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Don't you love it when you find a player in-game that you've talked with or seen on the forum? Well last month I met three of them. These two from high ranking clans were talking to each other.


I remembered Lassiel from screenshots of her clan; it was quite a while back. Zelda Link, who was riding a green and gold Stormcutter, recognized me from the forum and sent me a friend request. The two girls and I flew up to the hot springs to relax.


Later that same day I raced Hannah the Wise, then we talked about our dragons' racing paint and which saddles we wanted to be released. In my next post I'll show you the amazing opportunity that emerged from me befriending Hannah. Once I do, feel free to share ways that playing with your in-game buddies has enriched your experience of the game.


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I have before. I met

I have before. I met SingingRedFox in-game after a battle event. I also knew Shamara30 before either of us joined the forum.



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"Quit it with the Latin!"


And I know like, hmm... How do I put this? Well, I can't go to the chat and not see someone I know.

Simply put, I know a lot, and I mean A LOT, of the players....










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For the rest of you...

(probably most of you honestly. I've never been the "interesting" type.) 


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Remember when we just raced in circles with our Triple Strykes? :P





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Good fun times :)


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These guys are so cute hehehe

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In-game meetups are always fun, especially with forumgoers!

I have some screenshots that date back quite a while back to when Brynjolf made an appearance.


I also have some from 2014 when there was another meetup (excuse the amateur screenshots).


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Flight Tricks in the Sky

The following day I saw Hannah was online, so I visited her. There was something I wanted to try, and I needed her help for it to work. Here was the outcome.


Streamglide and I dived toward the Training Grounds at top speed, doing a tight spiral before swooping down and whizzing past the hot springs.


With a powerful flap of his wings, my dragon spun his body to the right. I felt weightless as we flipped upside down.


Eventually we levelled off and then used our momentum to ascend.


Reaching up for the clouds, Streamglide and I prepared to stall in the air and fall back down...


Thanks Hannah. For a long time I've wanted to do daring flight manoeuvres with my agile Windwalker. As you can see I gave some of the backgrounds a motion blur, and blurred the wings in a different direction. And in the last one I replaced the sky since the original one is overexposed.

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Np : D the screenshots look really cool!



I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.

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That happened to me just the

That happened to me just the other day! I was on my Scauldron when it happened. Then I brought out my Triple Stryke and it was so cool being able to to tricks like that. It should be a feature added to the game.

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such cool pics of everyone,

such cool pics of everyone, especially you Greenfire! i have never seen Brynjolf in game before ever.


i guess i have been away from the forums and game for a bit now. i hope i havent out grown it LOL (especially to those who know how old i am)


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