AlphaMeep For Viking Of The Week!!!

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AlphaMeep Should Be Viking Of The Week. For Being A Good Friend. CONGRATS!!!!! I'm In Computer Class Right Now xD.



Name: Melkorku


Nickname: Melk, Fame


Rank: Non - Member


Youtube: Melkorku Gaming - YouTube - YouTube


"Welcome all Who are new to Forums or School of Dragons"


 *My Adult dragons are only listed*


Windshear = Adult Razorwhip - Female


Shark Tooth = Adult Skrill - Male


Whisperer = Adult Whispering Death - Male


Bone Apatite = Adult Boneknapper - Male


Thunder = Adult Thunderdrum - Male


Smoke Emerald = Adult Smothering Smokebreath - Female


Black Ice = Adult Groncicle - Male


Cake = Adult Sweet Death - Female


DarkAngel = Adult Sliquifier - Male


Meatball = Adult Gronkle - Male


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