Advanced Indominus Rex Bases

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Do you think you have what it takes to own such a beast? Then custumize on these masterful bases!



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You can add anything on your I-Rex. Scars, special features, color patters (add stripes or spots, ect), or make it a robot, anything that pleases you

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ooooh <3

these are so cool









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xXPhinaXx And Raven Done By TosiLohi

-------       -------


xXPhinaXx Done By umbreon27

-------       -------

xXPhinaXx Done By umbreon27

-------       -------

xXPhinaXx And Raven Done by Witcherforever

-------       -------

xXPhinaXx Done By xXPhinaXx

-------       -------


xXPhinaXx Done By Scoubidous

-------       -------

Alibi In Halloween Done by Witcherforever

-------       -------

Tricksy Done by Witcherforever

-------       -------












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le bloop

These are amazing! I wish I could edit because I'd make one with the colors of my lizard who shares the same name(he's down at the bottom of my sig XD)


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I had fun with it.  Keep up

I had fun with it. 

Keep up the good work megaboltphoenix!

I love your bases.


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OMG YES :DDDD these are amongst the most gorgeous bases that I've ever seen for the Indominus. Keep up the great work!

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read deltadromeus

your drawings remind me of the north african theropod Deltadromeus, with the shape of the head; except for that it is completely lacking the brow horns


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Rebor Ceratosaurus dentisulcatus "Savage" edits by Scar Dragon Rider.  Colors are Jurassic Park Ceratosaurus colors, and the model is one I am saving for!  It can only be described as beautiful, these edits.

Kokpelli, the Keelut.  model and colors by ladybrasa :)

Ridge, one of my Uktenas.  he is the base for the whitetail antler series of Uktenas

Cherokee Might, my other Uktena.  he is the base for the elk antler series of Uktenas

In my opinion, this is the best dinosaur to have ever existed.  SPINOSAURUS!!