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Here I'm posting this at night right before I go to sleep and I will check back on this in the morning. Anyway, I need opinions to see what would be the best role-play as of later.
RP 1: War of the Blades
There are a lack of The Elder Scrolls rps.
Type: Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) role-play
Time Period: Shortly after Alduin's banishment
Plot: Aldiun has recently been banished to the future, The Blades remains to live in the Sky Haven temple to wipe the rest of the dragons into extinction. The Thalmor Embassy declares war on the Blades after the death of the recent Dragonborn believing that the have no use for them no more. As the story goes, the characters fight the last dragons then confronts the Thalmor Embassy in which starts a war to end The Blades.
Spots: Unlimited
Features: A choice between being a Blades member or an Embassy member
​RP 2: Endangered
Type: HTTYD (World War 2) role-play
Time Period: WW2 (1939)
Plot: Toothless has lived long serving as the leader of all dragons. After his death, the strength between dragons has weakened and the union leaves with it. As the time passes and after many generations more and more dragons disappeared and more became extinct. World War 1 was notoriously responsible for many endangerment and extinction to many species for dragons: Using them for war, resources, food, and forcing them to fight with them which lead to them only knowing about violence and kill each other off.
The Viking descendants recognized the death of dragons and were devastated over the extinction of most dragons. But a new threat dawns as they heard world of another World War. Scared, they grabbed whatever remaining dragon they can find and hide them from the Navy ships and planes that cross the Atlantic.
Spots: 15
Features: Each character owns their dragons (Up to 3)
RP 3: The fight for Nesqio
This is a role-play idea of mine, but I think I should reserve this until a very long time because this is my OC world Uriban. To avoid confusion, I can hold this. Eeeeeehhhh... I'll go for it anyway.
Type: Uribian role-play
Time Period: You'll never know (Unspecified)
Plot: You play as any species of dog. You are in a dystopian country named Nesqio overrun by a Great Dane named Quirti. Her military force is ruled by a German Shepherd named Kaado, who calls themselves the Aetheris Guild. Eventually, a rebellion was formed by a jack russell terrier named Kuba, decided to rise up and defend their country.
The Guild plans a war with a neighboring country called Cothria, a wolf native, free roaming country.
Spots: Unlimited
Features: You play as either Kuba's Rebellion, or Kaado's guild. You can only be a dog.
If your going to be a wolf, you must be in Kuba's alliance
If you want to be a Rotwieler, Doberman, or German Shepherd, you must be in Kaado's alliance
RP 4: Dragonknapped
Time Period: In between HTTYD 2 and 3
Plot: You are your OCs dragons that were stolen by a lonely Bewilderbeast. After the black-out has ended, they find themselves far away from their homes and the archipelago and a mysterious large island known as the home of the massive bewilderbeast. The dragon treats them with kindness, but doesn't let them leave the island, or fight against it.
Spots: 20 (Or less)
Features: You play as your Viking's dragons. (You can play up to 2)
RP 5: Rebels of the Pride
Type: Lion King
Time Period: Between the gap in the 2nd movie
Plot: Scar is dead and Simba has became king. A Scar-loyal lioness Zira has stood up and opposed the king and blames him for murder. But Simba disapproved her tone and eventually banished her and her followers to the outlands. Zira raises her anger over Simba and killed his son Kopa to warn him about the return of the Outlanders.
Now, as Simba's daughter Kiara has met Zira's son Kovu they met once again as Zira foretold Kovu to be the next king. Kovu's training has begun and Kiara is separated for her new friend to live under her parent's watch until the Outlanders raid the Pridelanders in the name of War.
Spots: 20
Features: You play as an Outlander or a Pridelander. If you have cubs you can play as them too. (Romance is also allowed)
RP 6: Roar like a Lion
Needs improvement on the plot...
Type: Lion rp
Time Period: Unspecified
Plot: A dark humanoid shadow creature is threatening the old world, hoping to make a new one and call it his own. He feeds on illness and worse fears that come true. He first starts off small but manipulates everyone's worse fear and make it come true so he can get bigger, and every time someone dies of sickness, he absorbs his/her life and make his powers stronger.
There are 7 elemental lions that stand up to the madness he caused. The elements are: (Highlight if you can't read)
Lightning~ Yellow furred and black mane with blue streaks down his back. Ability to channel electricity from to and from the ground and earth. Also is the fastest lion that can literally ride the lightning. Weakness is water, he cannot harness electricity when hes wet.
Fire~ Red furred and maroon mane with a bright golden orange belly. Ability of heat, can melt the ground around him and breathe fire. Weakness is also water, or supremely cold areas like the arctic (not much heat to grasp).
Earth~ Dark green furred and brown mane along with black temples around both eyes. Has rock manipulation and can spit acid. Weakness is a place with only medal, or no rocks.
Water~ A lion with all different shades of blue, with the power of hydrokinesis and freeze water turning it into ice. She also has the ability to heal small wounds and the sick. Weakness is extreme heat, dry air, or no nearby water. (Also the fastest swimmer)
Air~ A light, sky blue lion with white mane and belly. The ability to control the air and wind and can also use his ability to fly. Weakness is low pressure, oxygen, or tight spaces which he can't control the air very well.
Poison~ A bright green lion with black mane who has the quickest claws and venomous teeth. Weakness is he cannot reach things without getting close to him.
Magic~And purple lion with magenta colored main and pink belly. Ability to warp and teleport short distances and also float and a limited ability to regenerate. Weakness are: Can't regenerate massive wounds or bring back the dead, and can't teleport too far cause it costs energy.
Spots: 7
Features: though you do have a strict side on the colors, gender, and appearance. you can pick your appearance but not your color scheme if you picked an element (But you can pick the name and personality). Also, Water is the only female.

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Ooh. Interesting. I love the last two rps. X3


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Which one should I do first (or as of now)? I was actually thinking Dragonknapped or Rebels of the Pride. By the lack of replies I blame the spamming :/.

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Coverart of Fight for Nesqio

(Actually a cover for my second book of Uriban. I havn't done the first one yet but I'll release it on forum when I'm finnished, then I'll get started on this one)

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I'd be interested in doing the endangered rp whenever you get around to it.



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RP 7: AI Uprising
Type: Portal
Plot: This is during the beginning of GLaDOS and the scientists are working endlessly to fix and make her behave. As the struggle goes on, the scientists work on personality cores to strap on GLaDOS to change her constant massacres. You are a group of scientists observing GLaDOS's behavior. Later in the role-play an evacuation is called to abandon the facility and leave GLaDOS to her and what is left of the test subjects.
Spots: Up to 50
Features: You play as a scientist but you can control some of the robots. (Only the leader can control GLaDOS and Wheatley)
RP 8: Gone Rogue
Type: Halo
Plot: Shortly after the disappearance of the Master Chief, The Arbiter returns to his home planet Sanghielios. While taking place at the Sanghieli temple there was a new authority passed all across the planet trying to eliminate all allegiance of The Covenant. This caused both Loyalty toward the Arbiter, and outrage to the rest of the sangheili race, and lies the beginning of a Civil War.
Spots: Unlimited
Features: You can either play as a Human or Elite picking sides over The Arbiter or the Covenant.
(Next RP)
RP 9: The Multiverse
Type: Everything
Plot: Characters from various universes received an invitation to go to a special event as the invitation transport through different dimensions to hang out. But colliding worlds gets the characters involved into utter dimensional shenanigans and learning their traditions as an unexpected turn.
Spots: Unlimited
Features: You can become any OC, FC, or you can play as cannon characters in this RP.
((These ones are kinda poorly made, but I am working on some improvements for each of them))