Advanced Camera Controls?

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So this is likely something that not a lot of people actually have to think about or deal with, but personally, I'd like there to be an option where you can disable movement with the camera. In other words, if you set your camera at a certain angle, it stays like that, even when you start to walk/fly.


With flying, while annoying, it can somewhat be negated by holding right click and fighting for dear life to get the angle you want without having the whole camera reset itself. But, personally, I like to see all angles of the dragons, and unfortunately, it's really hard to do that, especially when I want to see them walking/running, but can't because I change direction with the camera.


I do understand why it's built like this, but possibly there could be an option for a stationary camera angle.


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You can already do this, actually.  [CTRL]+[Numpad +/-] will cycle through different cameras in a map, one of which you can move via click-and-drag, and rotate via [ALT]+click-and-drag.  This allows you to set any camera angle you wish. :)


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YES I'd love to see an option for this too! This is my default setting in every third-person game if I can help it. I want to control the camera myself and not have it rotate behind my charater whenever I let go of a button.


The existing camera tricks are not a workaround.


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