Ads Chests in the Wilderness

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Hello, fellow Dragon Riders!


I found out about the ads chest few weeks ago.

I saw there was no article yet on the Wiki, so I thought I’d do one here.

By the way, if someone from the Wiki wants to use this subject and its screenshots to complete the Wiki, they can. The info is from the game, and I did what I could to anonymize the screenshots, so there’s no need to edit them. As there're here to help and be sort sort of manual, I don’t consider these screenshots as art that would need you to credit me, feel free to use them on the SoD Wiki


May we meet in the skies of the School !

These days, I'm more or less on the forum, just popping in from time to time


English is not my first language, I'm from the French corner of the game


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IG: DarkOwlofFareothor, Lvl 50, Adventurer and Dragon Rescuer.

Name origin: I only wanted "DarkOwl" but the game went all "hey, already taken. Next!", so I brought the "of Fareothor" from an OC I've created years ago for a fanfic. In the HTTYD world, my character Dark Owl, very fond of these birds of prey, is from the island of Fareo, under the protection of Thor, hence the "Fareothor".

I'm thinking of writing my OC's backstory, it's on the to-do-list...

Currently not looking for a clan, I'm more of a lone rider than a pack rider.


IRL: she/her, lvl 21, likes reading (comics, novels...), drawing, inventing (more like thinking) to a lot of things at once, writing (both in English and French), watching cartoons (thank you quarantine, I binge-watched hours of cartoons ^^), spending time with my cat, photographing birds, etc.

Fandoms (very unexhaustive and unordered list): HTTYD, Kaamelott (French series on the Arthurian myth), the Dragon Prince, Tangled the Series (last two: discovered during quarantine), Tales of Arcadia, The Owl House, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Noob (French web-series about video-games), The Deep, Les Misérables musical (one of the first movies to really help me learn English better than school ^^), Doctor Who, His Dark Materials, Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones (no spoiler please, I have barely started the second volume), and many more...


My dear dragons / My Amazonian reptilian family (all female and adults unless precised otherwise)

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Stonehenge - Blue grey Adult Gronkle - Lvl 50

FrostClaw - Icy white Adult Groncicle - Lvl 50

GoldCrown - Blue and gold crowned Adult Hobblegrunt - Lvl 50

Styx - Black and grey Adult Elder Sentinel - Lvl 50

Hugin & Munin - Dark purple and green Adult Zippleback - Lvl 50

MoonLight - Silvery blue Adult Stormcutter - Lvl 50

CaptainNemo - Coffee brown Adult Thunderdrum - Lvl 50

FireStorm - Orange winged Adult Typhoomerang - Lvl 50

Gevaudan - Blue grey Adult Wolly Howl - Lvl 50

Volstagg - Russet Adult Sweet Death - Lvl 50

Swiftail - Dark Blue Adult Speed Stinger - Lvl 50

Strokkur - Light Blue and yellow Adult Scauldron - Lvl 50

Sirius & Procyon - Dark and Light Brown Ghastly Zapplejack - Lvl 50

Zaofu - Light Grey Razorwhip - Lvl 50

Carnyx - Turquoise and Orange Death Song - Lvl 50

Comet - Deep blue Dreadstrider - Lvl 50

WoodThorn - Dark green and brown Deadly Nadder - Lvl 50

BloodDrop - Dark blue with red markings Singetail - Lvl 50

Katla - Grey with orange lava Eruptodon - Lvl 50

McCoy - Blue scaled Boneknapper - Lvl 50

CloudScale - Grey Blue Rumblehorn - Lvl 50

Pica Draconis - Black and White Flame Whipper - Lvl 50

SabreFang - Light Brown DeathGripper - Lvl 50

WarHorn - Dark Red TimberJack - Lvl 50

Triskelion - Blue and White Triple Strike - Lvl 50

SunLeaf - Yellow Green Changewing - Lvl 50

Bone Regem - Albino Bonestormer - Lvl 50

NivisPluma - Grey with Turquoise stripes Shivertooth - Lvl 50

Storm Tusk - White with blue details Chimeragon - Lvl 50

Thor - Grey and deep blue Skrill - Lvl 50

Asclepios - Yellow, blue and grey Slitherwing - Lvl 50

Froggy - Light green Hobgobbler - Lvl 50

Clawvis - Grey and Red Grim Gnasher - Lvl 50

Xiphias - Blue with light blue spots Seastormer - Lvl 50

Aeolus - Blue Windwalker - Lvl 50

Dart (*2), Ruffrunner & Pouncer - Default color Nighlights

Cardinal - Cardinal red Speed Stinger

Karv Erch - Light brown and white Crimson Gorecutter

StarSky - Deep night sky blue and gold Golden Dragon

SeaFang - Flightmare

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Oups, didn't work, back to write...

Bugger! Didn't load the whole message... I'll write it back...

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Here, I hope it works better...

Hello, fellow Dragon Riders!


I found out about the ads chest few weeks ago.

I saw there was no article yet on the Wiki, so I thought I’d do one here.

By the way, if someone from the Wiki wants to use this subject and its screenshots to complete the Wiki, they can. The info is from the game, and I did what I could to anonymize the screenshots, so there’s no need to edit them. As there’s here to help and be some sort of manual, I don’t consider theses screenshots as art that would need you to credit me, feel free to use them on the SoD wiki ;-)


So, what are these “ads chests”?

They’re mystery chests, that can be found in the Wilderness. Well, frankly, I found them only in the Wilderness, so I didn’t try to search for them elsewhere.


On what device?

Only mobile. I use a mobile phone. They might appear on tablet too, but I don’t use any tablet, so if someone can confirm, I thank you for that.


What do they look like?

They look like a wooden chest, bigger that a coin chest, with paintings of the dragon classes logos.

Here are three screenshots from unopened chest, the second and third after selecting the chest by clicking on it, and a fourth of an opened chest during the appearance of what is found, and after the text is gone.


What can we get from them?

A lot! The “basics”: farm decorations, saddles (Defenders), masks, etc. Plus Totems, as seen on the screenshot.

But, that’s not what makes them really nice. They bring easily dragon eggs and stables. With them, I found several Tidal, Stoker Stables, and a lot of eggs.


What eggs? All or just a few?

I can only affirm for the eggs I already received.

Theses chests give the Berk Dragons’s eggs: Gronkles, Nadder, Nightmares, Zipplebacks, but also Whispering Death and Thunderdrum. Once, I think I received a Shockjaw, but now that I think of it, I’m not so sure I received it from a chest and not elsewhere…


Where exactly are the ads chests in the Wilderness?

These are the locations I found. I don’t think there are more, but keep in mind that I may not have found them all.

They are usually near the places where the coin chests are:

- Near the entrance from the School,

- Near the stone bridge near the World Map Structure,

- On the upper platform,

- Near the cuttable trees down the platform,

- Near the tent by the lake,

- Near the bridge on the way to Icestorm Island

A picture is sometime better than a big speech, so here we are:

(+ Blank screenshot if needed for the wiki ;-)


How many times a day can I open the ads chests?

Not an infinite time. From what I counted, it’s more like five chests a day.


I opened my first ad chest, how can I have the others?

The same as with the coin chests.

When you have opened a chest, you need to change your location, go back to the School, Icestorm, travel the map, open the play with your dragon screen, whatever you want. But to find unopened ads chests again, you need to get out of the Wilderness and get back. Of course, when you go back in the Wilderness, like the coin chests, you’ll have to search the area because the ad chest can be in the different place each time ^^


The ad won’t load!

Well, that is a well known problem, that is not only on the ads chests but on all the things that uses ads… So, be patient, maybe it will work one day.

Other topics on the forum talk about this problem. They might help you better with that bug.


There it is! I hope this helped you find and open the ads chests!


See you in the skies of the School!


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Toothy has arrived. Party's over.

I've had those chests everywhere since snoggletog. Or from last year? I can't remember. I just have them for very long time now. Mostly I get stables out of em XD



As you can see my name is ToothlessColdNight but please just call me Toothy for short. Me and most of my friends have food nicknames so you may see someone call me Milkshake/Milky. I've been playing the game since 2016 but sadly I lost my very first acc.

In game I usually race, play DT, talk with friends but if I'm extremely lazy I just stand in my stable waiting for dragons to finish stable quests. I've been diagnosed with StAbLe DePrEsSiOn xD

My favorite dragon is Sand Wraith. Especially the one I have named Beauty. 

She's also a great racing dragon but we haven't raced in a while. Pouncer took her job xD

So far I have 124k trophies and counting!

I also have over 300 dragons! I have all of them and all titans.


I'm a proud elder of Ethereal Aura!

Noice banner and pic yonnie xD

Just a pic I drew of me and sum clanmates xD


Some of my closest friends are: Yonnx, Luvirey, xAshxy, StormySavage, XxPizzaPuddingxX

Now for the end I wanna share some of my artworks :3 Hope you like them!







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Thanks to all for these precisions!


Thanks to all who have given new infos about these ads chests!

About the locations, feel free to take a screenshot or two to guide us through the islands ^^

Byt the way, on mobile, I mostly keep to the Wilderness, the School and Training Ground, so I'm not surprised at all that these chests are on other islands too (all? that's a good reason to explore ^^).

Plus, the fact that they work on tablets too is good to know too.

Again, thanks for the infos! Keep them coming ;-)

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Thanks for mapping the locations for these. I think they can be found in other places around school but I haven't seen any in a while.



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I don't think it works on

I don't think it works on tablets. I have never seen one of these before. 


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Some random facts about me...

I'm homeschooled (and am in school right now)

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My favorite colors are blue and green

My favorite HTTYD dragons are Sand Wraiths, Death Songs, and Hobgobblers

I'm great at procrastinating but not much else :P


Most likely to be online from 8:00-22:00

You can find me on FlightRising (Azurys) or Discord (PM for ID) since I'm not active on the forums.




Link near the end of my siggy :)




Awesome Hobgobbler, Bewilderbeast, and Sentinel banners made by Dragonriders Fury!


Aurelie and Pyxis the Flightmares, by Flitt!

Astris the Nightlight, by AndreaEaston!

Wryth the Wingless Gryphon, by Speedyleaf!

Saokhin the Skyfyre, drawn by toothless0603! (Species designed by blue and blacksand :D)

Spirit the Storm Fury, by Speed_Stinger_Alpha and WoolyHowlEra, respectively. Many thanks!

More art coming eventually... :D




Viking Info:

Main Viking: AzurysOfNlght

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I have a fanfic!!

It is located HERE. Feel free to PM me/comment on the thread if you have feedback or theories!

Character submissions are currently closed.

The fanfic is on hold for now, until I have inspiration again.




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Goodbye! :D

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*Flies back with a Sand Wraith* BACK HERE

It should work on phones. I'm playing on it and I have those chests everywhere I go .

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*insert good subject*

It works on tablets- I've gotten one in the Training Grounds near Astrid.



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A bit about me


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School of Dragons Stuff

Because... stuff


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     Position in Clan: Elder

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     Trophies: ~150 (I don't race :P)

     Dragons: ~50 (I'll list them eventually...)

          Main Dragons: Rage (Death song), Nightmare (Monstrous Nightmare)

          Favourite Species: Death Songs, Monstrous Nightmares, Windwalkers

          List Of Dragons: Monstrous Nightmares: Nightmare, Antro, Akumu

                                   Razorwhips: Razor, Whip

                                   Snow Wraith: Snow

                                   Death Songs: Rage, Amethyst

                                   Whispering Deaths: Silent, Killer

                                   Hideous Zipplebacks: Innocence and Arrogance, Patience and Aquaintance, Creation and                                                                         Imagination

                                    Gronckles: Granite, Andesite, Coquina

                                    Sand Wraith: Sandstorm

                                    Devilish Dervish: Windwalker

                                    Deadly Nadders: Fastball, Quickclaw, Quickstrike

                                    Snafflefangs: Clay and T

                                    Windwalker: Skywalker

                                    Armorwing: Irontail

                                    Singetail: Charmeleon

                                    Speedstinger: Obama Chan 

                                    Stormcutters: Stormfire, Dusk

                                    Eruptodon: Dinnerbone

                                    Thundercakes: Lazulite and Aquamarine

                                    Wooly Howl: Yeti

                                    Raincutter: Kinkajou

                                    Tide Gliders: Coral, Irukanji

                                    Flame Whipper: Flare

                                    Boneknapper: Skull

                                    Groncicles: Snowflake, Snowball

                                    Siliqifier: Bubbles

                                    Shockjaw: Thundershock 

                                    Fireworm Queen: Foeslayer

                                    Changewing: Camo 

                                    Triple Strykes: Scorpika, Scoryx 

                                    Hobblegrunt: Crest

                                    Hotburple: Bufo

                                    Skrill: Maelstrom

                                    Timberjack: Sorceror 

                                    Deathgripper: Cerberus 

                                    Dramillion: Nychus

                                    Crimson Gorecutter: Snooflepuff




Secondary Viking: FossilfigalphaII (It works XD)

     Clan: Currently none

     Trophies: Probably zero :P

     Dragons: 2 (I don't really play on this account XD)




Art :D

By me


I make memes!  PM me if you want a custom meme :D

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And I can't do any actual editing other than memes because of the limitations of the app I use.


Request Threads- If the link is open, it's still going on :)


Trick or Treat Dreadfall Adopts!  


Enjoy this potato I made




By others- thank you SO MUCH to those who have done art for me! :D


Citrouille by the incredible IzzyDrawsDragons!  Thank you!


Rage, Whisper (I don’t have her yet...) and Quickclaw by the amazing Andrea Easton!!!  Thank you!



Alpha, also by Andrea!  Thank you again!!!!!! 



An amazing skeleton dragon done by the talented Flitt!!!  TYSM!!!


A winter drawing of Alpha, a Secret Santa gift from the amazing DyleihIdol1214!!!  Thank you for the awesome gift! :D


Auraluna the sleepy Nightlight from Andrea!  Thank you so much!!!


More flying in soon...


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Are you sure this isn't a mobile exlusive thing? Because typically free stuff from wtahcing adds only occurs on mobile platforms



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Cassian chased away my subject again...

Like the ads you can watch every hour, it's mobile exclusive




Hello! I'm Carolinalina, but you can call me Car. 


I started playing SOD back in August of 2014 and have since been on and off the game.

  I'm definitely not obsessed with Stormcutters...


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Not just the Wilderness!

Hi! I can add to this. I see these all the time on my phone, not just in the Wilderness. They're all over the place. I've even found one on Zippleback island, if I remember right. So that's one thing. Also, I can attest that it is possible to find them on tablets, as my brother plays on a Lenovo and has found a few. And I can add "Thunderdrum" to the list of dragon eggs. They're a great way to get stables!


This signature is under construction! By which I mean I just got here, and haven't really made one yet. But you can expect a silly poem here soon!

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more info

There are more locations in the four different areas of that island where the wilderness and all that are on:


Training grounds:

-Next to Astrid where the racing tower is.

-Next to the flight club building.

-Next to the boat on the dock (the very right comming down the stairs)

-The very left side of the docks (comming down the stairs)


The School:

-On one side behind Heathers lab (go towards it comming from the fishing pond)

-Next to the camp fire at the fishing pond

-In front of the slope leading to the enterance to The Lookout.


The Lookout:

-In front of the Greenhouse

-On the beach whith the viking student (He will always give you a quest to talk to Hiccup about the scientific process) (the chest is where the rocks are towards the ocean)

-On the other beach across from that one (there will be a ceiling of rock)


Now these chest can most certainly be found on other islands, but I tend to go here because it is easiest for me. These chests are found in the same places where the coin chests are, so keep that in mind. If you ever find a blue coin chest, come back there another time to find a video chest


These chests can only be found if you have a phone, tablet, or chromebook. It will not work if you are on a computer (Chromebooks don't count because they kind of act like tablets). If you find one do not hesitate to open it. I have gotten a bunch of eggs from them (kind of worthless because I already have them. They only give Nadders, Zipplebacks, Gronkles, Nightmares, Whispering d.eaths, and Thunderdrums) and two stables. You are most likely to get basic farm items and fish though. I actually got a composter from it once, even an advanced fishing rod.


(P.S. this is the account I use in the forums. My game account doesnt work for some reason with this so I use this one. Scroll for more info)




Psst...Scroll down for promo codes


This is me


My titan Nadder, Spineshot








I also have...

Zippleback: Gassy and Spark

Shockjaw: Thundershock

Gronckle: Rocker

Groncicle: Glacier

Monsterous Nightmare: Flamethrower

Whispering Death: Groundfire

Thunderdrum: Sonic Boom

Prickleboggle: Sundew

Armourwing: Sheild

Tideglider: Wavewalker

Stormcutter: Dinrall




In game:

Where you can find me: First off why do you want to know? Anyway, I am usually one single player, but I go on multi player during battle events and when I feel like it. When on multiplayer I am in the Training Grounds.

Freind Code: ezttu4

Name: XLinkTheHylianX



Not in game:

Age: I'm not telling you

Name: Sorry no

Hobbies: Nop-- oh wait that's fine. Reading, typing (basically anything), drawing, playing SOD or Zelda (I only have Twilight princess)

My fave stuff:



STAR WARS!!!!!!!




(I need to get BOTW soon cause all I have is Twilight Princess. Honestly TP is the best old game I have played so far) (I can't belive the abreviation for that game is TP)







miscellaneous: I collect legos and put them in my "Lego Tactics" game I made (basically Dragon Tactics with legos.)  I collect lightsabers and practice almost every day. I actually know how to build a real "lightsaber."



















Now for those codes:

Lavaeater: Eruptadon egg (yes my dragon is named after the code)

Cloudcover: Stormcutter armour

Takeflight: Skyrunner flightsuit (Don't know if this works anymore since the suit us supposetdly in the store now. I use it before it went into the store.)

SkrillThrill: Lightning skrill armour (no shoulder pads)













See Ya

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Other spots

There's a few spots you missed:


Training Grounds

- to the left of TRR,  it's near the wall by the big fire (you'll have to fly a ways to get there)


The School

 - coming out of the hatchery, it's on the right side near the Great Hall building

 - down the stairs from the fishing pond and near the big fire

 - in front of the school, on the left side of the Hall building (if you're facing away from the map)


The Lookout

 - on the ledge near the telescope


Just in case it wasn't mentioned, there is always one, and only one, coin or ad chest for each time you enter an area. This means that if you, say, enter the lookout and there's a chest in front of the greenhouse, that will be the only coin/ad chest in the lookout UNLESS you leave the lookout (by entering eel roast, going to a different area, etc.). If you don't see one after checking all the spots, you likely just skipped over it or something. It will be there.


Anyway, hope this helps. Stay safe and have a great week everyone!

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What do you mean by TRR?

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TRR is the abbreviation for

TRR is the abbreviation for Thunder Run Racing.

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oh right

Yeah i just found that chest. There is a gem chest on the farthest one

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last bit not true

thanks for the extra spots! But I just wanna point out that your last thing with there only being one chest is not true. Or not anymore at least :)


An ad chest and a blue coin chest right next to each other. iPad, Lookout under the starting point at the left side of the map (it has been marked with a red dot on OP's images further down in this thread).


And also: I think maybe the game doesn't care where the chests are, as long as you haven't reached the daily max of ad chests. I got an ad chest at the Lookout. Went to the School and back to Lookout and got another ad chest! But couldn't find any more after opening 5 chests, no matter where I looked. 


Before I knew about the ad chests (I always play on computer), I felt that often I could find ONE coin chest and ONE gem chest - so maximum one of each every place I went. And sometimes none at all (I looked everywhere, so sometimes it saves time just to reload that area without looking everywhere). And now on iPad I think also maybe just one of each and maybe limited to 2 chests per area?  I don't know that yet though..


AND another thing: the coins chests are definitely worth it too, as coins are easy to grind. Just got 3 eggs in like 30 minutes (2 Zipplebacks from 200 chests, and a Typhoomerang from a 72 chest) - so also get those !!


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[since I haven't figured out how to delete images in the forum account's file archive, a bunch of images of my dragons will from time to time disappear due to the free online photo uploader services deleting old stuff

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Here SHOULD have been some majestic images of:

Galazio - my Stormcutter

Zeidon - my Thunderdrum

Nightflame - my Deadly Nadder

Dreximos - my Speedstinger

Nyx - my Smothering Smokebreath

Arazon - my Sand Wraith


Maybe some day I will pull myself together and make some new ones since I seem to have lost them :(


My faves atm are:
Dreximos the Speedstinger, Makrys the Windwalker, Galazio the Stormcutter, Arazon the Sand Wraith and Kouthiras the Silver Phantom





Kharybdis - Whispering Death lvl 15
​Named after the Greek legend of the Strait of Messina

Nightflame - Deadly Nadder lvl 25

My first dragon, named for it's previous colors

Nyx - Smothering Smokebreath lvl 21

Named after the Greek personification of Night

Zephyros - Typhoomerang lvl 12

Inspiration from the Greek word for typhoon, tyfónas

Boreas - Titan Snow Wraith lvl 20

​Named after the Greek god of the North Wind, bringer of winter

Zeidon - Thunderdrum lvl 16

My second dragon, named after the Greek gods Zeus and Poseidon

Arazon - Sand Wraith lvl 24

Inspiration by the Amazons from Greek and Roman mythology

Dreximos - Speed Stinger lvl 23

Inspiration from the Greek word for run, tréximo

Rouna - Titan Monstrous Nightmare lvl 21

Inspiration from the latin, Luna

Fyrox - Boneknapper lvl 10
​Inspiration from the Greek word for guarding, fyrixi

Hephaestus - Typhoomerang lvl 4
​Named after the Greek god of smithy, Hephaestus

Galazio - Titan Stormcutter lvl 24

Inspiration from the Greek word for galaxy, galaxías

Prisma - Death Song lvl 11
Inspiration from the Greek word for lullaby, ​nanoúrisma

Makrys - Windwalker lvl 20
​Inspiration from the Greek word for long, ​makrýs

Erimia - Titan Scuttleclaw lvl 22

​Inspiration from the Greek word for wilderness, erimiá

Akhlys - Flamewhipper lvl 10
Named after the Greek personification of the Death Mist, a posion goddess
Astrali - Razorwhip lvl 4
​Inspiration from the Greek word for steel, ​atsáli

Kouthiras - Silver Phantom lvl 10

​Inspiration from the Greek words for butane and spark, ​voutánio and spinthíras

Trizox - Triple Stryke lvl 10

​Inspiration from the Greek word for three, ​trítos

Hephaestus - Eruptodon lvl 10
​Named after the Greek god of smithy, Hephaestus (seemed more fitting for this dragon)

Thyella - Skrill lvl 1

​Inspiration from the Greek word for thunderous, thyellódis

Ereipia - Sentinel lvl 6

​Inspiration from the Greek word for ruins, ereípia

Vanera - Scauldron lvl 14

​Inspiration from the Greek words for deep water, vathýs nerá

Zafeiri - Whispering Death lvl 11
​Inspiration from the Greek word for saphire, zafeíri

Neo - Gronckle lvl 10
​Inspiration from the Greek word for brave, neo

Skia - Changewing lvl 10
​Inspiration from the Greek word for shadow

Chionia - Groncicle lvl 10
​Named after the Greek goddess of ice, Chione

Greek Fire - Hideous Zippleback lvl 8
​For some reason my name with "&" wasen't allowed, so Greek Fire it is

​​Kathris - Singetail lvl 9
Inspiration from the Greek word for lime

Thorakis - Armorwing lvl 10
Inspiration from the Greek word for armor, ​thorákisi




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thank you

they are everywhere. i have found a lot, but never thought to open them. 

thank you for telling me that they give you eggs and stables.



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Maps updated

Hi, fellow Dragon Riders!


My exams IRL are finally over, I'm coming back for an update on the maps...


So, I compiled the locations you gave for the three major areas that are the School, the Lookout and the Training Grounds. So I made three new maps.


The color code is simple :

- Blue target is for the locations that are directly visible with the aerial view,

- Red targets chests are found under the cliff, usually on the beach under it.

All the locations are verified, either by some of you or me. If neither of us have found other chests, that doesn't mean there are no other, so keep in mind that the maps might evolve if new chests are found in these areas.


Same as before, you have the locations screenshot and the blank screenshot:


School (the one near the slope to Lookout is approximate):



Lookout (it feels even empty... There might be unfound chests... Maybe in the cliff's tunnels?):



Training Grounds:




So, here are the found locations for ads chests, in the School, Lookout and Training Grounds. Little reminder that this kind of chests can only be found on mobile or, as some of you confirmed it, on tablets too.


As for the other islands, there are many, feel free to contribute with a screenshot or a description of the area if you find an ad chest. But I don't think I'll make maps for other islands, as it seems most of us open the ads chests in the main areas near the School.


Hope that helps! Thanks again for all of you that helped by giving locations! Kudos to you all!


See you in the skies of the School!




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Cassian chased away my subject again...

Thank you for putting so much effort into this! It's very helpful.

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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP



I can't find any of the chests atm, which I'm assuming is because it's Snoggletog. Once the event ends I'll be on the lookout for these. Thank you everyone who put effort into this!


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Old armor stats can be found on this chart:


And locations of video chests for mobile players can be found here:

Ads Chests in the Wilderness | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon Games


An awesome analysis on a bunch of HTTYD 3 flaws.

The Issues with How To Train Your Dragon - The Hidden World - Ethan_Joseph - How to Train Your Dragon (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]