All New HTTYD The Hidden World Poster!!!!!

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A new poster is out people! And I get to post it here!!!!!





Pretty dang sure that this is legit.

Personally I am going "NASTALGIA!!!!" over here, because this is just breaks my heart and yet pieces it together again, to see how far our beloved Hiccup and Toothless have come, yet I realize also that THIS IS THE END!!!!!

I am really disapointed that Hiccup and Toothless will be leaving us after this, with only more of the TV show to follow.

I love the show, and in some cases it's better then the movie (more character developement and it focuses more on the team then on JUST Hiccup and Toothless, I wouldn't love the gang so much if not for the show, probably wouldn't like any of them but Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless really)

But yeah.



Comment below on what you think of the poster and the fact that this is "The Epic Conclusion".





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By the really awesome katarile! So on point!! Thank you!



Hiccstrid fan people!!!!!!









I simply love these posters! However I would like to say, I don't hate other ships, but I love Hiccstrid more. I don't mind crossover work on occassion, but I hate it when people have to bad-mouth Astrid to make their pairing better.

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When I look at that poster, I see myself.

   They have come so far. It is sad that this is the end of an age, and not much comes close to what this series has meant to me. In this one poster, it sums up how far we've all come with Hiccup and the gang. From wimpy teen outsider that secretly trained a dragon, through dragon conquer and defender, to Cheif of Berk. 


 And I agree with you. In some cases, the show is much better than the movies. I've started considering the movies "stories too good and long to be properly made into episodes". But I do love how much more the show adds. (Honestly, the movies do not present Ruff and Tuff as they truly should).  


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I think I've seen this one. This is the French poster or something, yes?


I've got to say, I hate that beard. It's looks so horrendous. Hiccup looks like Billy Mays fused with Chuck Norris in some freak accident, with the by-effect being that his beard fell out due to the radiation the fusion caused. So he replaced it with a stick-on fake party shop beard that reminded him of his fusion-daddies. It's just... blleuuughh. 


I do like this poster more than the other one though. The LF on that one looks like a bad toothless recolour whereas the LF in the film looks much better than... well, that thing. What I don't like a about this poster is toothless' head being longer than it should be in the reflection.


Regarding the epic conclusion: GOOD.

I hope it stays at that and that HTTYD won't become the new Shrek.


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