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Bleh, I draw the pony and somehow the drawing reminds me of Sunset shimmer, the character from Equestria girls/ Rainbow rocks movie. Beside she is demon when she is on evil side, but what if she is like the fallen angel or something is on evil side. But it is a different character that I will be adding her on the comic thingy or story as a evil side. But anyways how it is it :3? 


PS: If you don't know who is Sunset shimmer looks like? Here it is: 

( I know the evil form is scary a little, but it's true that she is a demon ) 



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wow! your an amazing artist i

wow! your an amazing artist i should request from you sometime o: (if you took them)



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<-also made by Autumn

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I do accept map requests and pm me if you want to do requests. Beside copy the form so I will know the stuff I draw correctly. Even though I was not home, but I will be back at midnight doing it for hours because I had whole week off of school for Thanksgiving break :)



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Did you base that off of Nightmare rarity from the MLP comic? It looks like her! That drawing is epic!





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Yes I use the base on the comic, and do my sketch on wings and hair