The Amphibious Elkwing- Bonfire Original Species

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Also known as a Water Deer or Steam Sprite, Amphibious Elk-Wing’s are found in warmer waters near active volcanoes. With their unique ‘wings’ and defensive social behaviours, hunters and trainers alike must have experience and preparation on their side before approaching these beasts.


Physiology- Appearance, Physical Capabilities, Life Cycle, Habitat

A somewhat large dragon, about the size of a Skrill, it is best distinguished by the antler-like growth sprouting from their shoulders. This bony extension is connected to the shoulder blade, and is hollow, with the cavity filled with a slightly acidic gel that is used for thermal regulation.

On their chest is a smooth foldable fin that they hide away when on land. The tail fin is more rigid, unable to be folded down.

Their legs are quite short and stocky, with large feet and three flat claws on each foot. Easily tracked due to often walking in muddy areas when not in water.

The eyes are large and round, often with very dark irises and no visible whites, located on the sides of the head just above the corner of the mouth. Able to adapt to different light levels easily, it is believed that the combination of looking at bright lava and a deep-sea ancestry has allowed this range. The nose is quite small, with four nostrils on the tip of the snout. Males will have a cartilaginous mane starting at the base of the head and trailing down to the shoulders- often bright in colour, it is used to attract females.

Herbivorous, they eat mainly algae, coral and will sometimes eat grass if nearby. Often algae will grow on the antlers as well, and a common social activity will be cleaning each other’s antlers.

Eggs are spherical in shape, brilliant gold in colour with short hooked spikes on the bottom. These spikes let them stick to both each other and rough surfaces. This is normally a moss-covered rock in a shallow pond, or near the shoreline. They hatch after 4 months, and the new dragons are about the size of a house cat. At this point their legs a too weak to support them and will stay in the water, living off small crabs and sea grass for 3 years, until their first antlers grow in and they can defend themselves.

Usually living by the base of ocean volcanoes where molten rock meets the sea, they enjoy a high humidity environment, and get irritable when left in a very dry area for too long. If withheld from any moisture for long periods of time (upwards of a few days), then their skin starts to dry and crack, creating narrow open wounds and leaving them vulnerable to infection.


Psychology- General Behaviour, Mannerisms, Intelligence

Calm when undisturbed, they are quite defensive towards strangers and will attack unwanted visitors. They are quite social and will often group together as families, which together make communities, and those make up regional populations. Migratory, younger ones will leave their region for another one once maturity is reached.

It is not uncommon for an Elk-Wing to use its antlers to stun fish and feed them to local sharks to gain their favour and have an external defence. Getting on the bad side of an Elk-Wing usually means you also get on the bad side a few sharks. When raising hatchlings for release or to keep, encourage this interaction between them, and maybe even consider getting to know them yourself.



An Elk-wing relies on 3 ways to defend itself, excluding social defences. First, its skin is coated in a toxic slime that is safe to touch, but not ingest. If it is bitten, then the slime should deter anything with common sense and tastebuds. Second is a more offensive form of protection- a venom-loaded fang on its lower jaw, measuring 4cm. While the venom is not lethal, it is moderately painful and will cause the area of the bite to swell. Its final defence is only employed by force of a predator, when its antlers are broken or damage significantly. A thick, orange gel, that is highly acidic, and normally used to control body temperature, but dissolves organic material at an alarming rate when outside of the antler.


Rules and Notes;

  • The usual stuff that’s just simple human decency and respect to my work
  • Stories are essential, and are your payment. Minimum 150 words. They can be about the dragons history, how another character may have trained them, or a significant point in their life- try to be original, or at least avoid clichés (If you have difficulty with English just write it in your first language then chuck it through google translate- might not be 100% accurate but stills makes things easier)
  • Extra can include scars, amputations, saddles, harnesses, facial expression, and jewellery. Saddles can be different designs.
  • Markings can be customised
  • Incomplete forms will not be done- you will be PM’d once.
  • If you plan on posting the drawing somewhere else, let me know!
  • I retain the right to reject artwork from individuals if I so choose
  • Highlight to reveal the subject line! Jlam




Gender (if male, include mane colour):


Main Colour:

Fin Colour:

Claw Colour:


Antler Colour:

Eye Colour




Please wait for the DNR!


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  • Aniu
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For Ladybrasa: I reckon, yeah! Its been a while in the making so I'm hoping its popular

For All: I forgot to ask that people describe which markings are what colour! There are the body markings, chest fin markings, and tail fin markings- please update forms to include these!

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I misread elkwing as

I misread elkwing as ewok


imagine: Ewoks dragons.



Female, knows a lot of fandoms, roleplays, and is an animator.

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not much else to say! I'm most likely going to be using my actual game account, instead of my forum account.




In memorial of my speedstinger, Sharptooth. She um. Well. She... uh did this. And I think she died.

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FormName: ArkosGender


Name: Arkos

Gender Female

Age: 4 years

Main Colour: blueish pink

Fin Colour: plae yellow

Claw Colour: brown

Marking: light pink

Antler Colour: brown

Eye Colour: gold

Extra: none


Aniu walked along the lakes shore wondering about what to do next when she stumbled across some strange looking tracks fallowing them into the wood she stop suddenly her eyes looking at what seemed to be an Amphibious Elk-Wing caught in a snare trap. Aniu quickly rushed over to free the dragon from its bondage. After doing so the dragon bonded with Aniu becoming a lifelong friend. After Aniu had freed Arkos Aniu let the dragon live on Mudraker island where she would be able to visit her quite often. Every time Aniu was there so was Scuddler and his dragon Mudd hideArkos and Mud hidebecame really good friends helping to stop dragon hunters and protect their loving and kind riders.


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FormName: MossGender:


Name: Moss

Gender: Male

Mane Color: Dark Green

Age: 43 human years

Main Color: Brown

Fin Colour: Dark Green

Claw Colour: Dark Green

Marking: Lime Green

Antler Color: White

Eye Color: yellow

Extra: can you add a saddle. Maybe just a leather o.n.e. with a strap around o.n.e. wing

Story: I found one day while traveling with Dusk (Solar Flare Skrill you made me)we came alone a forest. After a while of walking we saw a log with moss covering it. To my suprise it was a dragon. I climbed off of Dusk and the dragon hit him into the ocean. I saw this Dragon had a crippled tail fin. Days later I still couldn’t find Dusk and I made a saddle to help get the dragon into the water. I placed it on him but obviously he hated it and destroyed it. I made another and kept it in a cave. Then as we swam, well I swam but the dragon went in circles I named him Moss. Then and a huge version of Moss came out of the ocean with dusk in his talon. I ran to the cave and put the saddle on Moss. He hesitated at first and I held out my hand to him. He placed his forehead against my palm and I climbed on. He ran under the huge dragon and dove into the ocean. As we surfaced I threw a rock at the huge dragon’s eye and we freed Dusk. We swam home to Dragon’s edge as fast as we could but since the saddle isn’t good for long distance Moss sank and Dusk carried us home.





Name: Mychael (pronounced Michael)


Nicknames/Title: WIP


Gender: Male


Age: 19


Residence: With Earthguard 


PersonalityMichael is always thinking logically and doesn’t understand jokes. He is smart enough to understand them but always takes things literally. For example “Mercy then replied “Hey look Michael’s back!” Not understanding Michael asked “What! What’s on my back?”. Michael prefers to be alone and hates being the center of attention. He is always serious and doesn’t understand why Vikings socialize. Michael isn’t quick to trust people but once you gain his trust he will risk his life to save them. He is very intelligent and thinks outside the box. Not many people want to be his friend because he is so odd. Even though he likes to be alone that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel sad about it. In fact often he is often depressed that he doesn’t have any friends. Michael is brave though his main weakness is that he has low self esteem. All Michael really needs is a friend he can trust. Michael loves to learn new things and to explore new places. He is more interested in dragons than spending time with Vikings. Michael hates to make speeches and presentations. He loves to teach others and dreams of teaching young Vikings the history of Berk. He is a know it all and often is bullied because of that. Michael keeps a journal of all the dragons he knows about and their stats and it is his most prized possession.


HistoryFor unknown reasons Mychael was forced to be a hunter at a young age. He hated hurting dragons but was beaten very badly when he tried freeing a couple. While there each hunter was given a dragon to control and Mychael was given Scuttles. They both were scared but found comfort in each other. Unlike the other hunters, Mychael was very skinny and smart. He was bullied and punched many of times and he knew he had to escape. Then all off a sudden one day he awoke on a shore with Scuttles, surrounding them were a group of vikings and dragons. They didn’t trust him at all at first and when his book on how to kill dragons fell Eslig threatened him with her bow. After a while they trusted him a little and brought him back to their camp (Present RP)


Likesdragons, heights, cold, flying, swimming, exploring, learning, teaching, being near people he trusts 


Dislikes:  Making speeches, being the center of attention, crazy people, huge dragons, chains, blood, people or dragons hurt, dragon hunters


Do you want to reserve a color for your Viking? If Yes, what color? How about Dark Cyan




Name: Albatross


Gender: Male


Species: Shockjaw


Age: Broadwing


Residence: With Mychael 


PersonalityAlbatross is aggressive to anyone he doesn’t trust. Also he loves competition and hates to lose.  Hates taking orders from other dragons or Vikings. Albatross is easily annoyed and super protective. In fact if anyone lays a finger (or Talon) on someone he loves, Albatross will attack to kill. His past was rough and hates most humans. Being easily aggravated many people call him a monster though he is only doing what he was taught. He doesn’t understand how Dragons An day Vikings live in peace


HistoryThe day Albatross hatched he was born into captivity. His parents had been killed by hunters and he was a runt and very weak since he had no one to teach him how to fight. He was immediately sent to work in the Arena and was bullied by the bigger dragons. In the arena he was forced to battle against Vikings to train them. After only a few days Albatross learned he had to fend for himself and only worry about himself. As he grew older he became stronger and soon everyone feared him (other dragons in the arena I mean) On night he finally broke free and escaped. As he flew out many dragons roared for him to free them too but he didn’t for Albatross only cared for himself. Knowing the hunters were capturing and killing many dragons a day he set out to seek his revenge by attacking all the other villages not stopping until every Dragon feared him. Though one day when attacking Berk he was injured by their weapons and for years was stranded. Then one day a group of Vikings stumbled apron him and... (will be descided in the RP)


Likes: Flying, being alone, Rue, Mychael, being in charge, fighting 


Dislikes: Young dragons, hyperness, having others help him, Drift, most dragons and Vikings, chains




(Without armor)

(With Armor)




Name: Scuttles


Gender: Male


Species: Terrible Terror 


Age: Teen


Residence: With Mychael 


Personality: Scuttles is very playful and has a ton of energy. Even with that said, Scuttles still can be calm when needed. He loves to explore new places and meet new dragons. He isn’t very found of people, except for Michael who this little dragon thinks of as his brother. Him and Michael share a close bond even though both of them lost their memories and don’t know why. Scuttles doesn’t have nightmares of his past like his “brother” but still knows his past was awful. He is easily scared but feels safe around larger dragons and Michael. Even though We is easily scared doesn’t mean he will back down on a fight, instead Scuttles loves to fight. Now what Scuttles calls Fighting is more like playing violently or in other words horse playing. He acts like an energetic wolf cub and is loyal like one too. Scuttles will protect those he cares for (even though he might not be able to help that much) even is it means risking his life.


HistoryScuttles doesn't remember his past, all he knows is one day he awoke on the shore with a human. Even though neither can remember anything they still feel a deep connection with each other.


Likes: Playing, having fun, being around Mychael, being around larger dragons


Dislikes: Storms, bossiness, obeying selfish people, being cold