Adult NightLight Saddle Glitch

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This has been around since the summarhildr event, but no one seems to have noticed this until now. The saddles for the nightlights don't work on the adult models, and are misplaced and stretch with their wings. As far as I know, it's for all the nighlights, as the preview that appears in the store sports the same glitch.

Saddle Glitch 1.PNG187.99 KB
Saddle Glitch 2.PNG182.43 KB
Saddle Glitch 3.PNG183.56 KB
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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

Ive seen it before, but i only have seen it on pouncer? darts works fine. idk about ruffrunners. 




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oh dang

Oops, just realized I posted this in mobile, when it occurs in the pc version. Weird that I can't post in the pc bug report section, at the moment.

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That's strange. My Night Lights' saddles are just fine.


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*Running in circles* HA I CAUGHT IT

hmm that's wheird i am sure that it will disapear soon



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Don't You Know That A Trapper's Trap Can Trap The Trapper?

I saw a similar glitch on Pouncer's saddle when I was looking at it in the store, Ruffrunner and Dart's ones were fine tho.


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I saw the saddles glitched in store for the adult night lights. But if you buy it and its bugged then you just need to reequip them. It fixed the saddles for me.









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ah yeth

I'll try that and see if it works. I haven't tried saddles on the other nightlights yet, so those seem fine, telling by how others are saying they are. But Pouncer is on a long stable quest at the moment, and I don't feel like spending so many gems just to get him back, so I'll re-equip the saddle when he eventually gets back.