Adventures of Elsa Jade ~ Chapter 2 ~ The Discovery

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First of all, I forgot to mention in Chapter 1 intro that pictures of all my dragons in this story can be found in my sig. Here is Elsa Jade:

Also, the island I discover in this chapter is incredibly similar to Azul Island in The Island Stallion by Walter Farley. I'm citing my sources :)

Alrighty, time for...


The night I became a dragon tamer, everything changed. I couldn’t exactly bring Fire and Ice back to Berk and the dragon hunters. Either they would kill her, or – more likely – she would lay waste to the village in order to defend herself. It was an easier choice than you may have imagined; my closest Viking friends were dragon hunters that mostly saw me as a rival. Fire and Ice had chosen me to be her rider. She and I became outcasts that night – rogue hunters who lived in the wilderness covering most of the islands. We learned to depend on each other for survival, and our bond grew ever stronger.

Months passed, and Berk was a distant memory. My dragon and I had been flying over the ocean for several hours, when we saw a new island rising out of the sea like a mountain made of solid rock. It was a strange golden color, and there seemed to be no sign of life. As we flew closer, Fire and Ice seemed to catch a scent on the wind. She shrieked, diving straight toward the rock and pulling up at the last second, landing close to the very top. I dismounted cautiously and made my way up the remaining slope of rock. I looked down and gasped. We hadn’t discovered a huge chunk of rock sitting in the ocean. We had discovered a whole new world.

The mountain island was actually a ring of rock, like a huge round wall surrounding the most lush, beautiful valley I had ever seen. There were stands of tall trees swaying in the wind, rolling hills covered with tall grass (mostly green but with hints of blue and silver), and a pond that looked to be teeming with fish. I thought I could make out caves in the sides of the rocky walls, which would easily provide shelter for me and my friend. Fire and Ice joined me on the ridge and growled softly. I turned and stroked her head. “Well, my friend, it looks like you found us a new home.”


Yeah, I know it was short. But it would have been really long if I'd combined it with the next part.




OK... you have been warned...


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This amazing painting is by Pixel!


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starring in my fanfic,


The Adventures of Elsa Jade!


My name is Elsa Jade (otherwise known as SefarWarrior). The Adventures of Elsa Jade tells the stories of how I became a dragon tamer and met these dragons...

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The first dragon I tamed was a female Chilling Horror...

 (all 3 pics by goldenfury360 (aka Hyrith))


She chose me as her rider, and that's when I became a dragon trainer.


This is Fáfnir (adopted from nevealpar). He is young, energetic, and loves playing with furry animals. He has poison in his teeth and can shape shift into any horse. I met him on a secret island I discovered, and we became friends for life... after I almost died...

(above drawing by DuskDaybreak)


Meet Enigma and his little sister Stellar! Enigma is a highly intelligent dragon who loves music and solving riddles. Although he isn't normally very social, he loves Stellar and would do anything to protect her. Stellar is a feisty, lovable dragon who enjoys showing off her glowing spikes, drawing pictures, and dressing up (her tail isn't actually injured; the prosthetic is her Toothless costume) :)

                          Stellar by Autumn5467                                                      Enigma     by Reiraku

Fire and Ice as a Frost Fury, by StellaMontague

Ingo, my Paranoid Sandskitter from NightmareRebuff

Peacock, my Windsong from goldenfury360 (aka Hyrith)


Luminara, adopted from no6nialovec12345

The next addition to my dragon friends was Faramir. I was helping Stellar practice her night flying, when we were attacked by a wild Boneknapper and had to crash land in the forest. Stellar was uninjured, but we could hear the dragon looking for us. We knew it would find us soon unless we found a place to hide. That was when Stellar seemed to sense something else in the forest. She gave a low purring growl - a plea for help, I thought - and gradually, through the dark mist of the forest, I saw another Night Fury approaching. He was dark green, and the dark green mist he created around himself was perfect camouflage. He led us to his secret lair, a forest cave hidden behind a waterfall, where we stayed hidden until it was safe. He and Stellar became such good friends that when it was time to leave, Stellar refused to go unless her new friend came with us. He and I were both happy to agree, and the three of us flew back home. I named him Faramir because of his hidden cave (which is now our secret hideout), and also because he was so brave and selfless.

 by SoulStereo

Faramir & Stellar by DuskDaybreak


This is Nod, the Woodland Sprite I adopted from DuskDaybreak. He lives in Faramir's forest cave, where he can stay close to his natural habitat while I train him. He is lively, imaginative, and has a great sense of humor. Although he sometimes tends to be a little sarcastic, he usually is trying to be funny rather than insulting. He's very independent and loves exploring the forest. His reckless antics are a constant source of worry for the less impulsive Faramir.


 (free lineart base found here, the rest is by me)


 by me

(made by me with the Night Fury Maker)

Paradox, adopted from mesaprncss

RNF(RoboticNightFury), adopted from Kowwa                         by OwlyDragons


(made by me with the Night Fury Maker)

Toothless: left blinkie by DuskDaybreak, right blinkie by NightmareRebuff :)

Sefarva blinkie by DuskDaybreak

Sefarva by Chocolate24

This awesome picture (above) is by httyyd!

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(I found this pic of Mara Jade online, and added Dreamworks images of the dragons.)


I am a



"To defeat the darkness out there, you must defeat the darkness inside yourself."

- Coriakin, Voyage of the Dawn Treader


This is because I have a Whispering Death named Thrawn. Because, let's be honest, if Thrawn were a dragon he'd probably be a Whispering Death. The dragon is a Dreamworks image; the pic of Thrawn is from the cover art of Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn.


Note: All glitter text is by puppyllover. Unless otherwise stated, all photomanipulations by me.

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 That was great! I saw Fáfnir

 That was great! I saw Fáfnir on your forum. =D




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