All My Dragons (brace yourself)

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So I just realized I never did this so here we go! Strap yourself in there's a lot! Red text means the main dragon for that account!


Account 1: MackDiplomatofBerk                    

  • Zephyrus- Windwalker

  • Bonebreaker- Rumblehorn
  • Thundrwind- Thunderdrum
  • ThunderClaw- Baby Thunderdrum
  • Bolt- Singetail
  • Stone- Eruptadon
  • Nightslash- Razorwhip
  • Whiplash- Baby Razorwhip
  • Fria- Baby Razorwhip
  • Sheerblade- Baby Razorwhip
  • Thunder- Stormcutter
  • Striker- Triple Stryke
  • CrushClaw- Baby Triple Stryke
  • RumbleLump- Hot Burple
  • Bone Grump- Baby Boneknapper
  • Scale Breaker- Scaldron
  • Frozone- Groncicle
  • Fire Wrath- Fireworm Queen
  • RedDevil- Armor Wing
  • Inferno- Baby Flame Whipper
  • Heimdall- Elder Sentenial
  • Sif- Death Song
  • GrappleHook- Grapple Grounder
  • Rob- Whispering Death
  • Ares- Baby Whispering Death
  • Toothless- Nightfury

Account 2: Mack0927

  • Khione- Titan Snow Wraith

  • SandSpine- Sand Wraith
  • StormEye- Deadly Nadder
  • Uller- Shivertooth
  • Toothless- Nightfury
  • BarrelBum- Titan Buffalord
  • Skadi- Titan Wolly Howl
  • Rob- Baby Death Song
  • WildSpeed- Singetail
  • RockAura- Eruptadon
  • SonicBurst- Thunderdrum
  • Oddmund- Elder Sentinel
  • AgileArmor- Baby Gronckle
  • Vortex- Stormcutter
  • TideSong- Baby Scaldron
  • Gungnir- Razorwhip
  • ElectricAura- Skrill
  • HornTail- Armor Wing
  • Burst and Boom- Hideous Zippleback
  • Hermes- Triple Stryke

Account 3: Mack0027

  • BoulderBum- Snafflefang

  • StormRipper- Rumblehorn
  • Robby- Whispering Death
  • Toothless- Nightfury
  • WIldSpeed- Singetail
  • RockBlast- Eruptadon
  • Elska- Armor Wing
  • Ratha- Elder Sentinal
  • Verndari- Titan Sentinal


That took way to long....



Hi! My name is Mack! I have 3 accounts if you see me in the game say hi! I love meeting new people!

Art Gallery!

So many wonderful people have done art for me I've put them all in a couple of collages! (I will credit all artists at the end)




My Other Dragons!


Fan Dragons!




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must be hard to have 3 accounts, i will not know wich one to play in XD


ps: i really like the name Skadi


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Thanks! Also, I usually pick

Thanks! Also, I usually pick my dragons names based off of Gods! Skadi is a jötunn and goddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains! If you look at some of the other names you can see I've done the same!