All my dragons are gone!

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I reinstalled my membership and got the Light Fury, but when I went to see my other dragons, they were gone! I still have my Whispering Death, the stables, and a Bonknapper egg hatching, but all the dragons were gone! I hope this problem can be fixed! My in game name is MarsLazuli.


Hello! MarsLazuli here! Ready for action!




​Name: Zappifer

​Species: Shockjaw

Gender: Male

​During my training with Hiccup, I met Zappifer. He was locked in a cage, but I released him. He's been with me ever since. He's been with there for me when I needed him, and he's now the strongest dragon on my team. He is a calm and collected dragon.


Name: Sharptail

​Species: Deadly Nadder

Gender: Male

​After training with Zappifer, Valka recommended that a Deadly Nadder would be a great dragon partner for me. I took her advice and met Sharptail. He loves racing and going on missions. He and Zappifer get along like brothers. He's a spry and active dragon.


​Name: Excalibur

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

​Gender: Female

​Johann was in town when he gave me a Monstrous Nightmare egg he said he found. Excalibur was a bit small for a newborn, but what she lacked in size, she made up for in strength. She eventually became one of the biggest Nightmares on berk. She's a bit of a hothead, but knows when to cool down.


​Name: Boulder

​Species: Gronkle

Gender: Male

​When Fishlegs heard I was interested in Gronkles, he gave me one of Meatlugs eggs. When meeting the Groncicle, Boulder helped him get used to humans. Even though he's a bit dim witted, he's not afraid to headbutt anyone who messes with him or his friends.


​Name: Toothless

Species: Night Fury

​Gender: Male

​When trying to help the Archeologist, Toothless showed up in the ruins. I was confused, but rode on him for a bit anyway. I told Hiccup this and decided that I would be a rider to Toothless when he's unable to ride him. Toothless comes and goes out of my stable, and he's a loyal dragon you can always count on.


​Name: Tartarus

​Species: Whispering Death

Gender: Female

​Sharptail and I were exploring a Whispering Death hole in Berk, we found some Whispering Death eggs. Hiccup decided to let me keep one. Tartarus is actually the nicest Whispering Death you'll ever meet. She loves nothing more than playing catch with her puncture proof ball.


Name: Freezerburn

​Species: Groncicle

Gender: Male

​I met Freezerburn when he was just a baby. During our time together, our bond has grown. After helping to fix his nest, he decides to live with me. His ice breath can come in handy, especially on those rare hot days. He acts too cool for his own good.


Name: Siren

Species: Deathsong

Gender: Female

​Boulder and I met Siren in her nest after her dad left Berk. We tried bringing her back, but her father wanted nothing to do with her. So, I decided to raise her instead. She has a lovely singing voice, but she tries not to sing in public. She's generous and will do what she thinks is right.


Name: Metalwing

Species: Razorwhip

Gender: Female

​Tartarus and I were helping Heather get some Razorwhip eggs out of a ship in the Ship Graveyard. After we got them out, Heather lets me keep the one I carried. Razorwhip loves to sharpen her body, but she knows to be careful around others.


Name: Hawkeye

Species: Deathsong

Gender: Male

​After Razorwing first hatched, I tried to move her to her stall, but found Hawkeye there instead. Siren found him and brought him back, adopting him as her little brother. I couldn't kick him out, so he's been here ever since. He's a sweet guy, for a Deathsong.


​Name: Steelclaw

Species: Armorwing

​Gender: Male

​After helping him numerous times, and despite accidents in the past with Snotlout, Steelclaw decides to help defend Dragon's Edge and chooses me as his rider. He is a wise old dragon, but he's not gonna be ready for Vanaheim anytime soon.


​Name: Fireheart

​Species: Singetail

Gender: Female

​I first met Fireheart on Auction Isle as she was going to be sailed away, but I freed her, and she later flew to Dragon's Edge to repay me. She later helped us find Dragon Island. She also helped me escape the Green Death. She's a warm hearted dragon that you can cuddle next to in the middle of a cold night.


​Name: Earthquake

Species: Rumblehorn

​Gender: Male

​Eret asked to see me at the docks. When I got there, he explained that Skullcrusher, Stoik's old dragon, found a Rumblehorn egg. He decided to let me have it. Earthquake was, and is, stubburn, but that stubborness comes in handy when Berserkers or Outcasts try to take over the island.


​Name: Heatjaw

Species: Eruptodon

​Gender: Male

​Skulder has a plan on how to redirect the gas on Dragon Island. However, we nedded a dragon that could survive the heat of the lava in the volcano. In comes Heatjaw. After giving him some Fireworms to eat, he decided to help. After helping me defeat the Green Death, he decided to stay with me. He has a fiery personality.


​Name: Sonicboom

​Species: Thunderdrum

Gender: Female

​I was flying around with Earthquake, when Thornado comes into view. He seems to want me to follow him. I do, and alongside Bing, Bang, and Boom, is a Thunderdrum egg. Earlier, I had saved the three young Thunderdrums, and now it seems that they are showing me their thanks. Sonicboom is an energetic dragon.


​Name: Whipette

Species: Flame Whipper

​Gender: Female

​When exploring the Impossible Island with Lumie, Skulder, Plegma and I ran into Whippete, who was just a baby. After being chased away by her family, we thought we'd never see her again. Not only did we see her again, but she'd stowed away on Sonicboom. She's been with me since. She's a bit mischevious, especially around Snotlout.


​Name: Striker

Species: Triple Stryke

​Gender: Female

​Striker's mom was causing chaos on Dragon's Edge, but we didn't know why. After some time, we found out that Stormheart was keeping her egg hostage. She decided to give her egg to me. Striker is a strong yet gentle dragon.


​Name: Ironbelly

Species: Hotburple

​Gender: Male

​Striker and I were flying around Dark Deep, when we found a Hotburple egg. We didn't see any other Hotburples, so we decided to take care of this egg. Ironbelly may be a bit lazy, but he'll defend his home.


​Name: Fang and Claw

Species: Hideous Zippleback

​Gender: Female

Ruffnut and Tuffnut told me to go to Zippleback Island for a surprise. I expected a prank, but Fart n Sniff were waiting for me with a Zippleback egg. This was their thanks for me helping them earlier. Fang is the left head, named because she is missing a fang. Claw is the right head, named because she is missing a claw. They fight a lot, but always make up in the end.


​Name: Fangclaw

Species: Monstrous Nightmare

Gender: Male

​I was flying with Excalibur when she found a Monstrous Nightmare egg on Dragon's Edge and decides to adopt it. Fangclaw is more hotheaded than his sister and needs to be wrestled down to calm down.


​Name: Majesty

Species: Fireworm Queen

​Gender: Female

​Fangclaw and I were flying when we saw some Fireworm dragons going to the ocean. We followed them and saw that they were going towards Johann's ship. It turns out that he accidentaly took a Fireworm Queen egg. He allowed me to take it and bring it back to Fireworm Island. I placed the egg in front of the Fireworm Queen, but she pushed it back towards me, seeing as the egg would be safer with me. Majesty can be a bit snooty, but knows when to get off her high horse.


​Name: Virtue

Species: Prickleboggle

Gender: Male

​The Prickleboggle at Dark Deep gave me a Prickleboggle egg as thanks for saving the Chatastrophic Quaken. Virtue often causes trouble with his helpful personality, but he takes responsibility and help fix his problems.


​Name: Swiftclaw

Species: Speedstinger

​Gender: Female

​Swiftclaw was a part of the pack in Icestorm Island. When the pack left, Swiftclaw couldn't keep up and stayed behind. I helped train her to become strong, and she decides to stay with me. She is hasty and likes to get things done quickly.


​Name: Groundterror

​Species: Screaming Death

​Gender: Male

​Swiftclaw and I were reexploring the Whispering Death hole in Berk, when we found a strange egg. It turned out to be a Screaming Death. He consideres Swiftclaw as his mother and Tartarus as his sister. Groundterror has a short temper, but takes his anger out on invaders.


​Name: HarleyQuinn

Species: Changewing

​Gender: Female

​Groundterror and I were flying around when we saw a dragon raiders ship. We attacked it and saw a bunch of Changewing eggs. Groundterror and I took the eggs back to Changewing Island and returned the eggs. One elder Changewing let me keep her egg. I guess she was ready to go to Vanaheim and didn't want her egg to be lonely. Like Whippette, HarleyQuinn is a trickster and likes to blend in with the environment and scare other Vikings.


Name: Sleetheart

​Species: Snow Wraith

Gender: Male

​When Zappifer and I were flying around Scuttleclaw Island, we found a mysterious egg. It took a while to find out that it was a Snow Wraith egg. The Snow Wraith who layed the egg couldn't make it to Glacier Island and was forced to lay the egg there. Sleetheart loves playing in the snow, but he loves the flowers in the wilderness. He's a gentle dragon and loves nature.


​Name: Guardian

Species: Sentinal

​Gender: Female

​Guardian was the Elder Sentinal in Vanaheim, and was the only one not affected by Stormhearts attack. After HarleyQuinn, Snotlout, Hookfang, and I defended another Sentinal, she decided to start to trust us. She has helped us beat Stormheart at the islands she has attacked. She won't stop until Stormheart is finally defeated once and for all. She is like a grandmother to all my dragons.


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Try clicking on your stables and seeing if there's a "Move In" button that comes up. If it does then all your dragons have glitched out of your stables and you need to place them back in.


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Thanks! I was so worried I’d have to raise all these dragons all over again. Thank you!

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You're welcome :)

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I spent 500gems on my recent

I spent 500gems on my recent wooly howl to become titan while playing on mobile. I exit to home screen of my phone, and restart the game. Now my wooly howl is no longer titan, and my 500 gem are gone!!!
Player name- AnyaShred