ALL the ways to get gems in SOD

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So people ask how to get free gems all the time. However all I see are the obvious video ad answers, maybe some Tactics or something thrown in. So here is a complete (to date) list of ways to get gems:


1. Buy them. This is the laziest thing to do in the game (not irl since you need to work for real money) but the quickest.

2. Purchase a membership. You'll start out with 500 gems + 500 more each month you remain a member.

3. Video ads (3 videos per day worth 10 gems each), they're annoying but each are about 30 seconds long.

4. Dragon Tactics. This is an unlimited fountain of gems that is widely taken for granted. My sister got 200 gems as a reward once. Occasionally I'll get 50, and most recently I got 165. ALL IN A SINGLE REWARD.

5. Daily rewards. You'll receive a few free gems during 5 days you've been on (in a row).

6. Stable quests. From time to time a stable quest will appear with a reward of one gem box. Go after them if possible.

7. Achievements. The Flight Club and Dragon Tactics offer the most achievements but the Cog Master and Incredible Machine Master achievements, if you complete both, will equate to a total of 300 gems.

8. Mystery Stable. Once you've accumulated 300 gems, you may buy a Mystery Stable from the store. Inside this stable, there exists a hidden treasure box containing 300 gems, and you can find a walkthrough on YouTube. Non-members will pretty much get this stable for free. The stable costs 240 gems to members so if a member finds the box, they actually get 60 free gems with it. To my knowledge you can only do this once per viking.

9. Journal achievements. Sometimes when you complete a journal achievement you'll be rewarded a varying amount of gems (depending on that achievement).

10. Sometimes the game will give a gem box, I've randomly found one in my bag that I know I didn't get from a stable quest. 
11. A new viking slot costs 250 gems. Get 250 gems, open a slot, and make a new viking to complete achievements, do the stable and stable quests, etc.

12. An occasional glitch may affect how many gems you get or spend (a recent glitch caused members to pay 2500 gems for Dart when they were only supposed to pay 2000). The admins will eventually give them back.

There. Twelve ways to get gems, the majority of them free. You can grind for free gems if you don't want to pay. Cog and Incredible Machine are mini games that appear in the expansion pack "The Birth of a Leviathan" which is free with membership or can be bought with gems, but the minigames can be played without the expansion. They are both located on the boats on Dragon's Edge, on the beach. Walkthroughs on both can be found on YouTube. 

*There is a bug with level 24 on Incredible Machine and bugs in achievements that prevent you from completion. Either wait a day or just restart with a new viking.


Aka Cryp or Cryptic, occasionally Fang. I have the same username in the game (my main viking). I have all three Night Lights but so far they're the only event dragons I have. Ruffrunner is my favorite and I really hope they become available for Dragon Tactics since that's my favorite minigame. AND I REALLY HOPE DREAMWORKS ALLOWS ADULT NIGHT LIGHTS BECAUSE THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND BECAUSE MY LIL FURIES WOULD LOOK SO COOL GROWN UP!


Dragons (to date):

Rumblehorn (Flaire)

Nadder (Neopunk)

Stormcutter (Kagome)

Death Song (Luminescent) 

Dramillion (Mayu)

Woolly Howl (Floofy)

Whispering Death (Fangfull)

Groncicle (Kokoro)

Skrill (Lavander)

Tide Glider (RedTide)

Moldruffle (Dude)

Zippleback (Mister)

Zippleback (Nibbler)

Zippleback (Zippy)

Snaptrapper (MultiPanda)

Raincutter (Rain)

Snafflefang (Foli)

Eruptodon (Hosenki)

Armorwing (Fresco)

Singetail (Fireblaster)

Elder Sentinel (Shade)

Razorwhip (Darba)

Flame Whipper (Joker)

Triple Stryke (Stratos)

Hobgobbler (Kernel)

Deathgripper (Centurion)

Scauldron (Tibby)

Gronckle (Gronk)

Monstrous Nightmare (Nightmon)

Night Light (Dart)

Night Light (Ruffrunner)

Night Light (Pouncer)

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I forgot to add battle events (sinking ships) to the list. MMO must be turned on for this.

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Hmmm, you're right, but...

I don't want to sound rude, sorry if you feel it in that way, it's unintended. I just don't understand some points in your comment. It would be cool if you explained that, I might be wrong and don't know something. If so, enlighten me :)


"4. Dragon Tactics. This is an unlimited fountain of gems that is widely taken for granted. My sister got 200 gems as a reward once. Occasionally I'll get 50, and most recently I got 165. ALL IN A SINGLE REWARD."


Maybe the game doesn't like me, but in a single reward I get only 5 or 6 gems. I got 200 gems only once, when I completed the Rise of Stormheart DT achievement, which rewards 200 gems. How do you do that?


"10. Sometimes the game will give a gem box, I've randomly found one in my bag that I know I didn't get from a stable quest."


I've never gotten any additional box of gems, really. And I can't believe it could be given by the game. Are you really, really sure you didn't get it from a stable quest?


Anyway, thanks for gathering all the ways in a one comment. You really put your back into it. I appreciate it a lot ^^

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To reply to my own quotes, or technically your comments/questions on them, in order:


1. It was my sister that got the 200 gems, and she's never gotten another super big hit since. I got 165 only once and the only "big hits" I ever get (this assuming I do get one) is 50. The 165 came from a bonus chest. Now all I ever get is 5-6, but I play Tactics a LOT. It's my favorite mini game and I don't have any quests. I'm done with the event so I don't need cookies. I keep occupied by playing Tactics or grinding with new vikings. I now go after bonus chests like crazy though. XD I don't include the 200 from Stormheart since that's technically an achievement award.

2. I know it wasn't from a stable quest because I was an idiot. "What?! 96 hours for ONE GEM?! Uh, no. *replace*" And I did this for every stable quest until I looked for a daily mystery box reward in my bag and found this gem bag. That's how I knew the reward was one gem BAG, not one gem. And I regret turning them all down. 

You're welcome! I hope this helps! And play DT like 20 time every day (if you can) and sooner or later you're bound to get the jackpot.

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No way

Whenever you complete a dragon tactics gem achievement, the reward is given as if it was a typical bonus chest reward you get after a game, but that is just a one time achievement. This goes for the 200 gems and 50 gems prizes. As for the 165 you got, that's impossible. You can get 5-6 per chest so if you are lucky you can get up to 30, plus the achievements (there are two, one for clearing rise of stormheart battles and 50 for the basic training levels), so technically, you cannot get 165



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I already completed my DT achievements (and FC). From the bonus chest I got 165 gems, something I've never gotten before. As for the 50, it's occasional, but I do get them. Maybe I just have a lot of secret achievements, idk. But that is what happened whether you choose to believe it or not.


Also the reward is not given as a bonus chest. The reward is given as the primary chest. I've completed these achievements with alternate Vikings (grinding), I know what I'm talking about.

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I'm ALWAYS late! It's an answer to CrypticMoonFang's comment

I'm sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you had found a box in your bagpack, not a gem. My bad.


Your answer makes everything clear. Thanks!


I think I don't have much time to play DT 20 times, but thanks for advice. I personally don't like this mini-game so much, because very often I can play 8-10 times trying to get gems and get nothing, so for me it's like a lottery :)

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I suck at racing and Fireball Frenzy bores me to death. The only options left are Cogs, Incredible Machine, and DT. Once you complete Cogs and IM, DT is really the only thing left that rewards me... I play it so much that I end up farming gems, albeit not that many at a time aside from this one exception.

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Mini games

Where is cog and incredible machines located.  I can't find them 


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Go to either impossible island or outpost island. If you did some of the quests, Mala would be there with her ships. Just get on the ship and go to the ship's helm. A notificiation prompting you to play the mini-games would pop up.





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Thanks I will go to dragons

Thanks I will go to dragons edge 

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left some things out
  1. Battle events are most of the time glitched
  2. (info) replace stable quests until you get a stable quest that rewars gems. Names are The Long Patrol, Nest Mates gives you egg chest(I think eggs) Construction Zone and others. Click on battle event rewards faster to get better rewards(same with all other chests) Fast but not too fast(you'll figure out the right timing eventually)
  3. After you defeat a battle(best battle event dragons are scauldron and titan thunderdrum[moldruffle if you can aim it]) go to settings, turn off MMO, then turn it back on. Try this several times until you get another battle event and you might get bronze or silver.

Any other things I havent mentioned getting in the way of gem harvesting or helping?






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Sorry to just drop in but what is this about clicking on rewards faster to get better rewards? I haven't gotten an egg from a battle event a single time yet and if this is an actual trick I'd like to learn more please XD



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#2 | DRAGON: Whispering Death ♀ | NAME: KeelSwitch

#3 | DRAGON: Monstrous Nightmare ♂ | NAME: Loki

 #4 | DRAGON: Skrill ♂ | NAME: Raiden

#5 | DRAGON: Thunderdrum ♂ | NAME: StormChaser

#6 | DRAGON: Titan Scauldron ♂ | NAME: SteamPump

#7 | DRAGON: Deadly Nadder ♂ | NAME: SharpWing

#8 | DRAGON: Rumblehorn ♂ | NAME: Thorn

#9 | DRAGON: Flightmare ♂ | NAME: Spectre

#10 | DRAGON: Titan Hideous Zippleback ♂ | NAME: Toxic & Flick
#11 | DRAGON: Gronkle ♀ | NAME: Gemstone
#12 | DRAGON: Hobblegrunt ♂ | NAME: WindRider
#13 | DRAGON: Titan Monstrous Nightmare ♀ | NAME: Nightingale
#14 | DRAGON: Smothering Smokebreath ♂ | NAME: MistWing
#15 | DRAGON: Typhoomerang  ♂ | NAME: Hurricane
#16 | DRAGON: Whispering Death  ♂ | NAME: BoneCrusher
#17 | DRAGON: Raincutter ♂ | NAME: Riptide
#18 | DRAGON: Skrill ♀| NAME: Severis
#19 | DRAGON: Flightmare ♂ | NAME: Lumis
#20 | DRAGON: Typhoomerang ♀ | NAME: Tulip
#21 | DRAGON: Smothering Smokebreath ♂ | NAME: Imp
#22 | DRAGON: Boneknapper ♂ | NAME: Phantom

#23 | DRAGON: Boneknapper ♂ | NAME: Chimera

#24 | DRAGON: Titan Stormcutter ♀ | NAME: FlightForce

#25 | DRAGON: Gronkle ♂ | NAME: Musgo

#26 | DRAGON: Flightmare ♀ | NAME: Borealis

#27 | DRAGON: Fireworm Queen ♀ | NAME: Ignis

#28 | DRAGON: Deathsong ♂ | NAME: SongWeaver

#29 | DRAGON: Groncicle ♂ | NAME: Frostbreath
#30 | DRAGON: Screaming Death ♂ | NAME: Warmonger
#31 | DRAGON: Armorwing ♀ | NAME: Titanium
#32 | DRAGON: Night Light ♀ | NAME: Dart
#33 | DRAGON: Eruptodon ♂ | NAME: Molten
#34 | DRAGON: Deathgripper ♂ | NAME: Prowler
#35 | DRAGON: Whispering Death ♂ | NAME: Groundbreaker
#36 | DRAGON: Singetail ♀ | NAME: Moonflower
#37 | DRAGON: Triple Stryke ♂ | NAME: Deathtrap
#38 | DRAGON: Grapple Grounder ♂ | NAME: Talontwist

#39 | DRAGON: Elder Sentinel ♂ | NAME: Gaius

#40 | DRAGON: Timberjack ♂ | NAME: Shadowbreaker

#41 | DRAGON: Night Fury ♂ | NAME: Toothless

#42 | DRAGON: Light Fury ♀ | NAME: ---

#43 | DRAGON: Eruptodon ♀ | NAME: Rockslide

#44 | DRAGON: Crimson Goregutter ♂ | NAME: Behemoth

#45 | DRAGON: Smitten Hobgobbler ♀ | NAME: Munchy

#46 | DRAGON: Whispering Death ♂ | NAME: Skullsplitter

#47 | DRAGON: Flame Whipper ♀ | NAME: Windwalker

#48 | DRAGON: Deathsong ♀ | NAME: Siren
#49 | DRAGON: Tide Glider ♀ | NAME: Lakefin
#50 | DRAGON: Razorwhip ♂ | NAME: Metalbeast
#51 | DRAGON: Deathgripper ♀ | NAME: Venom

#52 | DRAGON: Speed Stinger ♂ | NAME: Nightraptor

#53 | DRAGON: Hideous Zippleback ♂ | NAME: Jelly & Bean

#54 | DRAGON: Sand Wraith ♂ | NAME: Duskfang

#55 | DRAGON: Thunderdrum ♀ | NAME: Waverider

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Wow that sounded so rude. I'm sorry, I don't mean to come off as rude at all. I'm very blunt and sometimes rushed, and unfortunately tone can't transcend forums, so I apologize if I offended you at all.


(Reply to the kitty pic person.)

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(Now to reply to you lol)


Okay so for some reason it's really rare to get eggs in battle events even though they're obviously there, but I can vouch for its honesty. I got a Snafflefang egg from an event. I'm usually Silber so I was probably in Silver, but I may have been in Gold. Always try for Gold. Always. As for clicking faster for better rewards idk. I know if you shoot faster you'll win more points and have a better chance of getting Gold in battle events but aside from that I have no idea what you're talking about...

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Actually the glitch didn't start happening until more recently, and it's only happening to certain people (I took a hit last time I tried...) so the rewards system isn't glitching. If you get Gold you have a better chance of receiving gems. You can also get eggs from it. The nest boxes are eggs so I didn't throw those in there. This is a post on how to get gems only.  As for replacing the stable quests I assume everyone sees the "replace" button and would use that to replace the quests until a gem-rewarding one finally pops up. However if anyone didn't know to do this I'm thankful you informed them.