And They Said That Discord is Friendly....

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No she’s acting like you are treating it childishly. And yes, I know, you are a child. But everyone messes up and feels bad for it. Everyone realizes that some part of how they view the world is wrong and feels lost while they try to adapt. These are minor, normal, human grievances. But you refused to take responsibility for your actions and as repercussion you lost people’s trust, and you are trying to turn your minor hurt into a weapon against them. That is disrespectful to those of us who have suffered real loss, it is harmful to your own growth, and it is loosing you your friends when you dig into their valid wounds.


Moreover, you haven’t actually said you respect LGBTQ+ people now, only complained about your upbringing to assign blaime elsewhere. If you want to turn that hurt into something constructive, turn off the computer, think about this from other people’s perspectives, and come back when you start caring more about the people you hurt than feeling sorry for yourself.

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Thank you...

I have to go now as this thread has made emotionally and physically sick.

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No, it’s the way you’ve used such information. In a sense, I believe you, but who’s to know, it’s the internet. 

You are using serious and sensitive info in a very inappropriate setting and it’s seemingly to pull out the victim card, or catch an attention grab. Again, it could very possibly be true but in such a way isn’t the right way to state such. 

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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?

Well, now I know what Evan felt like in Good for You.

"All I need is some time to think
But the boat is about to sink
Can't erase what I wrote in ink
Tell me how could I change the story?

All the words that I can't take back
Like a train coming off the track
'Cause the rails and the bolts all crack
I've got to find a way to
Stop it, stop it! Just let me out!"

You get your wish. I'm leaving. Goodbye for who knows how long. Depends on how fast I heal, which can range anywhere from a day to years, so...

Hopefully I'll be back really soon.

Goodbye for now my friends.

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K bye then

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Good riddance

Good riddance

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I am not a goose,I stay hydrated.

You both did not need to add those.



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That's it bye.

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Clearly you are both new, and

Clearly you are both new, and have not read the rest of the thread.

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I understand how this whole thing could have made you upset, but why couldn't you have just taken responsibility for your actions instead of telling everyone to "stop fighting" when we try to say our side of the argument, then try to guilt trip everyone when they don't let up--then just storm out the door when things don't go your way. At this point this whole situation is extremely tiring and we'd really prefer if you just took responsibility for the things you did and apologize.


I suppose you won't ever see this now that you're gone. See ya boi stay classy

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What I think

Personally I don't want to talk about suicide depression and all that stuff. I am not a psychologist. But I know this:
Justice is equal for all.
If you do something wrong justice must do something.
After this, I remind you that this is practically a children community and talking about depression and similars is no the best thing to do here. So please let's close this argument and talk about the ban and no more


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The majority of people

The majority of people involved in this are about 15 years or older.

And this isn't the first time Sham has gotten out of control.

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Bad actions have repercussions? Who would have known.

The Discord has rules for a reason, and if you had actually read the rules you would have known you could easily have sent a ban appeal if you felt that the ban wasn't rightful.


Then again, going by your track record I would find it surprising you actually read anything anyone has to say.


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Sham was banned because she was disrespecting other members. The ban is her own fault. No one bullied her in this conversation. We just asked her not to bring the drama to the discord channel. And she started debunking other people (good people who, like me, try to stay out of the situation as best as they can). I wasn't present for this conversation thankfully. But, I can see it.


Sham: Please do not throw bible verses around anymore. The Holy Spirit convicts, but mankind condemns. You are currently condemning and judging all these people. Believe it or not, while we are Christians, we need to watch how we act. Jesus came to save people, and he loved everyone. Even the people who humiliated and destroyed him. He's the example we follow. But i don't see that. At all. You're condemning and judging the very people we are suppose to embrace. Humanity. 


You were banned for your actions. Don't throw that on to someone else. Take responsibility for it, a few days to reflect, and move past what happened.


You guys know i don't get involved in drama anymore. But i'm sticking out my neck to bring you this. The people involved in this were very very respectful. Unless you know what happened, please don't get involved. And if you want to get involved, you need to realize that there's a full story. We are ALL victims of anonymity.




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Lol (tracking)


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Let me say something. I've been a witness to all of this and am just now coming out to say something. Sham, listen, you need to stop. As someone who is almost two years older than you, I understand your views on this. But I have to agree with everyone. Squiid, especially. I am open-minded and neutral when it comes to this fiasco so let me say one thing. If Jesus is your teacher, then why are you not reflecting His teachings? You're so stubborn, biased, and close-minded (as well as prideful) to even be able to see how poorly you've treated everyone. I believe that you are a good person, deep inside, and are too immature to handle this situation, but this is getting way out-of-hand. Open your eyes. Open your heart. Consider other peoples' words for just a second. We've been trying to tell you this for so long, but you keep turning us away because you think that your religion makes you wiser than most. As a fellow sister in Christ, I understand that you see more than others, but when it comes to arguments, it just doesn't play out how you like. Your loyalty is an admirable trait, but shouldn't apply to the context of this situation because Rebell may actually be Archer. Sham, all I ask of you is to pray, calm down, and admit your wrongs because you are acting like a child. None of us hate you, but we are fed up with your absurd behavior.




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Preach My friend!

Well said well said! Perfect words!

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Now I'm not saying who is right and who is wrong but some of you people say that your(not-so-nice)posts are because Shamara30 started the forum thred...but is it not you who finally fills out the CAPTCHA question and sends out the post?  I find it okay if you vent out your anger in a post but not actually post it. And I have seen some things like: the S-word, people talking to each other like they are worth nothing, saying things in their posts that aren't necessary and people twisting the words of another's post for their benefit.

Now again..I am not saying who is right and who is wrong but I am saying: there is no point in being rude over the internet. :(

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"if sham can do what she

"if sham can do what she wants, she'll chase of a ton of members she deems 'wrong' or 'evil'. We've seen what she did to the lgbt pride thread. If no one calls her out on this, she'll think that her behaviour is tolerated"


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May I ask a very honest question?

I don't know much about the situation, but what I'm about to ask doesn't require me to know. 

If you all knew this thread was to instigate drama, why did you all give her what you expect she wanted? I am NOT saying I can read her mind and know why she made this thread, but if you know, why give her what you think she wants? 


These are the times you need to be a bigger person and just ignore things. I believe this was one of those times. I'm seeing only people willingly subject themselves to this (yes I've read all two pages) drama. Please, for your own mental health and for not "giving her what she wants", just let this thread die. Please. It's not worth it. Just let it go. 


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