Rosebud has become aware of this fact, for awhile, he was very negative about it, but soon accepted it. But this doesn't stop him from trying to be the greatest around! He's constantly flirting with female dragons, and has an insane crush on Oceania, but her mate always chases him off. Alot of Eye's dragons tease him with the nickname "Jealous Pot" because of this.

Extra: My friends always think he's female because of his name and rather light red colors (intially making him dark "pink", if you will), and I always end up having to correct them. . . and them arguing back. . . that I should have picked a better name (FRIENDS ARE GREAT -3-)



Full Name: Hailstorm (impressive, right?)

Gender: Male

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Hailstorm was hatched during a massive storm - correction, hurricane. The storm system had put the entire School on an emergency lock down and Eye had made her second home in her dragon's stables, resting against Oceania, when the egg on the indubation pedestal had started to crack open. His first sight had been lightning through the enterance hole in the cave wall, and Eye suspects that is what influenced his love for storm riding. He absolutely loves to fly in any type of dangerous weather, rather it be rain, snow, or fire.

During on terrible storm, Eye was worried to Vahalla and back when Hailstorm didn't return after a full week of total winds and ice, and when he finally return one night, there hadn't been a scratch on him! He's the most agile of all of her Nadders.

Extra: He was named after the IceWing from the Wings of Fire series.



Full Name: Lava Firestone

Gender: Male

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Lava is the voice of reason to Rosebud, but this guy still can't help but compet with him for attention. His golden scales match perfectly with the terribly hot summer that followed Hailstorm's hatching, and Eye was worried that the little guy wasn't going to make it.

He's extremely brave and protective, spending a majority of his time in the hatchery, guarding Deadly Nadder nests, as well as others if they don't have a guardian either, and loves to babysit hatchlings. Many baby dragons like to look up to him as a fatherly figure that some didn't have while growing up.

Extra: He was based off of Laval, a character from Legends of Chima, and tried to match his colors the best that I could. (And yes, I love Legends of Chima :/). My little brother also likes to tease him as a "car dragon" because of the Firestone car-tire brand.



Full Name: Bluecurrent

Gender: . . . uhm. . . female?

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Bluecurrent is the first hatchling of Oceania and her love, Whiterabbit. They take most of their appearance of their father, having pink spikes and light body.

Bluecurrent just also happens to be a massive troublemaker. In the first day after they hatched, they caused the uprising of nearly half a million chickens from the Outlook, burned down the Lab in the School, and managed to get control of Fireball Frenzy in the Training Grounds (ticking off Hookfang in the process and setting off Snotlout). At the end of the day, when Oceania demanded to Blue know what they heck happened, the little hatchling just yawned and went to sleep. . .

Extra: Bluecurrent was a mishap of what happens when I'm tired and have no idea what to name or color my dragon. I dislike the color pink - that is how tired I was XD. I also have forgotten the gender of Blue, I do think they are female, but I have no way to confirm it.



Full Name: Borrakul Borkkr

Gender: Male

Rider: Hypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

He is the second child of Oceania and Whiterabbit and younger brother to Bluecurrent. He's actully very small when compared to other Deadly Nadders, but he has never let his size get him down and is the best when it comes to crafting. Eye was just as surprised as the rest of the School when she discovered Borrakul heating metal scrap around the School where Gobber had been working on some extra protections, and then used his claws to shape the metal with his feet. Eye has determined that he can't feel anything in his feet and is able to do this, and his scale allow for the perfect protection against the hot metals!

Borrakul also takes after his father, with a white body (Whiterabbit's body color - like father, like son) and underbelly. Oceania is unsure where the purple gene came from, but loves her creative son none the less!

Extra: If you've read the Redwall series (my favorite book is Pearls of Lutra), then the name Borrakul may sound farmilar! He was an otter in the book Marlfox, which is what I was currently reading at the time, and loved how the name sounded. Borkkr should also ring a few bells if you love Norse mythology. Borkkr ("Metalworker") was a dwarf, brother to Eitir ("Spark-sprayer") and created three precious objects for the gods.



Full Name: Catfish Wetland

Gender: Male

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

One of my more favorite Nadders (who am I kidding, I love all of my dragons), he loves to swim. But not in just any water, but in the merky swamp waters similar to that of Mudraker Island! He finds that his natural camoflage of brown and green makes him the perfect hunter in these waters, plus he enjoys the sense of adventure when he spots cranes and alligators.

He's actully allergic to chicken and mutton, something that Eye found out the hard way when she had ran out of fish, and can only eat fish. While he also has a fancy for an occasional eel, he's still down right terrified of them. Eye enjoys having evening flights with him on Hobblegrunt Island, and he's always ready to dive when she needs to fetch something she dropped.

Extra: He was named after my MudWing Oc, Catfish, and tried my best to base his colors off of swamps and woodland. You know, something natural.



(this screenshot is pure gold XD)

Full Name: Nedalopei Dawndack

Gender: Female

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Third hatchling to Oceania and Whiterabbit, and Oceania has no idea what the heck happened XD

She does take after her mother in some way, with the tan horns and spikes, and that's about it, but Eye loves her colors none the less. Neda, her nickname, has never once missed a sunrise at the School, and makes sure to wake up early every single day to watch the sun rise over the caldera's walls and spill onto everything within, and with her purple scales, she looks even more beautiful. This doesn't go unnoticed, with tons of Nadder suitors constantly flirting and chasing her, but they never seem to understand that she's uninterested. The only love that she has is good humor, star gazing, and being with her family, including her beloved Eye.

Extras: Nope, I didn't misspell her name - well, I technically did. When I hatched her, I thought I had put down "DawnBACK" but instead, after letting her grow to an ADULT (like, ten levels later) was then that I saw my error. I guess the strange sounding name has grown on me because I haven't changed it.



Full Name: Artio Cernunnos

Gender: Female

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Artio is actully the younger sister of one of my other vikings' Nadders, Lleta. Eye was gifted the egg to celebrate the creation of her Clan, and Artio hatched a few days later. Nedalopei took the personal responiblity of looking over the beautiful green Nadder, and the two have been inseperable ever since. They both do everything togeather - fly, swim, hunt, watch the sunrise and ooh-aah at the sunset. This has also brought an unwanted way of flirting guys, but not as many as Neda. When she feels that her adoptive guardian is overrun, she always springs forth to protect her. Artio is known to have one of the most sharpest tail spikes in Eye's entire flock, so when the guys see her coming, they all scattle faster then Terrible Terrors!

Extra: When I had hatched and colored Artio, I had forgotten (sorry) about Lleta, and when I loaded in my other viking, I froze as I was greeted with Lleta's infamous stares of "WHAT HAVE YOU DOOONE?! THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!"



Full Name: Braveheart Suite

Gender: Male

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Braveheart isn't really a Deadly Nadder, but an Exotic Rumbler! His father is Eye's Rumblehorn, AJax, and his mother is Lavendertail, one of Eye's friend's Deadly Nadders. He takes after his father with his dark green body, and his mother's red spikes and crest. Growing up with AJax has proven for his son to take after more of a Rumblehorn then anything else, with powerful smell and sight, stubborn personality, thick skull, and love to protect anything and anyone. Several times, Eye has to convince Braveheart over and over again that she'll be alright as she leaves the stables just to get some fresh fish. Braveheart has also proven to be a hoarder, constantly keeping stuff that he doesn't need in his stable, similar to a Smoldering Smokebreath, such as several saddles (most that don't even fit him anymore), books and scraps of papers that students have dropped, random metal parts, logs, rocks, building materials, chicken feathers, and, on one occasional, an entire sheep! Eye has tried several times to get his act togeather, but the Rumbler just refuses to let go of any of his stuff.

Extra: The Exotic Rumbler is a hybrid species that me and my girlfriend made up togeather. Since we love to roleplay with our dragons, one day, we ended up with AJax and Lavendertail being boyfriend and girlfriend XD I'm not sure how that even happened since AJax is so strick with all of my other dragons about "cross breeding"



(one of my best screenshots, if I do say so myself)

Full Name: Tigerseye

Gender: Male

Rider: Lusca Dragondawn (E4C7ID)

While Lusca was patroling the School of Dragon's outer walls, she found a lone Nadder egg that had just been left to the elements. While she tried to find the Deadly Nadder parents who owned the egg, there was no evidence that they would even come back for it (if they had even left it in the first place. Hunters leaving dragon eggs are quite popular too), and with the Headmaster's permission, took the egg in. Tigerseye was soon hatched, and, as if he sensed that Lusca had saved him, has never left her side since. Even if she has another dragon with her to complete a quest, Tigerseye stubbornly follows her from a distance and is always there to intervene when things go sour.

He's the ultimate dreamboat for the entire School, with tons of female Nadders always blushing and fainting when he's around. But, never once has he been interested with finding a mate to fulfill his deadication to Lusca. Of course, until Lusca just happens to get another female Nadder named Abyss. . .

He is currently the only Titan Nadder that any of my vikings own, and I aim for this to stay this way.

Extra: He was based off of the gemstone Tiger's Eye Jasper, by both colors and name.



Full Name: Abysscurrent

Gender: Female

RiderLusca Dragondawn (E4C7ID)

Lusca has a knack for finding random eggs - Abyss' egg was discovered while she was dealing with some rouge hunters in the Dark Deep, the tiny egg in their pocession. Tigerseye was at her side and was able to find the egg, and the two rushed it back to the School. It was obvious that the hatchling wasn't going to make it. It was stone cold, a puncture hold in one side and most of the shell worn away to an almost paper-like thinness. Lusca tended to the egg every day in it's incubation pedestal, and despite all odds, the egg hatched in the end, however without it's effects.

Abysscurrent, informally known as Abyss, grew up as a weak dragon and was constantly sick. She's blind in her left eye and vison fading in the right (Lusca suspected that whatever punched the hole into the shell had hit her eye), tail spikes extremely dull and most not even able to detach, and her wing bones are extremely frail so she can't even fly. But, her legs are extremely powerful and has allowed for her to be an extrodinary climber, and her tail isn't completely useless - it's more flexible then any Nadder tail ever seen, allowing for her to hang upside down in trees. And her dark, beautiful colors of blues and blacks have proven to melt the heart of Tigerseye, the lone bachlor of the School. Lusca suspects that, with enough time, the two could be a delightful couple.

Extras: She was inspired from the Bathypelagic and Abyssopelagic Zones of the ocean! I was writing a story at the time involed with the ocean, so I guess it rubbed off onto Abyss here!



Full Name: Seafire

Gender: Female

Rider: Andrea Iceian the Flying (E7P2JY)

A long time ago, when School of Dragons was first released, I had an account with a Deadly Nadder named Seastar, and I practically played everyday! But, when my only laptop broke, and school started to get the best of me, I stopped playing. When I finally remembered it, I had. . . forgotten the password.

Seafire is Seastar reborn, with the same colors and same love for the ocean. There isn't a single day where Seafire carried Iceian off to go take a dive into the ocean. Thanks to this, Iceian has so much knowledge about underwater ecosystems and organisms, and has grown to love the water just as much as her dragon. Though, she has to place limits on Seastar when her scales started to fall off due to consantly being in saltwater, and the Nadder has some selfcontrol. For now.

Extras: Seafire is a little element that I made up myself when I was really young (so, don't judge little childhood Andrea, please!). It's a green fire that can't go out with water and, similar to a Deadly Nadder's fire, can only be put out with sand!



Full Name: Lleta Musescore

Gender: Female

Rider: Neptunica of Coves (FKII9G)

The older sister of Eye's Nadder, Artio, she has zero tolerance for annoying vikings and their dragons. She would rather be laying in the sun and listening to music from bards or Terrible Terrors. Everything about her is music - the only way that Neptunica was able to tame her was by singing a song that suited her tastes.

While she may be beautiful in male Nadder standards, she has no wish for their attention. If anything, the only thing that she focuses on the most is expanding her own musical talents. Neptunica has (nicely) admited to her dragon that she isn't the best singer, and should leave the melodies to the Terrible Terrors, but the Deadly Nadder ignores her Rider and continues on.

Extra: Musescore is also the name of the musical program that I create my music. I love using it.



Full Name: Aphrodasia

Gender: Female

Rider: Morrend Auber the Shieldmaiden (FLQN3H)

Vain and flirty, Aphro, her informal name that is typically used, is incrediablly rebelious and dislikes being told what to do. Imagine an out-of-control teenager with the want to be every dragon's girlfriend, and you got Morrend's Nadder. She's not too sure what happened, but she thinks it's because Aphro was hatching on Valentine's Day, and the Nadder has been spoiled from day one.

Morrend tries her best to be controling of her Nadder and limit how much time she gets to be alone, she finds it incrediablly hard to be strict on her dragon, which always ends up with Aphro dissapearing for the next few days, or weeks, or months. . .

Extra: Her name is the same as the Febuary event in the online game "Lioden." And since I was low on ideas, it seemed like a cool thing at the time. . . but it's pretty strange to have a Valentines Day based dragon following you around on the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving.



Full Name: L'inverno di Napoleone

Gender: Male

Rider: Penguin of New York (FQ7GQU)

Thickheaded, stubborn, and brave, Napoleone is Penguin's only Nadder, and with him constantly bossing her dragons around and leading the charge in Battle Events, she feels like he's enough. She discovered his egg on Icestorm Island, incased in ice with a few other Nadder eggs. The Headmaster allowed for her to see if she could hatch the eggs, and out of the three she saved, only one hatched. Being a bit worried for her half-frozen Nadder, she refused to ever bring him to Icestorm Island, Glacier Island, or any other cold places, thinking that it may trigger some side effects from being in the egg (it may not be biologically possible, but Penguin's weird that way).

One day, she recived a call that she needed to help a resistance against hunters at Icestorm, and, sadly, Napoleone was her only dragon avaiable. Against her will, she and her Nadder lead the charge in the cold enviroment. The force was not expecting the hunters to be too well ordered, so many of the Riders were easily shot down with nets and bolas. Penguin was flung off of Napoleone, landing in a large snow drift and only reciving brusied ribs and broken arm. Her dragon, however, crashed into the deathly cold ocean and never surfaced.

Despite all adults telling her that she needed to leave to recive proper medical attention, Penguin refused to leave the island until she saw a sign that her Nadder was either alive or. . .

Days turned into weeks, and after a near month of waiting, as she was giving up hope and boarding a ship to return to the School, she heard a familar roar. Out from the black-blue waters came her Nadder, untouched and unharmed.

Penguin later discovered that her Napoleone is complete immune to the cold and any side effects that can be inflicted, and while she is still wary about sending him out to cold locations.

Extra: Every single one of Penguin's dragons have Italian names. His roughly translates to Napoleon's Winter, referencing the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte's (failed) invasion of Russia.

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My second favorite species get's the next highlight!:

Death Songs



Full Name: Wendigo

Gender: Male

Rider: Hypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

The latest patrol from Melody Island had returned to School, reporting that they had saved an shockingly large stash of Death Songs eggs that had obviously been left there by dragon hunters to pick up at a later date. By this time, Eye had become more expirenced then when Oceania first hatched, and saw the Death Song as the perfect challenage to see just how far she had come, and volunteered to take an egg.

Wendigo proved to be more then stubborn - he also has selective hearing (he never seems to hear Eye when she's giving him an order), rebelious streak, and an ego about the size of a mountain. No matter where he goes, he always tries to show off his colors as much as possible, and had actully ran away from Eye's stables one morning to bask in the rising sun's light just so show them ladies what for!

But, instead of falling for a Death Song, fate would have it that he ended up falling for one of Eye's friend's Monstrous Nightmares named Lapis. Eye was just as shocked as her friend when she discovered a Death Song egg beside Wendigo one evening (him looking rather proud, as if to say, "This little thing? It was nothing"). He currently has several children, them dubbed as "Nightmare Songs," and he is proud of every single of of them.

Extra: I didn't get him from the "Call of the Death Song" expasion but from a random blind box that I found in my backpack one day. I think it was for some anniverary thing since I didn't buy or win it, and I was actully dissapointed in getting a Death Song because I didn't know too much about the dragon (I don't have Netflicks, so I can't watch RTTE). Of course, that all changed pretty fast. . .

Extra Extra: Nightmare Songs were my first ever hybrid! I found the super old sketchs one day as I was cleaning up around my house! All I can say is, wow, my art has improved BIG TIME.



Full Name: Azurite Charybdis

Gender: Male

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Azurite is Wendigo's and Lapis' very first child, and is technically a Nightmare Song hybrid, but is a Death Song Titan in-game. He has a blue body, taking after his mother, with white spikes and desgins on his wings, from his father. They are both unknown where the green gene came from (possibly from Wendigo as well).

Despite this, he looks up his father more then his mother, and has the same self-centered personality and short temper. He doesn't enjoy being around hatchlings that much and has once attempted to eat a Typhoomerang hathcling when Eye took him on a short flight around the Wilderness (the hatchling is alright, but probably has Death Song PSTD now. . .). His favorite pass time includes firing his boiling amber down on vikings and dragons when they aren't looking, and trapping Terrible Terrors so he can boast that he "trapped dragons."

He dislikes his younger sister, Red (one of Eye's Monstrous Nightmares), since she is the complete opposite of him and loves to draw in the dirt and attempt to read books. She is such a nerd that she can recongize human spelling, and this makes him even more infuriated. He tries his best to keep Red from meeting up with her boyfriend, which is (wait for it), one of Eye's Gronckles named Boulderbee.

Extra: He was named after the blue mineral azurite, and his last name references the monstrous whirlpool from Greek mythology. I thought it was fitting since the whirlpool "ate" ships, and there's no limit to how much Azurite can fit down his gullet!


And then I was eaten.

Daw, look at that innocent face!




Full Name: Rougarou

Gender: Female

Rider: Hypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

The newest addition to Eye's Death Song flock, this adorable Death Song's parents were observed by the entire School when they were spotted nesting in the Wilderness. The Headmaster allowed for small biology classes to take place near by, but not many, to insure that the wild dragons were not destrubed. Many students claimed to have wanted the eggs that were laid, but the teachers refused to reveal who recived the hatchlings.

To the School's dissapointment, nature took it's course a little too harshly. Out of the five eggs that were laid, one turned out to be a dud, two hatchlings dying a few hours after hatching, another one eatten by it's own parent, and the fifth never recovered. All was extremely dissapointed, even Eye, even if her school senioroity caused for her to not parcipate. She went to the nest area constantly, looking through the eggs to see if the fifth dragon could be found, refusing to believe that the last hatching just "dissapeared." But, all clues found confirmed just that.

One afternoon, she brought Azurite to the scene. The Titan immediatly raced off, growling and steaming, and when he returned, he had a small, emaciated hatchling. Eye was ecstatic, and with the Headmaster's permission, she brought the baby to her Stables, where the young one was nursed back to health.

One day, Eye had to leave the hatchling for the day. She had noted how the baby's scales were showing the dull colors of dark, mottled brown and grey. Much to her surprise, when she returned, the baby's apperance had changed to match the same coloration of Azurite, who was guarding the Stable (against his will). After some expirements with the baby's envrioment, Eye discovered that the baby could change colors, like a chamelon.

Extra: Since I love folklore so much, the cutie was named after the Louisiana swamp monster, which is extremely similar to European Werewolves.



Full Name: Coda Whippoorwill

Gender: . . . good question. . . I kind of forgot. . .

Rider: Lusa Dragondawn (E4C7ID)

Unlike other known Death Songs that some vikings adopt, Lusca wanted a challenage and therefore went after a lone adult that was roaming Melody Island at the time. The adult was constantly bullied and excluded from other dragons, so they had a nasty temper to strangers. Lusca worked with trying to show trust to the wild dragon with different ambers, fish, eels, and even different musical tones. After showing the wild dragoness proper apperciation and Coda was brought back to the School, Lusca was surprised to learn that the Death Song could not sing or shoot fire. Explaining why all of the dragons were picking on her, it is hypothisied that she survived thanks to her extra long claws and talons, as well as fearsome, but respectable, personality.

Extra: The Whippoorwill bird was considered an omen of misfortune in some Native American traditions.



Full Name: Luminousmako

Gender: Male

Rider: Andrea Iceian the Flying (E7P2JY)

Mako's egg was discovered on the shores of Mudraker Island, covered in sand and nasty muck. Being disgarded as a dud, many students refused to take the egg, except for Iceian. It was incubated by the babyersiter of her stables, Manta-Pa the Flightmare. The Death Song that hatched came out healthy and rather large. By time he reached his adult stage in his life, Make was nearly twice the normal size of a normal Death Song, being able to eat practically an entire farm's worth of chicken eggs. Iceian is unsure how this happened, but she absolutely loves to fly with him in the Training Grounds to show off his beautiful aquatic colors in the crisp, sea air.

Extra: Mako loves to be a show off, a reference to the fact that a mako is a large mackerel shark, also known as the longfin mako shark.

Extra Extra: Wow, I've never noticed how much he and Rougarou look alike. . .



Full Name: Belltoll

Gender: Male

Rider: Drogue Devere the Ember (FHVVW9)

Drogue adopted his beloved Death Song friend as a little hatchling, saving the babe from his parents who were extremely desperate for food and about to eat him (they had already consumed his siblings). Drogue named his new friend after his chilling, hollow sounding song that he produces, reminding his rider of a bell. Raising the little one to a proud and protective adult, these two are extremely close - their relationship easily compared to Hiccup and Toothless. Many times, Belltoll has acompanied Drouge on long quests and journies, and Drouge has always been there with his spear to cut away dragon hunter nets and bolas. Some of Drouge's other dragons have expressed much resentment and jealousy towards Belltoll, but the protective and brave Death Song always incased them in amber, allowing for him to be the top dragon at his rider's side.

Extra: His name references the Belltoll Dragon from Magic: The Gathering. It was one of my first M:TG cards and I really treasure it ^-^ You always have to start somewhere!


Dalla Luna

Full Name: Dalla Luna

Gender: Female

Rider: Penguin of New York (FQ7GQU)

Once upon a time, during a lunar eclipse, Penguin hatched a Death Song who had silvery scales and beautiful blue lace on the wings. With her voice high and graceful, with mystery in every note, she doesn't really hang out in Penguin's stables for too long. At one time, Penguin became worried of her lunar dragon and followed her one evening as she was leaving the School. The Death Song (noticing that she was being followed) took her to a small island that had little evidence of being settled. As Penguin observed the land a bit and found pure white flowers that only bloomed at night. While she gave them the name Dalla Luna Blooms, she has kept the area secret to respect her dragon.

Extra: Every single one of Penguin's dragons have Italian names. Her's roughly translates to From the Moon. I wanted to name her something more cliche, but I love my dragons too much XD

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Third favorites, I choose you!:




(this was harder for me to take then I thought - and WHO IS THAT PHOTOBOMBER IN THE BACKGROUND)

(Just joking, they're fine. . .)

Full Name: Tidalstorm

Gender: Male

Rider: Hypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Eye had always wanted to tame a Thunderdrum, but with her responiblities with her other dragons, that always remained a dream. One day, with Oceania, she took a little vacation from the School (leaving her dragons to either roam around freely or be babysat, of course, she's not that silly) to take some fresh air. Along her little trip, she flew along exotic islands and got lost in boundless blue oceans, observing many different dragon species that were both familar and unknown.

One bright afternoon, the pair landed on a large sandy beach at the sound of what appeared to be a dragon crying out. The searched with much vigor, and discovered a large female Thunderdrum who had obviously cetacean stranded herself, but had been killed by unknown vikings. Their weapons littered everywhere, and a small Thunderdrum hatchling at her side - the dragon that they had heard crying. Eye was horrified at the sight and wanted to help the baby, but it quickly scuttled away into the ocean waves, scared of her.

Eye tried her best to get the dead female back into the ocean, since she thought it honorable for her to be back in the place that she was born, but the weight proved impossible and they both left the area. That night, to Eye's surprise, a little figure was seen on the outskirts of their campfire's glow, and upon invesigation, found it to be the hatchling from earlier.

It defiantly took the two awhile to get used to one another, but Tidalstorm has proven to be resliant and defensive against hunters and weather. He tries to advoid land, but he'll make exceptions if Eye's in trouble. She's still unsure if her Titan even remembers what happened to his mother, but hopes that any unease that once troubled him has passed.

Extra: He's currently my only Titan Thunderdrum and I aim to keep it that way. When I aged him to a Titan, I thought I would like how he looked. . . which I didn't. . .



Full Name: Mantaglow Lagoon

Gender: Male

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Mantaglow, but known to Eye as Manta, has an odd facisnation with glowing objects, from heated metal to firefires to stars, and an even greater passion for exploring the ocean. Eye's unsure who his family is, she purchased his egg from the School's Store, but she knows that if he is ever in a pinch, he can always call in his adoptive brother Tidalstorm for help! The two enjoy one another's company very much, Manta glued to the Titan's side from the moment that he hached.

Not only does he love to swim deep in the ocean, but fly high into the sky, his bright belly allowing for perfect countershading! The dragon hunters never knew what hit them!

Extras: He's my favorite out of all of my Thunderdrums. I think it's because of his colors and representation, since I like to think of him as a golden lantern in a dark ocean ;3



Full Name: Mourningdove Celest

Gender: Female

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Very curious and having the superpower to never sit still, she's the one of the detectives of Eye's flock, and enjoys land just as much as Tidalstorm hates it. She loves to hide out in the Wilderness, which tends to startle many students as the attempt to fish and spot a brown Thunderdrum staring at them from a distance. Many times Tidalstorm attempts to convice her that a water life is better, but all she would rather do is roll around in the pig pens and stare at threes! She fancies herself to be a professional as solving problems, though most of her solutions include her sonic blast and alot of destruction. She doesn't do it on purpose, though!

Extra: If you couldn't tell by the name, I based her name and colors off of the Mourning Dove. They one of my absolute favorite birds and when I got an egg from a blind box, I thought "Why not?"



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Deadicated to my fourth favorite dragon species:

Silver Phantoms



Full Name: Lightningstone

Gender: Female

Rider: Hypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

During a rough storm at the School, Eye was put in charge of patroling the Training Grounds, the Headmaster conviced that dragon hunters could possibly attack while everyone was inside. She and Oceania combed the tops of the caldara for an arial view and stopped, very puzzled. All of the lightning in the area seemed to be focused on one spot, towards the Fire Frenzy arena. At first, she figured it was because of all of the metal in arena, and even after the storm quieted down to a mear heat lightning show, it was still targeting that area. Like any nosy viking, Eye lead Oceania to check it out.

It was extremely dangerous, Eye had lost nearly half of her hair trying to find what was attracting the lightning, but the object was soon discovered - a large, oval shaped stone. Of course, Eye knew for a fact it was an egg, but it's dull, nasty colors was so unattractive, she might as well been looking at a rock. With the Headmaster's permission, she incubated the egg. Unlike other dragon eggs, however, it didn't hatch after a few days, but only shown signs of cracking when the next large storm (mind you, months later) struck the area.

Out hatched a beautiful Silver Phantom - Eye was stunned. She had seen eggs of Phantoms before, and they were all glitter and glow. But this one had been. . . rather ugly, and not to mention, dangerous. It had commanded the storms like Thor himself. Eye still doesn't know how her Phantom did it, but it allowed for the viking to come up with the perfect name.

While her egg might have been poor, Lightningstone attracts the weather just as much as the other males Phantoms of the school, but she never pays much attention to them, and only follows her love for flying and weather watching.

Extra: I had no honest idea what to color this beauty, and so started looking up color schemes. This one picture poped up of a blue and light pink "Lightning" dragon from some mobile game, and I loved it. I enjoy flying Stone here around the Training Grounds so I can always get the best look at her amazing wings.


She's currently my only Silver Phantom, so. . . have another screenie!

She loves getting lost in the Hidden World!

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Here's to my fifth favorite species!:




Full Name: Tytospirit Owlfight

Gender: Male

Rider: Hypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Eye knew that her Stormcutter was going to be special before he hatched, and he confirmed her suspitions when he hatched exactlly on her birthday, and was blind. As he grew, he relied on Eye for mostly everything - getting food,  moving around. He was also a terrible hatchling to look at - with most of him pale pink, appearing to be a featherless bird chick, his wings white and looking too thin for him to fly. Many vikings told Eye that he was a sick hatchling and he wouldn't make it beyond his adsolence, but she kept him out of her heart. She knew that he would grow up to be a proud dragon, rather deformed and blind, but proud.

It shocked the entire School when Tyto grew to an adult. His unsightly scales shead away, revealing handsome brown and bronze body, with milky cream wings, just like the owl that Eye had named him after. His eyes suddenly began to heal, as if Odin himself granted the dragon sight in return for him never giving up, and now that he is finally able to have the life of a normal dragon, he never sleeps. Eye has never once caught him napping or slowing down, only aimming to improve everything that he physically capable of doing. He hasn't forgotten what it was like to be disabled and makes sure to be a wonderful babysitter for vikings who don't have the time to watch over their hatchlings, and is always at the ready for when Eye is in trouble.

Extra: His egg was the first egg that I had ever bought with gems!



Full Name: Delphius Draken

Gender: Male

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

His egg was recovered from one of Mulch and Bucket's fishing trips, as well as several other Stormcutter eggs. Being one of the more senior viking students in the School at the time, the Headmaster put Eye in charge of yet another Stormcutter. It seemed that the ocean never left Delphius, for as soon as he hatched, he escaped his stable and was discovered later that same afternoon along the shores, looking out onto the water within the School's caldara.

As a teen and with his new found wings, he continued his facination with water by taking extra little lessons from Tidalstorm the Thunderdrum on how to "fly" underwater, but holding his breath was always an issue. Eye was amused by his efforts and allowed for the two to continue on as the Stormcutter reached adulthood, thinking that he would grow out of it.

To Eye's surprise, what she figured was curiouity turned out to be longing. The ocean called out to her Stormcutter and one day, he never returned from a Stable Quest. At first, she thought that he was lost, but weeks went by, and she became heartbroken. As she was possitive that he had left to become wild once again (or suffered a more terrible fate), he surprised her by nearly crashing into her home in Berk - Titan and all.

She suspects that, somewhere out in the ocean, he discovered Titan Ruins. . . but that would preposterous. . .

Extra: He's, at current, my only Titan Stormcutter. I'd like grow up some more, since this Titan form I don't mind too much, but I'm not that ready to let go of their innocent adult forms. . . just yet.



Full Name: Saw-whet Aegolius

Gender: Female

RiderHypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

Saw-whet was hatched at a terrible time. Stormheart had proved her pressence in the viking archipelago and Eye had become extremely paranoid, focusing just on Oceania the Deadly Nadder so they can do more patrols to ensure that no hunters can inflatrate, leaving for Saw-whet to grow up for most of her life alone and without much human contact. Feeling unloved, she escaped on a trading ship and found herself far away from familar lands and onto a island seemingly made of bones.

To Eye's horror, when she went out on a search and rescue mission, she found her long missing Stormcutter on Vanaheim, all grown. She tried her best to rekindle the friendship that they once had, the only problem being that they had one to start with. When Stormheart attacked the island, Eye was easily prey since she only had Oceania, and when she was sure she was done for, Saw-whet had a moment where she remembered when Eye was there for her. At her hatching. She saw that she wouldn't be alive with the human, and swooped down to save her rider.

She allowed for herself to be taken to the School, and is currently an active member against Stormheart's forces, all the while trying to improve her realtionship with Eye.

Extra: She was named after the Saw Whet Owl, with her last name referencing the owl's Genus. I tried to go after the similar path with Tytospirit (who references the Barn Owl).



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Make way for one of my newer favorites!:




Full Name: Dreadflight Neon

Gender: Female

Rider: Hypno Serpenteye (DXUFME)

If there was ever an example of a dragon growing like a weed, it's Dreadflight. Hatched on Eye's favorite holiday - Dreadfall - the adorable orange and black Flightmare went from being an innocent hatchling one day and a trouble-causing, havoc-raising, chaos-leading adult the next week. Eye has no idea what happened, and she became even more shocked when she escaped her Stables and never returned. Mear days later, as Eye was exploring Titan island, she was spooked with the haunting howl of a Flightmare. To her shock (more like horror), there was her Dreadflight, grown into a Titan, and thinking that she was the queen of the island.

It took tons of fish, Dreadfall candy, and one whole sheep to convince the "queen" to leave and come back home. To make her feel more comfortable, Eye ordered for a Dreadfall Stable to be installed. The Flightmare loved it instantly, becomeing the "queen" of the Stables. She's never too far from Eye, however, when it comes to adventure, and it always the first one to face danger.

Extra: Halloween is my top favorite hoilday, so I kind of couldn't help myself. . . She's currently my only Titan Flightmare, and this may remain like this for a while. . .



Full Name: Woundedwhite

Gender: Male

Rider: Lusca Dragondawn (E4C7ID)

This strange Flightmare lived a majority of his live in the wild, and only when he became rather old was that humans began to influence his life - in a rather bad way. Captured by hunters and forced into labor, the Flightmare became burdened with both physical and mental scars. After breaking his leg and becoming lame, the hunters released him into the wild, finding him useless. They figured that mother nature would do the dirty work.

He somehow survived through his broken leg, which healed in an awful way to where he couldn't walk properly (much less run), and managed to find himself on Icestorm Island. Tired, full of pain, and ready to give up, he buried himself in the snow and fell asleep, hoping that the cold would take him. What he didn't take into account was the Riders and dragons that roamed there, and his black scales.

Lusca was exploring the Island and happened upon him, but the hypothermia had caused for him to black out. With the help of several students and their dragons (Lusca did not have any dragons at the time), they all managed to transport the dragon back to the School, where Lusca was put in charge of his health. She wasn't ethusiastic about carring for a Flightmare, but his sad state managed to make her symathetic to his cause. When the Flightmare woke up, he was shocked by the human's kindness, and was extremely agressive to all who came around him. Lusca, being the stubborn hard-head that she is, persisted to remain at his side until he was at least able to move.

Even if it goes against his wild-based nature, Woundedwhite has surpringly remained in the School. While in sleeping away in Lusca's stables (he is old, after all), he deadicats his time and energy to wounded dragons, acting as a therapist to those who were harmed by hunters.

Extra: Woundedwhite is my first Flightmare ever, and when I got him. . . I wasn't too happy, so I just picked random colors and went with it. I honestly wish I had put more thought into him at the time.



Full Name: Manta-Pa

Gender: Female

Rider: Andrea Iceian the Flying (E7P2JY)

On Iceian's first day at the School of Dragon's, she wasn't expecting for her ship that was taking her to the caldara to be attacked by dragon hunters. Using her wit (or stupidy, whatever comes first), she and a few other students managed to board one of the ships and take out a few hunters while the supervising adults aimmed at the rest. At the end of the quick fight, the adults found caged dragons below decks. Disgusted with the hunter's treatment, each student was allowed to adopt an adult and nuse them back to health. Iceian went last, and discovered an unwanted green Flightmare. The weakened female looked sad and dejected, and with one look in the dragon's eyes, Iceian felt compelled to never allow harm fall upon the beast again.

Instead of returning to the ship, the Flightmare flew her new viking friend to the School. She is currently a babysitter in Iceian's stables, watching over the little hatchlings that Iceian incubates and resuces, and is the adoptive guardian to many.

Extra: I tried my best to make Manta-Pa stand out from other Flightmares, and went with green. At the time I created the account, most Flightmares I saw had been black (since the color palette hadn't been updated to exclude black yet).



Full Name: Rainwater

Gender: Female

Rider: Andrea Iceian the Flying (E7P2JY)

A pastel Flightmare that hatched during a prolonged rainstorm, Iceian has never seen a Flightmare more interested in chickens then Rainwater. Everytime Iceian heads to her farm, it's as if Rainwater has read her mind and beats her there. At first, when the Flightmare practically moved into her farm, she was worried that the dragon would eat all of her birds, but, if anything, Rainwater has claimed the bird as her spirit animal.

She's known to protect Iceian farm from any tresspassers, and sleeps near the chicken coop, the birds so used to her that she sleep on top of her or nest in the crook of her arms and wings.

Extra: I enjoy to fly Rainwater more then Manta-Pa (sorry, sweetheart). I think it's because she's blue, and I'm addicted to blue XD



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A quick intermission, brought to you by!:

Terrible Terrors



Full Name: Pipsqueak the Pirate (known as "Pipsqueak" in-game)

Gender: Male

Rider: Lusca Dragondawn (E4C7ID)

Lusca didn't exactly find Squeak's egg or him as a hatchling, it was more of him finding her in the most awkward way ever. Lusca was on a date with one of her crushes (ooooh) and he was leading her back to her home on Berk, because that's what guys do, and as they were about to have their first kiss, they were jumped on by a Terrible Terror. The Terror kept bothering them to the point that Lusca's date left and she was alone with the annoying dragon (and no, they never really. . . got back togeather after that).

The Terror stuck around and was constantly getting into Lusca's stuff, tearing everything up, and making sure to sing the loudest in the mornings - even before the sun even starts to crest the horizon. Eventully, Lusca was about to send her entire army of Monstrous Nightmares after him, but she decided against it (since it wouldn't have ended good) and tried to befriend the Terror instead.

She learned that he was a massive theif and had created his main headquarters in her home's attic, with some of items including half of Gobber's forge worth of metal and leather (topped with a few pairs of his underwear), shields, large chucks of wood that looks suspiciously like the missing planks from a new ship, large amounts of dragon nip, rocks, and what to be baked dragon mud pies.

The name that she gave him suited him so well that he seemed to only expand on his plundering terror, and is always perched on Lusca's shoulder whenever she goes to the School, scouting out future trinkets for his little claws to censored.

Extra: The only reason why he's a pirate is because I learned about a pirate named Peter Easton. My family, uhm, adopted him as our un-offical ancestor XD

Extra Extra: He's the default colors of a Terrible Terror generally because a) I had no idea what to color him and b) I like how the original Terrible Terror looked in the movie!


He's currently my only Terrible Terror, so. . . have another screenie!

He passed out after getting his picture taken. He doesn't have the best attention span. . .

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So many reserves... These dragons must be like, VIPs or somethin

lol. I love this idea. :D Definitely tracking


"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason you held on for so long." ~Jacksepticeye

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You bet! Rolling out the red carpet and getting the trumpets waxed up!

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I shall track!

I'mma track!!



  Welcome :3


Banners by: Andrea Easton, bring gem stable quests back !


NightValor by: ToshiLohi


  Estrella and Callisto, my beautiful Night Lights by: AndreaEaston


IGN: xXNightValorXx


Nicknames: Night, Valor, Nighty, V


                      Cinnamon & Bowser, Spot & Twyla, & Lily & Waffle by: MoonFyre



       Floresta and Bumblebee by: Flitt


Banner by: xXxStarGazerxXx


WinterAurora by: LissaFish


EverWing Sketch by: AndreaEaston


          Pluvia by: LissaFish


       NightSky by: ZestyDragonWing


WinterAurora and NightCosmo by: RedHoodJason


WinterAurora and NightCosmo as humans by: ZestyDragonWing


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Thank you! I'm glad you came by and the dragons appericate it as well!

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There were dragons when I was a boy...

My favorate is the reserved.

Tracking :)


Dragon adopts I've made!

Just click!

Join the School of Dragons Discord

I know it says Squiid invited you, ssh pretend I did, yeah, she's cool, but ssh I invited you..

'Bout me:

Name: Goldenwolfmidna; Goldenwolf; Golden; Midna; etc.

Name IRL: Call me Dave, I respond

Gender/pronouns: Dysphoria, so much dysphoria. Pangender/agender/not cis.  They/them

Favorite Dragon: Skrill, my dear children. Lightning breath and a bad attitude? It's me, dragon-fied!

Favorite color: Orange, probably, then blues

What I'm like: I'm a tired, oftentimes snippy and sarcastic, human. I enjoy art and playing video games. I am extremely passionate about genders and se.xualities, so if you want a long-winded rant about how I'm a human too, PM me and tell me! I'm always happy to explain what it's like being pangendered/agendered and panromantic/ase.xual!

Other crap: I am: panromantic, meaning I can be attracted to people of any and all genders in a romantic sense; I am ase.xual, meaning I am not attracted to people in a se.xual way.

I like to draw, so if you have a request of a dragon for an artist, PM me a picture of a dragon, its backstory, and what you want. If I feel so inclned, I will complete your request.

I am a huge nerd and proud of it. I play D&D soon-to-be three times a week, as a DM one time, a Drow Swashbucker, and a Dragonborn Paladin named Ajoke in the last. Fun fact; Ameme, Ajoke's father, was posessed by Bahamut one time. Bahamut is the D&D Dragon God of Good. 


Adopts and OCs:

Flikrr, made by the AMAZING Chamishida!

I looked around, nose in the air. It told me there was boar near. I, fire burning hotly within myself, looked around. Sure enough, fifty paces off, more or less, was a full-grown boar. I was getting rather hungry, and a boar makes a nice meal. I stealthily approched it, thinking of the feast I'd have today.

The boar's head jerked up- great. I must have been too loud. And then I heard it as well: crunching leaves beneath a foot. It was leaf-fall, so this was no big surprise. I lunged at the boar, and it gave a shrill whine of terror before I rammed into it, scorching the fur. Within seconds, it was d'ead. I tore into it, hunger stopping all other thought until I saw a shadow and heard the hushed voices: "Is it real?" "Is that a Coalskin?" "How are we not in Valhalla yet?"

I turned. There was a group of Viking children, watching me. They speak in whispers among themselves, but I hear. I turn to look at them, and the voices fall silent. They look scared, except one. I give a ROAR and the group scatters. Not one, though. She approaches me, and says quitely, "They're not going to hurt you." I look at the Viking. She's nothing special, really. She's just braver than the rest. I like that.

I look at the girl, and think about what I'm doing. I then dip my head, slightly. A respectful bow. I respect bravery, and this child, no less, has stood to a Coalskin. In my opinion, we are the most scary dragons out there. The girl returns the bow, and she begins to walk off, and I follow. 

"You need a name." Her voice cuts the silence of the forest. I look at her. I have a name, but nothing she can pronounce. It's 'Hrrrrr', all long and dragged out, and low, very low, until the end, where it flares up into a high pitch. But this girl doesn't know that. "Flicker? Nah, too generic. Flickrr." I like this new human-name. It cuts the 'e' sound, leaving you with a harsh 'rrr' sound. We walk back, both content walking in silence.

And that's how it's been ever since. Once Holly foud her island, I have stayed to keep it save from all who wish her harm.  I am a guardian, one who will keep this land I call my home. The other dragons, like Birchbark, all accept me as a protecter, and know better than to cross me. I am kept 'in check' by Holly's Groncicles, who I do adore, as they let me run free, so long as no fires start in my wake. Dragons come and go, taken to great beyonds, and although I cannot go on adventures 'round the world, I keep my own world safe, for myself, for Holly, and for the other dragons. 


Brichbark, made by, again, the amazing Chamishida! Thank you so much, Chamishida!

 Birch was found by Lightning, Holly's Skrill, on a stormy day. The small Sinisterous Woodreaper, being about two months old and having a broken leg, snuggled up with the large Skrill. Holly found them some time later, and saw the leg. She quickly bound it and took the dragon home. A few months later, the small dragon was healed and had the name of Birchbark. Holly set the dragon free but the dragon wouldn't leave. Holly relented and kep the dragon, letting her roam free on the island Holly and her dragons called home. Birchbark si all grown up now, and helps to protect the island.


Drym, made by the wonderful KasaneLover!

How Holly managed to tame this dragon is beyone her. After Drym had eaten enough of Holly's food, they just decided to follow along after her, and now is one of the dragons of her island.


If you're down here, then know this is a WIP. And it shall continue to be for quite a while.

Also, PM me 'wer aunel di vi darastrix' and you'll get a special dergon art!

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XD Thanks! I was possitive that it would have been a popular one!

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Tracking! Dragon General?

Maj. Amy approves.. xD



    Welcome to my Siggy!

which is going to be a W.I.P. forever...

 You can call me either Amy (main OC) or Céline, which is my real name. 



About me in rl:


Name: Céline (mentioned that before but idc xD)

Birthday: February the fifth 

Where I’m from: The flat lands..

joking it’s The Netherlands xD

Favourite dragon: Stormcutter

Likes: Drawing, writing (at times), reading, PLANES, pizza and anything that has to do with dragons .-.

Dislikes: What do I hate, actually? Idk but there sure are some things I don’t like.

Watch it. I somehow got an obsession for guards (AND PLANES). Please don’t ask how because I don’t know either :p





We protect dragons of all elements, and leave no one behind. Shield made by Mack


Viking/Main OC:


That’s her info card. She either leaves it in her office or on the dining table. She’s not 20 anymore though..

She’s now 28. But during rp’s, her age varies a bit. I like to give them “timelines”: Imagine a timeline. Birth, important moments.. all shown on it. Let’s say that the rp’s get placed on there too.

Sorry for the sloppy explanation. I just can’t explain things .-.


Part of Dreki Ridarri



Very first dragon is....



Main dragon is....




Art by amazing people:



                                         Credits to Piggyxl, Amy every morning..


                                          Credits to Zikta for this proud Shadow


                                          Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX, majestic!

                                          Credits to Zikta for the sleeping brothers.


                                           Credits to MericcupNightFury for this amazing portrait of Amy


                                           Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX, it looks nice!


                                         Credits to XxXPurpleHolkingXxX for the cute looking Shadow! Just like when he was a baby.


                                           Credits to SilverNight for this amazing art of Shadow! 


                                           Credits to TosiLohi for this incredible artpiece of Amy in da summer


                                         Credits to Zeezur for this wonderful edit of Shadow.

 Some drawings by me:

Shadow in DT

Ah, Memories..


A drawing of an agitated Amy.





                                         Crystalcore the female Light Fury. Credits to dragonrider34


                                          Credits to XxSilver.NightxX for the mischievous Swifty.


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Hehe, thank you for coming by!

Yep! Dragon general! I'm not honestly that surprised, my friends always say I should have named my Clan "The Deadly Nadder Army" because of how many I have. I think I suffer from a Nadder addiction XD

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*Amy salutes back*

XD Nadders are great!

I’ve got 8 whispering death’s just because I had too much empty stables. 

By the way, Amy’s regiment will be on your side! Don’t know about the others tho :p

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Oh boy, don't get me started on Whispering Deaths. It seems that every blind box I've ever opened, I've gotten one! Not complainning or anything, but after awhile. . . you tend to run out of ideas >.<

And thank you! I'm so glad the Nadder Army has allies! (I guess that's what I'm calling it now XD)

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“Alliance? Sure!” -All other Majors

Yup! Same! I thought naming my WD’s after snakes, so some are called Python, Boa etc. But later I ran out of idea’s, so some ended up being called like.... Snek.

Also, the rest of the United Guard is in for an alliance :D

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I soo want to meet Snek!

I feel you. I had great names coming out with awesome color combos, and then I was like. . . "Twwwwisster? Maybe? Or. . . Coil? Coil sounds good. Yeah. I like Coil."

Welcome, United Guard! The Deadly Nadder Army give you. . . uhm. . . friendship XD

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This is Amy speaking

We Stormcutters (and the other five regiments of course) are honoured to be allies with the Deadly Nadder Army! 



Yeah sorry for that xD 

My first whispie..


Okay back. My first whispie is called Fluffy, because kiddo logic :p Then the second one, Poison, green coloured. And thanks the point where they got snake names. About Snek, I can post a pic if you want?

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Yay! This is what I could consider Army Bonding!


Sure! I'd love to meet Snek!

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Okay, here he is!

Woah, haven’t ridden him ever since Silent took the lead of the Whisper Squadron. I must say, he is faster than I remember! And more territorial too...


EDIT: The Whispering Deaths now have an animation while sitting? Cool!

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*Waves happily* Hello Snek!

*Waves happily* Hello Snek! I've heard alot about you!


I think that was with one of the new updates that I've been hearing about. I've only been able to see a few new of the animations, mostly because I wasn't too sure which dragon had the new animations. I should check up on mine to see it!

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* A happy Snek waves back with his tail.*

He likes you!


I kind of want to make a checklist with dragons that for new animations but.... sooo laazyyy... xD

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I'm with you on that. I was searching the forums to see if someone had already made a list, and after a bit I just gave up and went to go enjoy my dragons ^-^ Picture day and all, needed them to look their best!

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Your Nadders... I have newfound respect for you. HOW?!!!!! I wish I had that many Nadders... Currently only at 4...

That being said... TRACKING! :D



I go by the name Stormy! :D


An AMAZING picture of Stormy (my viking!) done by the even more amazing MerricupNightFury!!!! It is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stormy as a Draconian!!!! By the incredibly talented TosiLohi!!!!!!! Thanks so so so much!!!!


All My Dragons!!


Tracker Class

Stormshear - Female Deadly Nadder (Main Dragon!)

Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder

Rosethorn - Female Deadly Nadder

Moonwatcher - Male Deadly Nadder

Mudslide - Male Mudraker
Sharp Class

Starlight - Female Razorwhip

Lightshard - Male Razorwhip

Puddletwirler - Female Raincutter

Mysticshine - Female Stormcutter

Peppermint - Male Scuttleclaw (Hatched on 1st December so he has a Snoggletog-themed name! :D)


Stoker Class

Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Firedancer - Female Singetail

Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Boulder Class

Rocky - Male Gronckle

Frostwing - Male Groncicle

Groundshaker - Male Whispering Death

Stonegrinder - Male Whispering Death

Guardianspirit - Male Elder Sentinel

Tidal Class

Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith

Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum (Older sister to Tidalgem)

Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum (Younger brother to Thundergem)

Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron - TITAN!

Shockwave - Female Shockjaw

Strike Class

Nightstrike - Male Triple Stryke (Sunstrike's twin)

Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke (Nightstrike's twin)

Elektra - Female Skrill

Sparkangel - Female Skrill

Mystery Class

Zip & Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback

Sparkle & Dazzle - Female Hideous Zippleback

Nightglow - Female Flightmare

Firework - Male Flightmare

Siren - Female Deathsong



In-Game Info!

Name: xXStormxRiderXx (Stormy for short! :D)

Title: Senior Nadder Whisperer

Clan: Warzone

Occupation: Dragon trainer, Huntress (for food, not dragons! XD)

Trophy amount: 3300+

UDT Score: 400,000! (MAX)

Stars: 1 Gronckle Iron Star! (MAX)

Viking Level: 48

Dragons: 32

Friend Code: FNNUWE

Favourite pass-times: Flying, training, battling and of course playing with my dragons!



Art done by others! Thanks so much!

Stormy as a Draconian by TosiLohi! Thanks sooo much!!


Shimmering Snow by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Stormshear by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


An awesome picture of me and Stormshear done by the even more awesome Hillevij! Thank you!!


Springflower my Crimson Goregutter done by the amazing Embala!! Thanks!! 


Firewing!! Done by the awesome Lissa!! Thanks so much!!! :D


Zip & Zap and Nightstrike & Sunstrike by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks!!!


Wraithster by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormy in a beautiful Nadder-themed dress! Thanks so much TosiLohi! :D



Stormy by the awesome ParakeetAndine!! The one on the left is in normal clothing, on the right is in her flightsuit with Stormshear!! Thanks so much!!!!!



Oceanshadow done by the amazing Root! Thanks!



Stormy and my Light Fury, Aurora, as a hatchling! Thanks so much to Purpy!!!!


Stormy and Stormshear (again) done by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks so much!!


Lightshard and Starlight my Razorwhips! By Sango! Thanks!




Firework, Elektra, Bliss and Stormshear!! All by the amazing PURPY!!!! THANKS!!


Stormshear and me done by the awesome TosiLohi! Thank you so much!


nice day here NOBG by bottomlessBOX

Stormshear and me (again! XD) done by the awesome Tosi Lohi! I couldn't resist so I put the non-background one in too! Thanks so much!!



Here be Stormy! 


Stormshear by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormshear by Purpy!! Thankies! 


Stormshear done by Silverraven! Thanks! :D


Stormshear done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!

Me and Stormshear done by the awesome Katerina Pettrova! Thanks!!!!


Hawk by demonguitars1214

Hawk Sokolov my OC! Done by the awesome DyliehIdol1214!! Thanks so much! :D


Firework done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!!





Pheonix, Wraithster, Rosethorn, Oceanshadow, Stormy, Puddletwirler, and Stormshear! 

All by the awesome Purpy! Thanks so much!!


Wraithster and Puddletwirler!! Done by the always awesome Zikta!!! Thank you!! 


Stormshear, Stormy and Wraithster done by the awesome LilyStark!! Thanks! 


 Razorwhip Banner Scuttleclaw Banner

Smothering Smokebreath Banner

Changewing Banner

All banners by Dragonriders Fury! Thanks! :D 




My Adoptables!!!


Aurora and Blaze! By the awesome Celine!! Thank you so so so much!! :D


Aurora and Blaze!! Done by the awesome Lissa!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


Blaze | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLordAurora | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Blaze and Aurora both done by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!


Aurora | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Aurora (again XD) by the awesome Andrea!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Blaze my Night Fury, and Aurora my Light Fury! Thanks so much Embala for drawing them!!!


Cuddles | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLordDeigh | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Misletoe | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord  +  


Cuddles and Deigh my Deathgrippers; Dreambolt my Deadly Claw; Skythorn and Stormshear my Curly Nadders; Mistletoe my Christmas Wreath, Crispin my Summer Wreath and their baby, Rustle; and Gruntshine my Tingecutter!! All by the awesome Andrea! Thanks so so so much!!! 


Brightstorm my Shinglescale and Duskflyer my Shinglespike!! By Rider Jyharri! Thanks!!!

Blossom my beautiful Nightsealer! By the awesome Chameishida! Thanks! :D


Behold the amazing... Frillfire! By Lissa! Thanks so much! :D


Aurora by the great Zesty!!! Thanks!!


Battleshine my Fighting Claw by the awesome Belubel! Thanks! 


Galaxy my Giarogia! (Sub-species of Spyrogia!) By the awesome Shelya! Thanks!


Princess, my moody Mood Dragon! Done by the (as always) awesome Lissa!!  Thanks!!!!!


Waterdevil my Tidereaper by the awesome Goldenwolfmidna! Thanks!


Firedemon my baby Coalskin!! Done by the awesome Chameishida!! Thank you!!!

Autumn and Roux, my Harvest Hunters! By the awesome Embala!!! Thanks!!


Aphrodite and Ares my Plume Tails by Embala! Thanks!!!


My Crytter and Bookwyrm, by Flitt! Thanks!


Alaska my Pykacynd! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks!!!


Skyburner my Neckblaze! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks so much!

Paco my Rainforest Griffin!! Made by the amazing Lissa!



Favourite Quotes!


- I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Well, you know what I always say. When in doubt, take it out! - Dagur RTTE

- Oh I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!!! - Tuffnut HTTYD

- Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone! - Hiccup HTTYD

- The chicken is not amused. - Tuffnut RTTE

- Everything we know about you guys, is wrong. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Some of us were just born different. - Valka HTTYD 2

- Oh my... Me likey! - Ruffnut HTTYD 2

- Please, you... are my best friend, bud. My best friend. - Hiccup HTTYD 2

- Atta boy! That's it! - Hiccup HTTYD 2


Screenshots Of My Fantastic Dragons!!! (I will be adding more soon!)

Firework - Male Flightmare


Nightglow - Female Flightmare


Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron


Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith


Firedancer - Female Singetail


Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare


Frostwing - Male Groncicle


Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum


Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum


Elektra - Female Skrill


Nightstrike - Male Triple Styke


Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke


Zip and Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback


Sparkle and Dazzle (Spark and Dazz for short!) - Female Hideous Zippleback


Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder


Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Lightshard - Male Razorwhip


Starlight - Female Razorwhip


Mudslide - Male Mudraker


Shockwave - Female Shockjaw


Did you make it to the end??? Stormshear and I say... "Congratulations!!!"


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Stormy! Hi!

I'm surprised myself. I don't even have half of my Nadders up there! I guess all I can offer is to save up and keep playing! Gosh it's be a long time since I've thought about it, but I think I got Blue and Borrakul in a blind box, and purchased the rest with gold from the store. ^-^

Thank you for stopping by, though! *Throws Nadder confetti everywhere*

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Tracking! I love the creative decription of them :D




Welcome To My Signature!


(Beware, Under Construction!)  




     Profile picture by me





Pastel my oc's eyes, gif by me (:

Main Viking: Nightmareoforever


Main Dragons


Luna (Female Night Fury) 


Scorpion (Female Triple Stryke) 


LightzBoy (Male Titan Skrill)


Eclipse (female sand wraith)


SeaFoam (Male Tide Glider)


CloudLeaper (Male Stormcutter)


Clan: Isle of gazoo


 My favourite dragons are night furies, sand wraiths,

flightmares,skrills, windwalkers, stormcutters, tide

gliders and some dragons i made up :P


Amount Of Trophies: 5473 (Working On Them )



Amount Of Dragons: Around 68 or more (ALOT)


Hobbies: Flying Around,Racing And Making New 




Friend Code ~ PM Me If You Want To Know :P



Stars: 3 Gold!


About me: I like editing dragons, PM me if you

want a edit, I might be able to do it. I cant draw

digital and i cant draw vikings. I play riders of 

icarus sometimes.My favourite colours are all

shades of blue :P



Flightmare by me (my first edit)


                                                         Me and melodyfang




Moon, one of my Night Fury oc's by the brilliant NeverendingSilverstorm :D

 Goldenclaw my nightfury oc (Edit by me)




Mistymoon, my titan Flightmare by the talented XxSilver.MoonxX :3



Mistymoon by amazing Feenix the Fire :D



Mistymoon by the skillful Mel la ^^

My beautiful windwalker, Sky Diver

Eclipse my sandwraith by the awesome ZestyDragonWing

Me and Sky Diver by skilled RedHoodJason!

Silvia my Light Fury oc by ZestDragonWing! :D

All by the amazing AndreaEaston! <3

Sapphire and Stormstriker by the talented silveraven! <:



Im to lazy to edit my siggy now so uh WIP I guess xD


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Thank you so much! I've been trying to give every single one of them a unquie backstory ^-^

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Swoopin' In!

"I've turned into a dragon general or something."


You, fellow dragon rider, have earned General Moonlight's respect.



Tracking because I've been waiting a long time for this; I look forward to reading about all your dragons! >w<


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Snow Wraith, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum, Deathgripper

Favorite Titans (somewhat in order): Stormcutter, Deathgripper, Woolly Howl, Skrill, Buffalord, Thunderdrum

Clan(s): Immortal Midgard Lightnings (Primary Viking) Without Limits (Secondary Viking)


Somehow interested in my opinion on dragons? I made a Dragon Review Here: My Dragon Review

Interested in a Role-Playing? I've made my first RP thread here!: Alex's Home for Dragons (RP / Adoption Thread)

Information about my dragons can all be found here: My Grand Dragon Family

Information about my HTTYD OCs and their dragons can all be found here: My OCs and Their Dragons


Itching for a request or two? Maybe even 3? I have some art threads open!


Interested in Shiny Hunting? I've made a whole thread dedicated to it here!


Dragon Gallery!


Probably my most favorite screenshot that I ever took of Papa. <3


Just another flight with the big guy himself!


My first School of Dragons GIF. . .dedicated to Papa. Sounds about right!


"How are you all holding up over there?"



Raito and Doctor Alex, both drawn by me!



. . .it's a bit difficult watching for danger when you can't get near the telescope.


A very happy General Moonlight. . .or angry. No one can say for sure.


Papa no, don't--aaannd it's too late.



Requests From Others!

"*Banshee screech* You look so cute!" - Comet Burst

-Insert Wise dying on the inside here-


Drawn by the terrific TosiLohi!



Sometimes Papa's ego becomes as big as Jupiter. . .screenshot edited by Zeezur!



Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



The main character for my story made into a beautiful Snowy Griffin. Made by LissaFish!

A cute Papa headshot made by HoneyCloudy!


As much as I love the big guy, it's fun to occasionally spite him. ewe Made/edited by SilverNight!




Drago once said the strength of will over others is true strength. . .and Hiccup says friendship is true strength. . .but they're both wrong. Cuteness is the one and only true strength! These faces will be the death of evil, I'm telling you. Made all by Zitka!



Hobbleslicer, the male Tingecutter made my AndreaEaston!



A truly fuzzy Moon made/edited by HoneyCloudy!


You read all that? Wowie, thanks! Here's two Hugh Jackman and Hiccup gifs to represent my face.


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Thank you, I'm really glad you came by ^-^ You're the one who inspired me to do this.


*Saltues to General Moonlight* Honor to be in your pressence, sir!

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Hey all, if you don't want to wait for every single post and thread to load in (since I know that takes a long time), you can catch up to the Quotev verison. It's so much faster, though it may be updated more slower!