Of All The Nerves

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I can see why there are not many Elite OCs on the forums, because they are sooo hard to control.

Don't be intimidated by their charm, taking care of a sangheili is not like taking care of a night fury and definitely better competition then taking care of a monstrous nightmare. Good luck getting them to listen to you, and don't expect them not to talk back at you at any way and also don't expect them to always get your back and not to mention to behave.
























However, you'll learn to love them eventually. Even though Bubba is a stubborn, disobedient slacker that doesn't mean he cannot earn my affection. He is noble and outgoing, and at any case- Sarcastic. He is an Honor Guard for a reason :p


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You reached to this point of my signature. The bottom actually. Bubba isn't doing his job very well *whispers* he's a slacker.


There are only 2 signs before our savior returns. First, the gospel will be translated in all languages and received to all world tribes to hear the word. The second sign is all of the nations will turn against Israel and plan to destroy the Jews once and for all. As the armies arrive, Jesus will emerge as pure and fight all the armies all against one. There begins the rapture to break down the old world, then form a new one.

Today the bible has been translated to 98% of all languages, and now Obama wishes to plan offences against Israel.

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M'um m'aloo!

Tell Bubba he has a huge fan by the name of Squiid.






Hi, I'm Squiid~



I like...dragons and memes and stuff

And if I'm being honest all I do in life is play Star Wars: The Old Republic and scream and cry about kids' shows :,) Oh and I like...write stuff I guess? 

I'm a Christian, and always willing to chat! 

If you're ever having a bad day, just PM me. I have a whole list of really bad dad jokes and some terrible puns if you want them.


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You got him XD He's got a fan


This makes up after being the only Elite OC on forum.

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May the Purple be with you ;)

Lol you think he's bad, then you should come over to my stables for a day & dragon-sit Snowdust for me.  Ugh, she might be an angel to everyone reading, but off screen she's a terror, & the worst part is she's completely naive to it.  She chews on everything, including Pearl's diary, makes a mess everywhere she goes, suffocates me with her hugs, & worst of all, after dinner, she has to go to the bathroom!  Holy Thor I have no idea what that Snow Wraith eats, but it's insane!  Ack, after that I always smell like dragon poop for a week.  She is always trying to help, but she always ends up creating a bigger mess then what I started with!

The worst part of the day......PLAYTIME.  Just imagine a giant, ice breathing, slobbering dog, with large teeth & a tail covered with spines as sharp as swords.  Now imagine that beast has been locked up all day & is now set lose on the world to reek havoc.  Or better yet, imagine a one year old puppy dog but 100% worse.  Not going any futher, I am still scared from yesterday -shivers-


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Life is gray & dull, & all i see is dark,

stay by my side & i'll be there no matter what,

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Winter can be unforgiving

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I promise you'll never be alone.

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Pearl looked inside & gasped.  There, as if inviting itself to be read, was the map.  

Pearl took the yellowed paper in her hand & shakily unrolled it.  She scanned it, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.  This was it.  The key to finding the Winter Rider.

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"It was vicious, relentless, and impossible to see in the white out. The Snow Wraith."

~Gobber translating Gothi's text


"This dragon has notoriously poor eyesight and uses thermal censors to locate its prey.

It camouflages itself in the snow because if it can't see you, it doesn't want you to see it!"

~Dragons: Rise of Berk





"Snow Wraiths have no known vulnerabilities, making them 

supremely formidable force to be rekoned with during battle."

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i have WAY to many adopted dragons to put in my siggy.  because of that,

i've posted all of them here:








Name: Deadpool

Species: Cyber Night Fury

Biotech: 72% Robot

Cyber Ability: Equipped with plasma educed claws that burns through

any material/Modified plasma blasts that act like explosive darts






Hackers, we are coming!












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And remember.....

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Good job, you made it to the end!  Snowdust says goodbye! :D

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At least Snowdust is playable, Bubba wouldn't even look at a ball... Unless its one of those Forerunner Cryptum ships

Good luck trying to play fetch with this titan toy, its a playball for a Bewilderbeast! In fact, its about half the size of the Bewilderbeast, its an exercise ball for the bewilderbeast (except its hard and made of titanium steel I think)!

I think if I ever try to get Bubba to play with me, I'm afraid he'll eat my face. When you see an Elite open his four flexible jaws at you it is scarier then it looks XD SsOoOoOoOooooo many Teeth