All Problems and unfainess i have come across in this game so far in one list

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> the chat: chat ban for nothing, lag of entire minutes.
> general lag: stopped me from winning both battles and racing countless of times
> dragons not landing properly but sorta slide-flying over the floor in a desperate attempt to stop and walk
> general unfair advantages: beginner dragons. Saind wraith are superior in both racing and battles, while rumblehorns seem to be no help at all. thus sandwraith beginners get an easy start, while rumblehorn beginners have to fight their way up. (advantages being: easy racing means you can easily win trophies, and thus find a clan to join, better at battles is bigger chance at winning gems and gems are everything in this game)
> mystery box failure. already reported this before.
> earning zero gems when inviting friends. ( i heard the admins are aware of this so ignore this)
> multiplayer disfunction: players disappearing one by one from my mmo. trying to talk to people but the messages not coming through. i've had a very frustrating day in which a friend kept saying do you have chat ban and i kept answering 'no'but he didnt recieve the messages for some reason
> really annoying: not being able to check out the accounts of vikings in the request list of your clan. How am i supposed to decide whether they are fit to join with just a name and a picture? Id like to know their amount of trophies and UDT and dragons and that kind of stuff too

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Lot of question few answer

Dear TaireBlackfeather!

I have never seen you on the forum, sorry if I'm rude, but nice to have you here.

> The chat is really annoying. Everyone got chat ban for nothing it seems like.
> The team do what the can for the training ground it seem, but it is disturbing so I know you feeling. All version of the training ground are to overloaded because the many players that enter there. Everyone have that problem and it's hard to do anything about it for now. I think they are still working on it.
> About the dragon, that is interesting. Some of the dragons are very easy to land, like the Deadly Nadder. You need to press on the red button to land with some of the dragons.
> The mystery box is a common problem and I would suggest you to open them when you're not in MMO, or in the stable. It's mostly works for me.
> The invite was an interesting thing you brought here. A while ago the got a limit for how many you are able to invite on each account. The maximum is 5 which is probably the reason you don't get any gems. Anyway the invitation is not for nothing cause the invited got a gift of 50 gems for joining no matter how many you have invited.
> I am aware of your problem. You told me before. Actually I never head about that problem with any other before you. I should PM Brynjolf on any other of the admin if I were you, but I recommend Brynjolf.
>You are the leader? I didn't knew that. Well, you can't unless you are friend with them. On they card you can check the amount of trothe but then you need to click on them. One question, why do you need to know their UDT?

Good luck with everything!

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Ghost Light the Flightmare froze my subject. Deal with it.

>I understand there's a chat ban, but it's supposed to be so "nice" people can just chat and mean and rude things can't be said. Not that you are just chatting, then get banned for a week, not even knowing what you said wrong and not able to tell your friend, and people can just say rude things by adding dots or other letters in that word...
Anyways, I hope the admins and developers find a better way to ban soon

>Have the same -_-

>I really don't like that. How are we supposed to switch active dragons if your dragon can't even land?

>Well, I've been playing SoD for multiple years, so I didn't even get a starter dragon. Just the dragon from the Hatchery. I saved gems for MONTHS to get a Flightmare and Sand Wraith, and now you just get them for free. FREE. I think it's ok to give new players a good dragon, but does it seriously have to be the fastest dragon after Toothless? And I agree it's unfair that some people get a dragon like the Sand Wraith and others get a dragon like the Rumblehorn.

>I luckily have no problems with the chests

>I have no HTTYD-loving friends IRL XD

>I have no problems with that

>I'm not the leader of a clan, but I understand this is a real problem to you.


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The last one on that list. Yes, yes, yes! I would love to be able to click on the picture of the viking and be brought to their profile page. That would certainly help in deciding who to accept out of the all the join requests.


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