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I'm having that feeling that my signature is a little too long, so that's why I made this Forum topic: to dump all the art here to make it shorter. There's a big chance I will post more pictures later, to keep my siggy a bit short ^w^ Actually it's the longer version of my signature, I guess XD

~Ras =)


Welcome to Aelyras's signature! ♦

*Click here to go to the longer version of my signature*


Check out my DA!


Merry Snoggletog!



Dreadfall Harvest Haunt is coming!

* Art by me ;-) *


My in-game viking:

Name: Aelyras

Nickname: Ras (but I'm also sometimes called Aely)

Main dragon: GhostLight (Titan Flightmare, female)

Adventurer level: 35

Stars: 2 golden stars

Trophies: 1365

Clan: Storm Warriors (and proud of it!)

Trained dragons: 39

Un-hatched eggs: 2

Titans: 3

My farm: "TheChickensHome"; 5 stars (6 votes)

Playing since: anywhere in 2014

Friend code: PM me if you want to know =)



Name: all I'll say is that my name starts with an R ;-)

Age: 14 (but almost 15!)

Birthday: January the 4th

Nationality: Dutch

*that means that English isn't my first language, so sorry if I often make grammar and spelling mistakes!*

Hobbies: drawing, reading, playing SoD, watching TV, listening to HTTYD soundtracks

Movies, series, and other stuff I really like:

-How To Train Your Dragon (duh!)

-Harry Potter (go Ravenclaw! )

-Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

-Gravity Falls



-and almost everything that is about dragons =3 (I just LOVE dragons!)



That's all for now

Have a nice day ;-)


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So here's the longer version of my signature ;-)



Heya everyone! My name is Aelyras and I'm a dragon trainer like you
Welcome in my signature!


I'm a:


MLP fan

Gravity Falls fan

Harry Potter fan (and a proud Ravenclaw!)


 Viking Name: Aelyras Brynsston
You may cal me Ras ;)
Birthday: January the 4th
Favourite weapon: Her axe; she also has some pieces of
          Flightmare ice to ''fre
eze'' people
Home: Berserker Island & Dragon's Edge
Personality: Ras is quite shy to people she doesn't know that well, but as soon as you get to now her better you'll see that she actually is very adventurous and loves challenges, alone or together with her friends or dragons. She always follows her own way, and when she thinks she doesn't need help she also won't listen to other's ideas. Her favourite thing to do is racing with dragons from all over the archipelago and improve her flying skills with Ghost Light. When Ras and/or a dragon is in danger, she isn't that shy anymore and attacks. She's quite strong, but she can't target that great, so Ghost Light always helps with that.
Weakness: When she's trapped, Ras loses hope fast. A reason for that is that she's a bit claustrofobic. She also can't really target, so trowing axes and archery aren't really her thing. Ras sometimes works with others, but she prefers to do things alone, which sometimes causes a lot of trouble. Another weakness: she absolutely can't work or fight when she's exhausted, so never go on an adventure with her when she is!
Favourite dragon class: Mystery and Strike class

Main dragon: Ghost Light

Specie: (Titan) Flightmare

Main dragon's class: Mystery class

Dragon personality: Ghost Light is a very curious dragon, but if there's danger nearby she'll go to a safer spot. She's very kind and caring for Ras, but doesn't always listen to her. When Ras decides to quit, for example, Ghost Light continues with her goal. Just like her tamer, she's very adventurous and absolutely loves to race! Even when she knows she'll lose, she just races. The opposite of Ras: she's very good at targeting. Sometimes when Ras is still sleeping, she flies to Berk to paralyze the sheep there and practise with targeting. She doesn't really like other dragons and vikings and only wants to spend time with Ras.

Weakness: Ghost Light is afraid of volcanoes and different types of dragon fire. She immediately attacks when there are Dragon Hunters nearby, so she doesn't notice their traps, which makes her quite easy to catch.



By the extremely talented Pixel ^^ -- By the o, so talented Vanilia Viking. TY =D



Left: made by -the in almost everything talented- Donnala, AKA Hunter. TYSM ^^

Right: An amazing drawing by the amazing Fireflash! Thank you so much! ☺


      And an awesome drawing by the awesome Aisha Snowqueen =D


By the always amazing TosiLohi ;-)


An amazing drawing by my BFF MajaPercuilum. Thank you so much =D


By the always nice and talented Grumpyforlife2! TYSM! =D


A very nice headshot by the very nice Violetta Rosemary. Thank you! ^w^


 Left: By the one and only DatOneTrumpet! Thank you so much ^^

Right: An amazing edit by the amazing SolarFury29067, AKA Archery and Dragons. Thank you ^^



An absolute amazing drawing by NeverendingSilverstorm. Thank you so much ^^


Left, CloudDancer and Aelyras. By the AMAZINGamazingamazing! Georginia47. TYSM!!!

Right, again by the infinite talented Donnala ^^ Thank you! ^^


By the always sweet Mangopopcorn ^w^ TYSM! --- By the amazing Heather Hofferson I ^^

Stormfly blinkie by the amazing Nessie =D --- Extremely cute cat blinky by Georginia47  <3


By the amazing TosiLohi. Thank you! =D

Awesome screenshot edit by VeeVeeLa ^^ --- Flightmare GIF by me =3

~Soaring through the skies~ (by me =3)

Bad drawing by me XD

If you want to request one feel free to PM me =)





Harvest Haunt

A very spooky screenshot edit by (and with) MajaPercuilum. It was the best Harvest Haunt ever ;)



Snoggletog banner by the lovely Lovlytigerss <3 --- By the amazing Donnala =D


Secret Santa 2016

By the amazing Marg The Loony. TYSM!!! =D



Birthday =D

An amazing drawing of sleeping Ghost Light as birthday present by the always kind and talented Donnala ^w^

An awesome drawing and edit by the legendary Vanilia Viking =D


Other stuff

Both by me =3


Soooo me XD

This is my best HP drawing so far  =D


See you at school of dragons!


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Sorry, just tracking for reference reasons! (Pictures and stuff...)

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Le tracking

I liek ur siggy :3


Hi! Welcome to my signature!!


In game name: Alexadragonfire


Clan: Era of the Death Song

Clan Rank: Leader (on clan board I'm the elder, but I let my friend take over since I wasn't going to play for a while, but she won't give it back to me ;-; )


Main dragon: Savina (Death Song). Female. Current level: 17

Savina in my Titan DeathSong concept: 

Savina is the all-powerful most beautiful greatest dragon you will ever see! Shes so pretty and dangerous and superior — SAVINA STOP WRITING IN MY SIGNATURE! — UH UH andsheissocoolandshehastogonowbecauseAlexahasheraxeoutsorememberthatsheissobeautifulbye! — Ugh, sorry about that, Savina got a hold of my signature. Anyway, if you havent already noticed, Savina is narcisistic, well, i should say extremely narcisistic, and never listens to a word i say unless we're in a serious moment, or i run at her with an axe in my hands. Dont get me wrong, shes a pretty good dragon! She can be a lot to handle, but shes smart and protective, and thats good enough for me.


Secondary Dragon: Lightning the Skrill. Male albino. Current level: 20

Lightning is serious and extremely protective. Being albino, he usually doesnt hunt at night (Alexa always lets her dragons 

go outside on their own because she doesnt want them to feel contained) and hides in the clouds during the day. Hes fast and loyal, but not the most loyal im the group. He sometimes disobeys to do the thing he feels is right, and Alexa respects that.


Razor the Razorwhip. Mal. Current level: 23

Razor is the most loyal of Alexa's dragons. He lives her and is dedicated to agreeing with everything she says. The red on his back is actually a mass of bloodstains from all the dragons hes been forced to battle in an arena before Alexa and Savina rescued him. 


Queen Screech the Screaming Death. Alpha female. Current level: 26

Queen Screech is aggressive, fierce, and ,ost definitely not loyal. She will attack everything and everyone, even her own kind. The only exception is her mate, King Scream. Neither of them are actually royal, but they refer to themselves as royalty to intimidate challengers.


Hunter the Deadly Nadder. Male teenager. Current level: 7

Hunter is a skilled hunter (hence the name) and is very curious. He spends most of his time in forests and the wilderness.


Alpha the Shockjaw. Male albino. Current level: 10

Alpha is always the first one to take charge. He is dimwitted and overly optimistic, but makes friends easily. He doesnt always know what to do in certain situations (aka all of them) but has great luck, so that makes up for it. Right?


Deathwing the Whispering Death. Male. Current level: 17

Despite having an intimidating name and a daunting appearance, Deathwing just loves to have fun. Hes a comedian and a prankster, and definetly enjoys a good scare. His disobedience level is 9.


Majesty the Fireworm Queen. Female royal. Current level: 11

Majesty takes being a queen to heart. She cares for all dragons and treats them like theyre her children. Shes basically an underdeveloped Marry-Sue.


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Ghost Light the Flightmare froze my subject. Deal with it.

Thank you =3

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Savina likes Ghost Light already.

XD no problem! Ghost Light and Savina have the same mischief level lol