The adventures of Desert Beauty and I

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Here is a multi chapter Screenshot comic, and I bring to you

The Dawn Of Desert's Ruby Skin


Des and I were swimming around when she got farther from me than I would have liked, when I found her, she was speaking to some other Sand Wraiths. "you had me worried!" I say, we go to land and talk

Me: What are you thinking? I was worried SICK!

Des: I was talking to my friends, you really need to be less overprotective..
Me: I know..

Des: Well anyway, they were telling me of this amazing new look you can get

Me: Cool, shall we ask Hiccup?

Des: Yes!

Me: Ok.

The two of us fly up to see my brother by flight club, When we get there I walk up to him.

Hiccup: Top 'o' the mornin' to you, Rosie.

Me: Hiccup, you know I hate that Nickname! but that isn't why I'm here.

Hiccup: Well, why are you heree, other than to see your brother?

Me:Desert wanted to know about a new look you can find.

Hiccup: Ohh, mom found it just the other day! You should talk to her.

Me: Ok, see ya, bro!

Hiccup *Waves* see you later

I walk down a bit and talk to my dragon

Me: Hiccup said that we should talk to mom.

Des: Ok, well let's go!

We fly down to the docks..

We decided to sail and sailed to Berk as fast as possible

Me: So should we ask if mom is here?

Des: Sure, lets check at the first house we see.

We walk up the docks and stop at Snotlouts house

Me: Snotlout, is Valka up at Berk?

Snotlout: Yeah, want me to bring you to her?

Me: No, I can find her fine

Snotlout: Well if you ever need my help just say so, babe.

Me: ugh, yuck. BYE SNOTLOUT!

I walk, or more accuratley run away from snotlout and see my dragon

Des: What happened?

Me: Snotlout.

Des: Oh, I understand, so did you find out if Valka is here?

Me: Yes, she is.

We fly around looking for my mom and finally find her by the great hall.

Me: Hi mom

Valka: hello dear

Me:I was wondering if you knew where to find the new skin.

Valka: Yes, I do

Me: where?

Valka: Titan island, see you later dear

Me: Thanks Mom!

Me and des play before the trip

then me and Desert fly all the way there..

Me: we're here, finally

Des: well lets get there!

We go up and Des sits in the lava

Then an amazing change takes place

Des: I feel so amazing! Lava is soo relaxing!

We make it to a ledge, ready to leave.

Me: you ready?

Des: yes

and then we were off, we made it home.

Des: *Jumps in excitement* How do I look?

Me: amazing!

Des: let's go show MOM!

Me: OK!

We make it to Valka and tell her all about it..

Me: look mom!

Valka: what a beautiful creature, you look amazing Desert Beauty.

Des: I know *Puffs up chest* Rose already told me!


THE END.. For now..




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You may track

You may track

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This is so cool! I also have that skin for my girl Santa. I can't take screen shots though because I don't have a computer and my Fire 7 has low memory spacage.

What I really loved was that this means Violetta and Rhei are sisters, cuz Rhei kinda got adopted into the Haddock family after Hiccup found her on Dragon Island! So cool!



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Wow, we sistas!

COOL!! That is EPIC!

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Likesdragons, heights, cold, flying, swimming, exploring, learning, teaching, being near people he trusts 


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HistoryScuttles doesn't remember his past, all he knows is one day he awoke on the shore with a human. Even though neither can remember anything they still feel a deep connection with each other.


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Dislikes: Storms, bossiness, obeying selfish people, being cold