All-New Sale: Mystery Dragon Egg Chest

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Fishlegs has returned from a patrol in the Archipelago with crates filled with dragon eggs. Wanting Vikings to befriend these eggs he has lowered the prices on the Mystery Egg Chests!



Fishlegs was returning from a patrol on Glacier Island, when Meatlug spotted an abandoned camp. The Viking immediately stopped to investigate, and to his surprise he found boxes upon boxes of dragon eggs. Fishlegs, didn’t want to leave them alone so he flew back to the School grounds carrying them.


Vikings will be able to train two new dragons, from the sleepy Gronckle to the blazing Flame Whipper. Those wanting to surprise themselves, with unknown dragons, can make their way to the Trading Post and take home the Mystery Egg Chest!

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Exciting for others! Too bad

Exciting for others! Too bad I’m broke XP


hihihi it's snow andddd ive been gone
for a while but since its holiday break i thought
id hang here for a lil
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time to change the content of the boxes

It would be great if you could change the available dragons in those chests again. 

Same goes for those farm chests.

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good sale

Thanks for the sale! I love discount egg chests, and I got lucky this time and finally landed myself a speed stinger. It's nice to have these things to look forward to in the game.


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