Age of the Midnight Prince (Fanfiction version)

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Based on the events and characters of the roleplay


NOTE: If you decide to read through the roleplay, THERE WILL BE SOME SPOILERS. The story was not finished there, but we got pretty far through.


557th of Iron Rule, early summer, the Winternight Empire. Never in the history of man or dragon has such a massive collaborative effort been made towards the growth and benefit of both, nor has anything remotely similar to it been so successful.

30 years have passed since Drago lay waste to Berk. An estimated total of nearly 9 000 dragons have been rescued, tamed, rehabilitated and found their riders. Thrice as many returned to their wild homes. As glorious as it was, too many dragons were following Toothless’ banner, and the village faced famine.

So, they left for a new home. Taking a much more honourable name, the Night Fury now called the Midnight Prince accepted an automatic tail, and settled down at a large island some distance from Berk- not so close as to compete, but not too far that he cannot make trips to repair and maintain his tail.

Bewilderbeast of the supposedly late Drago, the once-nameless Tusjk has pledged himself to aid Midnight in managing his empire. After returning to Berk under peaceful intentions, Midnight took pity on the somewhat crippled giant and they now work as co-Alphas, and close friends.

But Midnights past is not as far behind him as he likes to believe. And a cold reminder is waiting in deep stone, coaxing a fire to burn into something more.



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1- Routine

A mighty roar cut through the chatter of the crowd, silencing the masses. Standing on a spire of green-tinted ice, Midnight looked over the hundreds, if not thousands of dragons before him.

The Night Fury was not what you would call young anymore. He was nearly 50 years old, sporting a full beard of frills along his lower jaw, a second round starting to grow on his chin, and round, hardened scales made for an armoured look on his head. His green eyes had developed a much more intense emerald colour, retaining the glint of a playful child behind his deep pupils; something few had seen truly expressed these days. But his most striking feature would be the intricate structure of cogs, wires and small leather sails strapped to his tail, taking the place of a natural fin- its lone twin parallel to it on the other side. Even after all these years, the spot where his fin should be still itched occasionally. He couldn’t tell if it was just the prosthetic, or a distant memory.

Next to him was a deep red and yellow-striped Nadder, Sparkflare- the bold and quick-thinking lad owed much of his tactical intellect and position to his mother, but had his father to thank when it came to a hair-trigger temper.

Also with him on the ice was a black-scaled Rumblehorn greying with age, some green pigmentation still visible on his belly. He appeared to be paying barely any attention to the meeting, lounging on the spire- not that Mid would be fooled, though. The dragon never let his guard down and was more aware of a situation than he let on.

But the three were vastly out-done by the behemoth of a dragon behind them- Tusjk, a scarred Bewilderbeast in both body and mind, lay watching the gathering. His single tusk rested on a small rocky hill, icy blue eyes half-open. Many would remember him by the acts committed under the Iron-hands rule. Few would trust such a broken creature. But Mid seeked to help him heal.

“Brethren” Midnight greeted the crowd. “I’m sure many of you know that this seasons meeting is slightly different to previous”

A mutter rippled through the mass of dragons. Some in distaste, others more agreeable. “This is the first time humans versed in our tongue have joined us. I expect you treat our oracles with the respect they have earned, and that they likewise shall respect our customs” he continued, motioning to a small group of Vikings standing rather awkwardly to the side of the gathering.

There was no more than a dozen of them, each standing as close to their mirror-souls as possible- the dragons that taught them to understand their language, and convinced Midnight and such to allow their participation. Titled ‘Oracles’, the most of them still seemed to be getting used to the whole deal and talking to dragons as they would another person.

One of them he recognized, a lean young girl with a blue and black Triple Stryke- the dragon, Stryker, would normally be joining him on the ice stage but chose to keep his rider comforted for the time being.

Many of the other dragons of the nest were still unsure of this- humans being both present at a nests’ gathering and understanding what was happening was unheard of until now. But with their kinds working so closely together now, it was necessary.

“Another thing worth noting” Mid said, now addressing the oracles, “is that these occasions are traditionally for dragons only, and until told otherwise you will tell no other human of what happens here”

They nodded in agreement. “Good. Now, something that many have been eager to hear is that yes, a campaign to remove the western Hunter clan is being considered” he announced, making sure to exaggerate the word ‘considered’. “Their expansion has not gone unnoticed, but until we have the resources and coordination, an attack is not in the immediate future”

A mix of excitement and disappointment radiated from the dragons, and one blue-tinted Snow Wraith stood taller. “What of our wild kin? Their immediate future isn’t exactly waiting for your action, or any other nests for that matter” she called out

“Wild dragons know the risks of living outside of a nest. If they truly need protection, they will seek it themselves”

“What of mothers? What of eggs that cannot be moved, or hatchlings who cannot fly?” the Snow Wraith argued.

Midnight frowned, thinking for a moment. “Patrols can keep an eye on brooding dragons on endangered islands. If worse comes to worse, they can help to defend the land or evacuate a clutch”

Satisfied, she dropped back into the crowd.

“Speaking of hatchlings, an additional pool is being dug out in the hatchery- there’s been too many close calls in the last few weeks, and it should be finished by the next full moon. The pool will use fragments from the Skrill glacial caves, so it should be safe for lightning-wielders. Well that-”

Before he could continue, a familiar face emerged from the hundreds others- and not one he welcomed. Jumping on a rock, her stern and scarlet gaze met his with a little too much confidence than he was comfortable with.


She was a Speed Stinger, with a dirty green body and cream belly- plus the scarlet striping of a Lead Stinger, specifically of the pack that used to dominate the lands the nest sat on now. The pack was less than willing to share the large amount of land they had but didn’t use, and only after forcing Midnights claw to demonstrate his capabilities did she surrender the largest island. In a tantrum, she led them out to sea during a storm, and lost a great deal to a wandering Submaripper- needless to say the relationship between them was… tense.

“Needle. Didn’t expect to see you here” he said with a bitter undertone.

“Yes, yes, you’re very busy I see” she sneered. “But I need to talk to you about something a bit more important than hatching grounds and caves!”

Midnight sighed. “If it’s about the ships again, I would remind you that passing traders are not a threat. Nor are dragons flying overhead, or the fishing huts on the neighbouring shore, or-”

“Why is it that you’re so interested in aiding your precious nest-members, while my pack goes unnoticed?” she interrupted.

Behind Mid, Sparkflares’ quills started to raise, a faint hissing coming from the Nadder’s throat. “The expansion of your pack, in your territory, is your concern” Sparkflare growled.

Midnight nudged him, urging him to back down. “Like Sparkflare said- your pack and islands are technically not part of the nest. So, unless you want to make some changes to the truce…”

She fumed, dragging her stinger across the rock. “Very well” Needle spat, bowing mockingly. “Forget I said anything”

With that she sauntered off in a spiteful strut.

“You’re going to have to something about her soon” Ripred muttered.

‘But what’ Mid asked himself. Shaking his head, he turned his attention back to the gathered. “Fishing grounds are in the far south edge of the trench for the next two seasons” he continued. “With the sharks moving out for the winter, there will be too much competition in the channel. If you so choose to keep hunting there, then you risk a chunk out of your hide. Their tempers will be high, so don’t tempt fate or wing with them”

Sparkflare jumped up next to Mid and tapped his side. “My turn”

Stepping down from the foremost spire, Sparkflare took his place. He puffed out his chest, scanning the dragons with a sharp eye. “Conditions for gaining status of warrior are changing! Your might of Claw is now one of the tests you must pass- how well you can climb, and how well you can hold onto a surface in strong gales are the measurements of the test. As usual, the degree to which you need to perform in these varies across species. In case anyone needs reminding, this does make the trials list as Wing, Fire, Fang, Stealth, Weather, Mind, and now Claw.

An old Thornridge coughed a tiny flame to get Sparkflares attention. “Having an army is good and all, but there should be general training for everyone”

Sparkflare looked at Mid, unsure. The Night Fury nodded. “A basic program shouldn’t be too hard to implement” Mid said. “We can get one under works. Something that covers the basics of everything should do”

“Very well!” Sparkflare cried out a tad dramatically, spinning back to the crowd with a little flamboyance. “A nest-wide basics program shall be put into place. If you have any desires of what it should include, see me during dusk at the south training cliffs. Oracles, for rider and dragon specific training, you should organise such a thing with your own Alpha”

“Chief” one of them corrected.

“Yes yes- but anyway. There will also be alterations to deployment and curfew of wild visitation. The day patrols are being split into two segments- the East Sol teams patrol while the sun is closer to the east, and West Sol vice versa. Wild visitation is now any time after various… complaints. But there will be more dragons on border guard during nightfall”

Some dragons cheered, most rather uninterested. Then, to both Mids’ and Sparkflares’ surprise, an oracle raised their hand. “Yes?” Mid asked.

Their mirror-soul Zippleback gave her an encouraging nudge. “The, um, chief wants to tag nest-living dragons. To avoid confusion with the villagers? With all of the… wild visitors, a lot aren’t sure which dragons to treat as tamed or not”

Ripred lifted his head, and looked down at the oracle with an authorital stare. “What kind of tagging?”

“Something small but recognizable. Like… a painted dot, or bracelet. Maybe string tied around a horn”

“Not all dragons have horns, and even less are willing to directly affiliate with humans” Ripred grumbled- he was one of said dragons. “But I can see why you would desire such a thing” he added after a moment. “Mid? What do you think?”

He looked to the other dragons before speaking. There were a quite a few angered looks, too many to be safe. “Perhaps…” he started, trying to think of a middle-ground, “... for now, we can put the ‘tagging’ on hold. This is something that needs further discussion, and not here. But I will consider it”

She nodded, quickly shrinking back into the shadow of the Zippleback, who leant down and quietly praised her.

It was good that at least someone supported the oracles input.

“Anything else we need to discuss?” Mid asked.

No one answered, many itching to leave. “Very well. We return here on the solstice”

There was a deafening rumble of wings unfurling, claws rushing off, and the air being torn to shreds by countless dragons taking to the air.

In a matter of seconds, everyone was gone. Tusjk rolled over, crushing a few shrubs. ‘So when will you tell them?’ he asked Midnight.

“Tell them…?”

That you already fully intend to bring that clan down. And its not just their dragon trade that’s got you worried’

“It was just rumour, okay. Not exactly cause to go to war”

“After all,” Ripred joined the conversation, “it’s not like there are a thousand warriors waiting here, doing nothing”

Mid smiled, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, and it’s also not like we set up shop only three years ago and barely have the village up and running”

And your den still looks like a cave cross with a temple- and not a good one either’

“The braziers are a nice touch! Some whittler put a lot of work into carving those pillars”

Yes, because having totems of Lunar Hunters at your den is not pretentious at all’

“Night Fury” Mid corrected him. “We are integrating with humans, we might as well start adopting their names for us”

Glacial Lord is much more fitting than Bewilderbeast’ Tusjk argued.

“Sparkflare? You’re being rather quiet”

The Nadder gave him a confused look. “I’m just confused. I’ve heard a few of the old names but that’s about it”

“Fair enough” Mid said. “Wait- so are those names an old dragon thing now? Am I old?”



More like a young adult’ Tusjk added. ‘Human equivalent would be a little younger than thirty’

Sparkflare squinted. “So… what does that make me?”

“An egg” Ripred taunted, prematurely lifting a wing to block any airborne spines.

Sparkflare saw the motion and quickly lowered his tail, just to spite the Rumblehorn. Tusjk, already fed up with their antics, dragged himself off the hill. “Where you going?” Mid asked.

Somewhere quiet’

“Good luck with that!” he chuffed, tapping a claw against the side of his head.

A nests murmur is natural to me- if anything a lack of one is more deafening’

Sparkflare looked up in thought, trying to figure out how noise was quieter than no noise at all. The poor young Nadder wasn’t very good with metaphors and what-not, and liked it when things were said literally; something Tusjk rarely took part in.

Mid watched the old battle-scarred dragon plough into the icy ocean, sending a large amount of sea spray onto the coastline. Ripred, conveniently remembering his duties before either of the others could get bored again, turned to the path that led to the main village. “As delightful as this has been, we all have things to do” he grumbled, stretching his wings. “Some more urgently than others”

Sparkflare glared at him as he took off. As soon as Ripred was out of sight, he spun around to Mid, a mischievous glint in his eye.

“The usual?” Mid guessed.

“You read my mind” he grinned.


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Chapter 2


2- Errands

The pair shot off, Midnight obviously faster than Sparkflare. In the split second it took for the Night Fury to leave the ground, Sparkflare had barely opened his wings.

Their route was always the same. Up to the flag on the summit, down the ash-cliffs to a fishing hut, across the channel and to the eye of the leviathan skull. Last one there was an eel.

So far Sparkflare had only won once, because Midnights’ tailed locked up in mid-flight and sent him rather ungracefully falling into the ash hills. While his near-perfect camouflage with the landscape gave him a few hours to sulk in peace, Sparkflare still took the victory with minimal humility.

Today, luckily, was not a repeat of that embarrassment. He sped past the great banner flapping in the high-altitude winds, a sharp crack sounding as his wing tip clipped the end. A Grapple Grounder wrapped around the base of the flagpole gave him a disapproving glance before going back to looking at the rest of the island.

Tucking his wings, gravity took over the speeding arrow of a dragon and the familiar whistle of wind being channelled around his sleek form rang off, startling a few Changewings’ in their game of hide-and-seek.

Midnight slightly unfurled his wings as he felt the familiar chill of the approaching sound barrier. With a generic tail on, the shockwaves would completely destroy the mechanisms and probably tear the sails apart.

Just before the ground was too close for comfort, and the point of no return was brushing his nose, he snapped his wings out and curved the winds to his will. Rocketing over the old hut on the grey shore, he managed to sneak a glance behind him to where Sparkflare was still climbing to the volcano’s peak.

Why the Nadder hadn’t tried any shortcuts or something yet escaped Midnights understanding, but he felt like there was a similar attitude to Stormfly’s in him- find an impossible challenge, practice until you know you can’t win, then keep trying. And once you finally did win, it was time to find an even bigger challenge. Either way, it certainly wasn’t just her stripes he got.

The channel between the island and great leviathan skull was broad- wide enough for two warships to pass side-by-side, and space for a smaller boat or surface-swimming Tidal to spare. How deep it went, Mid had no idea, but according to Tusjk it was far enough for the world to darken and fish to become ‘other-worldly’.

But the big blue unknown aside, his goal was in sight- the round hollow in the bone island was within seconds of him. Wings raised, fins locked as wide as they would go, he jolted to a stall and expertly dropped right onto the edge. Now all he could do was wait.

Or not.

A dragon with turquoise scales leapt out of the water, scaling the vertical side of the skull with ease, and in fact almost over-shooting the small bone cave. She landed heavily, flipper-like legs clearly not made for walking (or standing for that matter), shaking water off her translucent wings and tail fin. In the shadow of the cave, rows of dimly glowing dots could be seen running along her sides and wings. Her body, face, and wings were that of a Tide Glider, one of the fastest swimming dragons around, but her head had the horns of a Prickleboggle. A hybrid.

“Ran! Fancy seeing you here” Midnight said to the newcomer.

Ran gave him a snide look. “Playing your games again I see?” she taunted.

“The art of competitive flight is a very serious business” Mid replied sarcastically. “I dare say if we raced down the channel, then air would be proven faster than water” he boasted.

She squinted at him. “Sure”

Sparkflare came into view. “Here comes second place” Ran muttered.

He slammed his feet into the side of the skull, splinters and fragments of his claws chipping off. The bone suffered no damage itself, and left Sparkflare scratching for a foothold in vain.

He gave up and dropped into the cave. “Four seconds!” he shouted. “Four seconds less than last time!”

“Fantastic” Ran said monotonously. “Now that you two are done, I can steal Mid away”

“Huh? What’s happening?”

“Blodraugr’s being difficult again”

“The annual earthquake” Sparkflare reminisced. “Can’t wait”


Mid followed Ran to a small island next to the mainland, a little offshoot of one of the peninsulas. It had some trees clinging to the sides of the various stone hills, some grass on the few flat surfaces it had, and probably a few birds around. One larger hill had a massive sinkhole in the middle of it, a tunnel leading down into the earth at a steep angle with ridges lining the walls.

They descended, all sunlight quickly disappearing. Now Rans’ markings really came out, some of the more fainter splotches on her back visible. The dots ranged from a bright cyan to soft sky blue, creating an aquatic feel to the cave as they walked.

Soon, the tunnel opened up to a cavern. Ran’s glow suddenly became negligent in the vast space, and Mid started clicking and chirping away to see.

Sure enough, in the centre of the cave was a massive pile of white coils, each one covered in red or purple-tipped spines as long as himself. The thorned snake coiled four times before he could see the head resting on top, a three-layered bony crest on a box-shaped skull with countless viper-like teeth.

“She looks so peaceful” Midnight sighed. “Must we?”

“I’ve already dropped three stones on her head”

“Harsh. Well, I’m guessing it’s the same deal as last time?”

“If you would care to do the honours” Ran said, doing a little humorous bow.

He straightened his back, lining up a stalagmite. A whistling echoed through the cave before turning into a bang, and was followed by the sound of rock crumbling apart.

Blodraugr erupted into roaring fury as the pillar of stone crashed on her forehead and cracked apart into considerably sized boulders. The entire cavern shook, coils untangling and a long tail whipping out to slash the air just above their heads.

Neither dragon so much as flinched, Ran looking rather unimpressed.

Scarlet red eyes gleamed in the dull light of Rans’ markings. She hollered in a blind rage, “WHO DARES DISTURD ME!?”

Midnight sneezed.

The massive Screaming Death shot her head around to look at the source of the noise, and relaxed when she recognized the two. “Oh! My alpha” she said, dipping her head. “Didn’t expect to see you”

Ran shook the dust off herself and started crawling all over the gargantuan dragon, checking to see if in her little frenzy none of her old scars had opened up again. “Ran was having difficulties getting you up” Midnight told Blodraugr. “This is becoming a bit of a problem” he added, an air of concern in his voice.

She sighed, pushing Ran off. “I’m almost 500 years old. Even a Titanwings’ time is limited”

Ran frowned at her and crossed her flippers. “You’re not that close to being done, especially if I can help it!” she argued.

Blodraugr snickered, shaking her head. “Either way. What’s on the job list?”

“I’ve been talking to the oracles about braziers along the channel. We haven’t had any crashes yet, but with new trade routes being made left, right, and centre, it’s bound to happen with all the extra traffic” Midnight recounted.

“Easy enough. What else?”

“Segments of the south ashfields need hardening, and a canal through the east farms is needed. There’s probably other projects and fixes to be done around the place, but those are the main ones”

She nodded and flexed her wings. “Are materials coming from the same place?”

“Yeah. Although keep an eye out for geode pockets and ores- Gronckles have been finding fragments of amethysts in the stone, and some say there’s been glimmers of gold”

“Alright” Blodraugr yawned. “Busy season…”

She pulled her body out of the cave, the sound of scales scraping against stone echoing through the island. Ran stroked her tail on the way past. “She worries for you, you know?” she whispered. “She’s watched your family for a long time”

Midnight tilted his head. “I know she escaped the old nest when the Deep Queen was ruling… but I don’t know if my ancestors go that far back”

“She’s told me about your great-grandmother. Rootsky, a gentle soul from what she says. They were rather close”

He looked up to the ceiling. Blodraugr and him didn’t talk much, and Ran was usually busy, so the specifics of either dragons history was unknown to him. A strange sense of mourning curiosity came over him. “Did she say what she looked like?”

“Dark brown, like rich soil. Her eyes were the same green as yours. Apparently, they run tightly in your bloodline”

Midnight tried to imagine the Night Fury, hovering in the dark cave, almost invisible apart from those familiar emerald eyes. “Who came after her?”

“Don’t know. But I think she met your grandfather at some point, after the Queen”


“She doesn’t talk about him much. All I managed to get out of her was that he was unstable. But not in terms of personality”

“Wonder what that means…”

“Not a clue. But we have things to do. I’ve kept you long enough”

Midnight smiled. “Thankyou”

Ran raised an eye ridge. “For what?”

“Just talking. Having a bit of a quiet moment”

She stood up, feeling a bit awkward. “Well. Best be going”

Midnight was left in silent darkness as she left, taking her bioluminescence with her. He took a deep breath, picturing Rootsky one last time before also leaving.


As he glided over the island, a mind brushed with his, trying to make contact. He lowered his guard, letting them in.

It was Ripred. ‘Alpha?’ he asked, connection a bit quiet.

Midnight focused and locked them together a bit more. ‘Yes?’

There’s been some commotion by your den. Something doesn’t feel right about the cove, and I’d rather you here before I bring any warriors around’

I’ll be there soon’

Ripred might be known for his over-cautiousness and slight paranoia, but Midnight trusted the old Rumblehorns’ instincts, especially when it came to something inside of the nest. Regarding his den, no less.

All it took was a quick dive and a leisurely glide, and he was at the ice bridge leading to the cove.

His den was on a pillar of rock that had somehow broken off from a peninsula, likely a massive river of lava from the mountain at some point. Tusjk had brought the two islands together with a lump of ice, and someone had gone and placed wooden boards over it in the rough fashion of some steps and a pathway.

Several dragons, Ripred included, were gathered on that bridge.

“Alpha!” an Ash Wraith called out.

The native, dark-scaled variant of the Sand Wraith bounded over to Midnight. “Something-!”

“Is up, I know…” Mid muttered.

Ripred had noticed his arrival. “Midnight, good to see you came. The situation has-”

Midnight sniffed the air and frowned. “What is that sound?”

“I don’t know”

“It’s kind of… familiar. You know?”

Ripred furrowed his eye ridge. “No? But it gets louder the closer to your den”

“It almost sounds like an Alpha Hum. Attuning to other minds”

Midnight scanned the small gathering of dragons. A brown Zippleback, two blue-tinted Night Terrors, the Ash Wraith, and a black and white Triple Stryke. Time to put this strange mix to use.

“Alright. Who do we have here?” he asked Ripred.

“The Terrors are brothers, Gimmik and Wicket. The two are fast on the wing, and faster with their tongues. The Wraith is Junar; she has strong family bonds to the ashlands. Knows the island better than anyone, skull included and won’t hesitate to protect the land”

“The brothers can stay here, and report on what we find- get word out fast, make sure the nest is on guard. Get Junar patrolling the area; I need to know if anyone leaves. The other two?”

“Zippleback is Thor and Loki, an oracles dragon- you might remember his oracle from the meeting. The Triple Stryke is Hawk, one of my younger warriors… in training” he added, a hint of annoyance and distaste in his voice.

“Perfect; Thor and Loki can keep the village in touch. Hawk can come with us”

Ripred clenched his teeth when Mid told him Hawk would be accompanying them, but didn’t say anything. He simply turned and relayed the instructions.

Each dragon either set off on their duty, or looked to Mid, waiting. The small Alpha looked at the entrance, concerned. “Okay. Hawk, Ripred, stay close. Gimmik, Wicket, was it? Don’t go any closer, and keep alert. Watch your backs”

Midnight walked cautiously down the frozen path, distinct humming definitely becoming louder. It was so familiar, and scared him. For some reason, it terrified him to his core and told every muscle to turn and run. Whatever was waiting wasn’t worth it. He had heard this before, and it was a terrible thing to hear.

He shook the thoughts out of his head, pressing on. Keeping sure to defend the minds of the other two, he felt vulnerable with his divided attention. Things were much worse than they looked.

Suddenly, the hum stopped. Actually, it more ‘left’ than anything. The group paused, waiting for something else, but nothing happened. Ripred growled. “This doesn’t feel normal”

Hawk chose silence, apart from untwisting and retwisting his tails in a nervous twitch. The dragon was mostly black, with white striping and claws, and clearly no older than 18, maybe 15. His eyes were an unusual bright red, without a yellow stripe unlike most his kin.

Just as Mid stepped foot on the actual stone part of the island, the final vibrations of a deep earthquake faded away. Only no earthquake was that brief and precise with no aftershocks.

A flick of his ear sent Ripred ahead of him, the three now in a narrow line. The Rumblehorn navigated the tangles of shrubs and hardy vines, clearing the overgrown path to his den; very rarely did someone without flight visit the nest, either on their own wings or borrowed ones.

Just before they reached the den, Midnight pushed past Ripred. The cave entrance was normally flanked by two braziers held in the claws of Night Fury totems, staring into the short flames; both were knocked over, coals spilt across the clearing.

The archway was covered in strange scratches and marks, clouds of fine ash still lingering in the air. Inside was in a much worse state.

And the walls.

Gods of men and dragons, the walls.



((I am looking for volunteers to do the chapter 4 art! PM me if you're interested))

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Chapter 3

3- Threat


Rare. To Vikings, the word holds little meaning beyond a scarce item or creature, something hard to obtain and maybe valuable.

To dragons this is the worst insult that exists, for to call another dragon rare is to imply that they, their kind, cannot survive. That they are dying. And deserve to die.

This word was scarred into the stone walls, floor to ceiling, tenfold of a hundred times over. But it wasn’t just that- it was written in the language of Heart Guardians, or Great Deaths, a language Midnight had sorely learnt early in life while under the mind of the Red Death. A language that thankfully few in his nest were familiar with.

The next few minutes were a blur. Midnight didn’t remember his spine burning into blue rage, plasma building dangerously in his body. He didn’t remember very nearly turning his anger on the others, using his final thread of self-control to instead march past them. He could not recall screaming in both voice and mind, a wordless rage. He never remembered taking off, or the path he took in the air, and only after landing atop the flagpole on the summit did his vision and mind return to normal; or as normal as it can get after that.

He scanned the island, sharp sight picking up everything from the fearful dragons pouring out of stables and caves, to rodents disappearing into their hovels to escape the sudden commotion.

Nothing seemed out of place. No one was acting guilty. Not a single mind stood out from the thousands. Nothing.

Somewhat relieved, Midnight told himself with confidence that no dragon in the nest had done this.


He winced. Tusjk, forgotten in his rage, must have taken a brunt of his outburst. The poor Bewilderbeasts’ mind-voice was wracked with fear.

Sorry, Tusjk, I just…’ Midnight replied, regret in the thought.

Tusjk’s mind retreated, leaving Midnight in unusual silence. Even the general minds of the nest had pulled back, something that would take effort for an untrained mind.

He collapsed onto the horizontal stretch of the flag, suddenly exhausted. He watched a swarm of warriors rising to the air, creating a vortex around the mountain, a second, thinner ring protecting the lowlands. He watched as panic grew, shrunk, and grew again in rippling waves across the island, dragons and Vikings alike trying to figure out just what happened.

Enough rest. Midnight had to find the criminal.


Ripred and Hawk had stayed at the den, both confused and worried.

“Prince!” Ripred cried out when he saw Mid returning. “Are you alright? What does this mean?” he asked, gesturing to the den.

Midnight turned his gaze from the den. “Not now. Search the place. Find who did this!”

Ripred bowed, turning hastily to the den and beckoning Hawk to join him.

At least between the Rumblehorns’ sense of smell and the Strykes’ keen eye, nothing would go unnoticed.

A few moments later, they emerged again.

“Well? What did you find?” Midnight demanded.

“Nothing good” Hawk confessed. “Whisper hole, right under your sleeping… slab? Used it as cover”

“Definite Whisper scent as well- but I can’t follow it underground. The earth covers them too quickly, and goodness knows where it leads or how many other tunnels there are”

Midnight cursed under his breath, swatting a rock on the ground. “Anything else?” he growled.

“Its claws were slightly softer than the stone- splinters are stuck in the writing. Grey, if a bit purple” Hawk added.

Midnight spat another curse, louder this time. “Well that gets us nowhere! Half the Whispers in the nest alone are grey!”

Ripred sighed, lowering his head. “What do they mean, anyway? The markings?”

“Rare” Midnight hissed.

Hawk took a sharp breath, now suddenly understanding the situation. Ripreds eyes widened, looking back at the den and gurgling a fireball in disbelief. “Who would-! What tongue?” he asked.


“What tongue is it? I don’t recognize the language at all”

“For that, I am thankful. Means you never laboured under a Heart Guardians’ claw”

“Great Deaths…” Ripred echoed, a sense of dread coming over him.

Hawk, slowly gaining more understanding, glanced at the cave fearfully. “But… you destroyed the last Great Death nest? In the Archipelago, at least…” he recalled.

Midnight pondered over the possibility of a rival nest, something recent enough to have not developed a reputation- but something that new would not have the strength to pose a threat, let alone make such a challenge and insult like this.

He couldn’t think about it like this. He needed to clear his head. “I’m going to go fishing” he declared. “Don’t expect me back for a few days. Tusjk is in charge until I return”

“But, Alpha-?” Ripred started.

But Mid had already taken off.


He didn’t get very far out of the nest before spying a troubling scene below him. At first, he didn’t think much of the black and blue-striped dragon surrounded by several colourful, smaller ones, until he remembered where he was. Speed Stinger territory.

He took another look at the group, now recognising the large dragon as Stryker, and the smaller dragons as Speed Stingers; this could get messing very fast if he didn’t intervene.

With every metre Mid dived, the situation got worse and worse. Stryker didn’t have Rei with him- which meant there was no one to talk sense into him; Needle herself was one of the dragons, stinger poised to strike and malicious intent in her movements; her company were none other than her own two sons, Lightning and Breakneck, who weren’t any easier to get along with than their mother; and they were right next to the ocean, Needles favourite attack position.

Midnight dropped out of the sun between Stryker and Needle, landing heavily. The mad scrambling of claws and Needles surprised hissing as she controlled herself was more than enough to make up for the jolt of pain the landing had shot into his knees. Needle, composing herself, turned her burning glare from Stryker to Midnight. “Mighty. Alpha!” she mocked through her teeth, rolling her head and flicking her tail. “What brings you here?”

Stryker took a step back from the fuming Night Fury, an action that the Stinger brothers allowed, and even took themselves. “Couldn’t help but notice you agitating my soldier” Midnight calmly stated, contrasting the cyan glow lingering in his spine.

“Agitating? I think you mean dealing with trespassers!” she argued.

“For the last time, I just need to know if you saw any dragons leaving!” Stryker yelled out.

The other two Speed Stingers hissed and held their stingers up higher. Stryker raised his own tails, smiling smugly at them.

“Think carefully about this, Needle” Midnight warned her, stepping closer. “I am not in a very patient mood right now”

She hesitated, stone still. The brothers looked to her, equally motionless. For a few seconds, it looked like the group of dragons were paused in time, no one so much as breathing.

The Needle broke the silence with a flick of her tail.

Absolute chaos broke loose as the brothers charged Stryker, who managed to jump out of their claws. Midnight leapt back from Needles’ first stab, the two matched in reflexes. Angered, she forgot her pacing and tried to jump on his back early. The other two Stingers climbed a tree and stopped Stryker from taking off, oblivious to Midnight swatting Needle out of the air and pinning her down.

Midnight roared, getting their attention. The brothers froze in shock and anger, helpless at the sight of the Night Fury standing over their leader, a paw each on her head and tail. “Stryker, leave” he ordered. “You might find any other dragon to be more cooperative”

He took off without question or comment, making for the skull.

Mid turned back to Needle, trapped under his claws. “As for you, flightless” he spat, “Don’t test me again. Don’t touch my warriors, don’t challenge my rule, and do not break our pact. Understood?”

She stared at him fearfully, whimpering. The other two paced around him, cautious. “You’re on your last chance, Needle. If you really care for your pack, then you will stop this little parade. If not, then there are plenty of other packs out there looking for a safer home”

He released his grip, smirking at the dents left on her scales. She slowly crawled away from him, not breaking eye contact, and keeping her tail curled round her side, stinger pointed to the ground. Satisfied with the ordeal, Midnight took off with deliberate drama, hovering for a moment before turning away. He heard her immediately started spitting curses and insults to her sons, angered and hiding her fear.

A part of Mid regretted confronting her so boldly, knowing that things would now only get worse between the nests. Most of him was invigorated by the little scuffle. Actually… this gave him an idea. If Mid was going to be blowing off steam, then there was one place perfect to go and do that.


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Chapter 4

4- Foreplay


[waiting for art]


After a quick sneak into a blacksmith and having his tail swapped out for a stronger and more inconspicuous one, Mid flew westward at speeds like no other dragon.

His mind was empty part his own. The ocean was vast and cold, the sun sinking and turning the big blue into a golden expanse. The strongest stars were already shining, and only the faintest wisp of a cloud hung in the sky.

In the distance, Ravens Respite. It was an old Hunters base, a chunk of dark volcanic rock with a few patches of dense forest on what little flat ground it had, and being an extinct volcano, was mostly hollow with large caverns and a maze of tunnels in it. The underground lake was a highlight for the daring fisher, and its central caldera made an excellent arena; it was all too common for the wondering Rider or even lone adventurer to drop by for a bit of practice at blade or claw.

As he soared over, he noticed a new wreck or two stuck in the islands oddly large array of sandbanks and shallow rockpools, one appearing to be a Hunters ship. It wouldn’t surprise him if the tribe had made a target of the island, being such a high-traffic area for a variety of dragons; but judging from the bristling quills of several spine-shooters stuck in its hull, they wouldn’t have gotten very far in the first place.

But the colours of the quills sparked his interest- he didn’t know many light blue and golden yellow Nadders’ around this area, and the majority of the spines were certainly that very specific colour combination.


After a quick glide around to freshen his memory of the forests and cliffs, Mid ascended to the summit of the island, the strong glow of torches and braziers taking the place of long-cooled magma. By now, the sun had completely gone down, and his muscles relaxed as the darkness melded with his scales, and the basalt beneath him kept reflected light to a minimum.

Crawling up the side stealthily, he peeked over the edge and down to the arena, where Stormfly herself paced around a burly red-haired boy, holding a deformed sword in his hand.

The dragon flashed her wings, jumped at the kid, who squeaked and dropped the blade before catching himself. He tried to laugh it off, but Stormfly did not accept his implied surrender. A blur of tail, something blue sailing through the air, and a hole appeared in his shirt, the skin slightly grazed.

A woman yelled, and the Nadder stood down, much to the relief of the boy. Astrid stepped out from the glare of a torch above a tunnel, and started giving him an earful of how terribly he did.

While Mid was having a delightful time spectating the embarrassment of the boy, it doesn’t matter how well you can hide from the eye when you’re upwind from a Tracker Class, and Stormfly was rather familiar with his scent. Besides, there weren’t many other Night Furies around from the Winternight Isles here.

She flared her crown, locked her eyes with his, and screeched a delighted challenge. Astrid, recognising her dragons pattern of noises and stomps, looked around, confused. “There’s no other dragons here, girl? Who are you trying to fight?”

Midnight stood and spread his wings, firelight catching his hide and showing off his sleek form.


He ran down the cliff and jumped into the arena, Astrid instantly hugging his head. “How’ve you been, boy? It’s been ages!” she laughed, the boy who was being scolded a moment ago now forgotten.

He gurgled in reply, rubbing his face against her chest. “What’s got the Alpha away from his nest, now?” she asked.

Midnight hesitated, then looked at Stormfly with a playful growl. She snarled back, and switched to a defensive stance. Astrid smirked, and took a few steps back. “Okay, you two, play nice. But also, give an example to these rats!”

She grabbed the boy by the scruff of the neck and dragged him off into the safety of the sidelines, where Mid could now see almost half a dozen other kids and young dragons waiting with slight fear.

“Hello little fighter” Stormfly grinned, ready to have a real fight.

“Long time no see, blue hunter” Mid chortled back, sharing her enthusiasm

“How’s my boy?”

“Learning fast”

She trilled proudly. “And the rest of the nest?”

“Who cares?”

With that he pounced, the flat of his claws hitting her legs. She screeched with joy, and locked her wings around his spines, still full of energy even after a day of ‘training’.

It began a playful brawl, but they both had some pent-up frustration and soon the scuffle escalated a bit. Nothing severe, but some of the bites and whacks were definitely going to bruise later.

At first, she had the upper hand with a fresher memory on tactics and such, using momentum and a firm claw on his spines to flip him over, taking advantage of his low stance to pin his wing to the ground briefly, and even using tiny bursts of her blinding flame to confuse him. As he fought back, muscle memory resurfaced and took over his actions. A Nadder is quick on its feet, but little else, so he made an effort to trip her over and give small nips and nicks to her underside and wings.

Midnight was getting caught up in the fight, wanting more of a challenge, more pain, more reason to break skin. The awareness of his opponent being a close friend slipped away for just a moment, and with all of his strength, he rolled onto his side, dragging Stormfly to the ground with him, planted his feet on her stomach, and kicked.

She was tossed across the arena like she weighed nothing to him, squawking with surprise and landing heavily on her back. Astrid burst in and rushed to her, also confused by his outburst, whipping out a rag to clean up the small scrapes his claws inflicted on her soft underbelly.

“Toothless!? What was that about!?” Stormfly cried.

Mid didn’t answer, just picked himself up and turned his back with bitter anger. Astrid looked between the two anxiously, and the novice riders had wandered into the arena, curious about the situation. His head span with images of his den, rare, rare, rare, rare, rare- the walls might of well of said ‘dead’.

A dead race.

Stormfly’s mind flickered in the back of his, that old connection trying to revive itself. Mid pushed it down, wanting anything but for her to see his thoughts. His home, violated and scorned. But she was no wild or unrefined soul, Stormfly. She was an old pack mate, an elite trained Riders dragon, so had already noticed the isolation of his mind. Shock and insult turned to concern, gently pushing Astrid away and approaching Mid.


Midnight stared at the ground, claws still as the stones.

“Toothless, why are you away from Winternight, really?”

He sighed and hung his head. But still refused to respond.

“Why are you silent?”

Mid knew that Stormfly wouldn’t give up on his brooding, but he didn’t want to burden her with the events of his nest. She already had enough of her own concerns, right? Between the new riders and beating down the last of the Hunter clans, it wouldn’t be right for him to drag her into this.

But as if Stormfly had ever denied herself a secret.

“A dragon has made a… threat against me” he admitted.

She didn’t seem too concerned. “That’s it?”

“A dragon that was from the old nest”

Now Stormfly was worried. Her body tensed and quills started to raise, and mind picking up pace. “How do you know? The old nest? Under the…” she stopped and glanced back at the riders and dragons behind them. “We should talk somewhere else. Somewhere private”

He nodded in agreement and started climbing half-heartedly up the rocky walls, while Stormfly tried to get Astrid to leave the kids for the night.

“Why don’t you just her our tongue?” he asked, trying to lift his mood.

“You think I haven’t tried? Her mind lies in the battlefield, not on dragonspeech” she complained, coaxing Astrid onto her back. “She managed to get the basic patterns remembered and just stopped”

Midnight smiled softly, watching the Nadder battling with the confused and somewhat annoyed woman. Eventually Astrid got the message, and had the rider group do some sparring until she got back.


An outcropping away from the firelight was secluded enough to satisfy the dragons. As they settled down near an edge overlooking the ocean, Astrid decided to occupy herself by gathering firewood.

“So,” Stormfly started, “from the beginning. Show me everything”

With difficulty, Mid forced his mind out of its shell and touched Stormfly’s, instant recognition of a loyal packmate instinctually reinforcing the connection. His muscles relaxed- familiarity of her behaviours and thought fashion calmed him a bit, which would hopefully help for the upcoming and bitter ride.

Memories rose- jumbled at first, but a shortened play-by-play quickly organised itself.

Ripred and Hawk, loyalty to their Alpha inspiring protective impulses and willingness to command. The ice bridges, an oddly familiar hum in the air that both flinched at. Tremors in stone, too deep to pinpoint but certainly not natural. The… inscriptions.

Stormfly rose as soon as he finished, pacing angrily. Astrid had just finished building the fire, so Stormfly luckily had a target to shoot that wouldn’t cause a wildfire over the island- her rider yelled with surprise as the pile of sticks were suddenly blasted by the bright flame.


The Nadder ignored her, muttering under her breath and flailing her tail around, quills straight up.

Midnight just watched.

Eventually she calmed down enough to talk to him again. “You need to get back to Winternight, now” she declared. “And I’m coming with you”

Mid shook his head solemnly. “No, no; you have Riders to train. You can’t abandon your duties at Berk to just do things that have either already been taken care of, or have no hope of leading us anywhere!”

She gave him an unimpressed look. “You left within ten minutes of the threat, after guessing a few leads to who could have done it” she pointed out. “How quickly are you tracking this dragon down, again?”

Midnight clenched his teeth, annoyed. “I don’t know” he admitted after a moment of silence.

“That settles it!”


“As soon as that sun comes up, we’re going back to Winternight. I know you better than you know yourself, and the more time you spend out here sulking, the less clearly you think, and fewer bright ideas you’re gonna get. So square yourself up, give those hatchlings a lesson on claw-to-claw combat they won’t forget, and then it’s straight to Winternight”

He smiled, nodding at her brutally honest words. Few nest dragons were bold enough to tell him the direct truth, so Stormfly was a breath of fresh, familiar air. Now he thought about it, thank the gods she would be coming with him.  


Back at the nest, Midnights sudden departure left a window of opportunity wide open.

A Skrill, with dull purple scales and bloodshot pale eyes, soared just below the clouds. He was an aged beast, the beginnings of Titan Wing developments showing in a slight curl of his belly plates, scales crisscrossed with old scars and freeze burns from hibernations.

His eyes were trained on the green island of the Speed Stingers, a blaring weak spot in the Night Furies nest, for it was filled with potential allies to the Skrill, something he was in dire need of.

He would have to act quick, but tread carefully with these prideful raptors- if they chose to turn their stingers which he sought to bargain with against him, then the price for failure would be dear. The longer he lingered, the more chance that the Bewilderbeast would find his mind, unaligned to the rest of the nests tune. And even if everything went southwards and he could somehow manage to escape? It made acceptance of paralysis more desirable.

The wyvern reached out with his mind, struggling to pick up anything but the collective rabble of the small pack below. But it was enough. They knew he was here, and he wasn’t one of the Night Furies lizards, and that was all he needed.

They met on a stony beach facing the open ocean, only dull moonlight letting either side see what was happening.

The leader, marked with her scarlet stripes, stepped forward from the rest.

“Who are you?” she sneered with hostility.

He smiled and bowed deeply. “A friend, with an offer to you”

She glared at him with distaste. The Skrill knew that this leader wasn’t too hospitable to the idea of guests.

“Oh really? I wouldn’t call a dragon I only just met a friend!” the Stinger hissed. “Especially when it uses mind tricks when it shouldn’t be able to!”

He shook his head gently. “Now, now, gracious pack leader, I do not intend to insult you. It simply takes a practiced mind. But as I’m sure you know, my time here is quite… limited”

She considered him for a moment before slightly lowering her barbed tail. “What’s your offer, wild winged?”

He smiled with relief, and spread his wings welcomingly. “An alliance with something as powerful as the thief of your lands, and a willingness to give you what he won’t”

Now she was interested. Turning her piercing gaze from suspicious to intrigued, she stepped further away from her pack. “Go on…”

“All I ask for in exchange is an insider, someone who can keep an eye on the Alpha’s without raising suspicion. Since you and the Night Fury are already on thin ground… I don’t think he’ll notice much if your habits change slightly”

She turned back to the others and murmured something. “Alright, Skrill. I’ll consider your offer, but one thing. This ends with his, and his ice-spitter pet. Or no deal!”

He almost laughed. “Of course, mighty leader! Did you really think I would ask for a spy without planning to use information against the black worm? Don’t worry yourself so much, Needle. We have more in common than you know”

She flinched at her name, which she hadn’t given to him. But Needle seemed willing to let it slide. Then a thought seemed to strike her. “You wouldn’t, per chance, have something to do with yesterdays events, would you?” she asked.

The Skrill replied with a sly smirk, tapping a claw against the stone. “Depends on how you look at it. Let’s say for now that the Night Fury has quite the history, and not everyone’s done with it”

Needle returned the mischievous smile. “So, you’re not alone?”

“No one can take down a Prince without an army, Needle. I’m sure you know that”

She narrowed her eyes, but before she could react to his little remark, the pitch of the air changed and the Skrill suddenly turned alert. “As much as I would love to stay and discuss this more, I’m afraid my presence has been noticed. Expect my return for an update soon”

Hastily, he took off and headed back out to see, ascending to the cover of the clouds. He let out a smug chirp of sorts, more than happy to deliver the news to the others. Things were moving fast, and those things were currently in their favour.


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you may now track!

you may now track!

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Tracking! Looking very good so far!


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Love it! And the fact that Stryker and Rhei are mentioned is awesome! Not to mention that even though their appearance was short, you nailed their relationship! Will be tracking this!


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how aboot

Since this is the third installment of my incomplete Alpha trilogy, who would like it if I had the other two going at the same time as this? It might seem like a lot of work for me, but switching between them could actually help me speed up my writing, and would also give you guys more insight to what's going on, and what could be coming.

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Reign of the Deep Queen (1)

In the shroud of mist, and under the fiery light of a dormant volcano, a nest belonging to a Great Death works as normal. Packs go out to hunt, packs come back to feed their queen, and the unfortunate few who cannot provide enough end up providing themselves. They who do not leave, guard. They who cannot fly, labour and clean. The best of the best, the boldest minds, remain under their queen’s eye and mind in loyal service.

This is before Vikings had so much as established themselves in the land. They barely know each other, and when they clash, there is a new surprise each time.

A Night Fury hatchling, alone in the beginning of winter, is taken into the nest and is grown into a strong warrior. Rootsky cannot be allowed to know her own power, but the Deep Queen is struggling to keep her controlled. An uprising is starting, the young dragon’s abilities growing, and the great Alpha weakening with age. The Queen knows that if she falters, her control over the surrounding lands and suppressing of the Vikings will disappear, and Fire Rule will end. It would be years until her children grow and retake the minds of the dragons, and by then it would be too late.


Refuge of the Blue King (2)

Adimus has fled his home after a rampant pack of dragons destroyed his island; all in search of him. The Night Fury has a bounty on his wings, one immeasurably valuable among dragons, and it doesn’t ask for him to be alive.

He doesn’t know why he is so desperately wanted dead, or by who, and can only run, with no time to ask questions. Between the hostiles of dragons that all strangely smell of sulphur, and Vikings that would sell him or his hide in a heartbeat, he can barely find a peaceful island for more than a few hours at a time.

So, he makes for the only safe place he knows; the nest of the Bewilderbeast, the Blue King, a place to hide for any who need it. So long as the nest members don’t find out his value, he should be able to wait out the hunting packs and let them believe he has moved on to other parts.

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Woah, that seems like... A lot XD

But, if you really do feel like it won't be too much work for you then yes! I'd like to see this happen. And if you do start writing on the two other parts of the trilogy, do remember that when Blóðraugr was still a part of the Deep Queen's nest, her name was Ghostspine, not Blóðraugr. She changed her name after she escaped from the nest.

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Oh Wowowowowowowowowowowowowow

This is gonna be awesome! I can feel it, and you totally nailed Hawk!




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Great to see Sharptooth

Great to see Sharptooth Needle be of importance in this fanfic!

not that you totally didn’t pm me about using Sharptooth but under a different name and I said yes.



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*fingr guns @ u*     100%

*fingr guns @ u*




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A WIP of the Map!

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I'm back in school for the very last year, so release schedule will be shaken up a bit! Here's what I already know will change:

  • Next months (Feb) chapter will be posted a bit later than usual, probably some time after the 15th or 20th (normal posting happened within the first week of the month)
  • April's chapter could potentially be delayed into the next month entirely
  • Art will not neccisarily be posted at the same time as the chapter release, and you can all now assume I'm accepting submissions for chapter art on all ones without art (this will help speed things up a bit!)

In terms of the other two storys (RotDQ and RotBK), I might switch focus to starting one of them off and putting this on hold for a while. Then again, I've gotten pretty comfortable with my current level and style of writing, so I might move onto more independant work soon!

(but i dont plan to abandon this any time soon, i'll at least recycle the ideas and plot)