Adopt a Rabbit! (or rabbits, actually)

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A little later than promised, life got in the way, but here we are! Give me a few minutes to get everything set up, please DO NOT REPLY YET.




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Without further ado, here are the adoptable bunnies!




Muffin is the rare rabbit who actually enjoys being carried around – as long as you hold him comfortably. Extremely affectionate, he will jump up onto your lap or curl up next to you on the couch. As long as he receives affection, he’s happy. The downside to this is that he gets lonely when left alone for too long, for example when at work. He needs a partner willing and able to fill up his cuddling quota – and preferably exceed it.

STATUS: Adopted by Sohki



Wolf is an energetic, active rabbit, hobbling after you wherever you go. He needs to be kept busy though, else his curiosity turns destructive and he starts gnawing on the electricity cables and tearing the wallpaper. This tendency is also the reason he ended up in the shelter at the first place: his owner complained he was trashing the place.

When Wolf’s energy is guided properly however, he’s an incredibly fun rabbit to have. He can be entertained for hours with agility obstacles like a tunnel, a seesaw or just a plain hurdle to jump over. And when his energy is finally spent, he’d like a partner to flop down against.

STATUS: Adopted by toothless0603



Binky and his brother were bought at a pet store, with assurances from the seller that two rabbits from the same litter wouldn’t start fighting. Well, guess what. Upon entering puberty, the two brothers decided they didn’t like each other after all, facing their owners with a hard decision.  Lacking the room and resources to give both brothers a partner of their own and keep four rabbits, they made the incredibly hard decision to trade Binky for a doe for their other rabbit.

Named for the funny jumps rabbits make when happy, Binky is an incredibly cheerful bunny. The only thing missing from his happiness is an equally bouncy partner and a home.

STATUS: Adopted by The Seashocker Tamer



Nibble is a very enthusiastic bunny, who loves playing and just attention in general. Be it from humans or from a partner. He will often hop up to you and solicit a petting by bumping his nose into your leg. Or whatever part of your body is within easy access, really.

Sometimes too smart for his own good, Nibble can learn tricks very easily, as long as there is food involved. But be careful, this also means he picks up things you might not necessarily want him to. He could use a partner who keeps him out of trouble.

STATUS: Adopted by InkyDigiWing

CAN'T GO WITH: Daffodil, Hazel


Hazel is the result of an escaped tame rabbit mating with a wild rabbit. This means he still possesses a lot of the instincts of wild rabbits, and that he is not too happy around humans. If you try to pet him, he might have a heart attack. This is a rabbit to leave be and just look at. Being half-wild, Hazel still exhibits many behaviours of wild rabbits, which is fascinating to watch. But if you want a rabbit to cuddle with, don’t pick him.

The best partner for Hazel would probably be a confident, but not overly dominant rabbit. If you pick an affectionate rabbit and they get along, you have a bunny to cuddle with and he has someone to make him feel safe. Win-win for everyone.

STATUS: Adopted by StormShear57



Flappy was saved from being Christmas dinner by a true angel, who brought him to the shelter to find a partner and a home. He’s a little shy at first, but eventually shows himself to be a very laid-back and relaxed rabbit. He’s looking for an easy-going partner to chill with.

STATUS: Adopted by Warmetalgarurumon



Thumper is a pure-bred Blanc de Hotot, discarded because his markings weren’t perfect, making him useless for breeding. Fortunately for him, he found his way into the shelter and not into the zoo as snake food. Easily scared and shy, Thumper would be happiest with a brave, protective partner to lean on.

STATUS: Adopted by Flitt



Twitch is an exceptionally scared rabbit. His past is shrouded in mystery, but it is suspected he might have been mistreated early in his life. Possibly by a man, since he seems far more scared of them than of women. This fear extends to his behaviour arounds rabbits as well: he is extremely submissive and terrified by sudden moves.

If you are willing to invest enough time and patience, you might be able to bring Twitch out of his shell…but be warned: it’s going to be a long road.

STATUS: Adopted by Flitt



Just like his namesake, Panda would gladly eat all day if it were up to him, paying little mind to anything else. Due to this, future owners need to keep an eye on his weight, perhaps pair him with a confident partner who takes their share of the food right out of his mouth if they have to.

STATUS: Adopted by ninjadragon



It’s not hard to see how Checkers got his name. It might not be entirely fitting though, because this is an extremely clumsy rabbit, to the point where his eyesight was checked to make sure he wasn’t just blind.

He might need a partner who shows him how to do things like climb and hop onto something, because if he has to figure it out himself it’ll surely end in disaster and a very confused rabbit.

STATUS: Adopted by The Seashocker Tamer



Spot, aptly named, might look fierce, but in reality he’s just a level-headed bunny. He’s not easily spooked, but the downside is that it is also hard to get him excited for something. He’d be perfectly happy just lounging about all day long. He could use a partner who spurs him into some activity.

STATUS: Adopted by xXNightValorXx

CAN'T GO WITH: Chihuahua


Sam (previously known as Sara – you get the gist) wasn’t at all pleased with his son's and daughters' raging hormones and didn’t hesitate to snap back when one of them overstepped his limits. Of course, that doesn’t really work anymore once your kids have reached your size. The once happy family turned into a tumultuous mass of fighting rabbits and had to be separated. Any attempts to reintroduce them failed, so Sam is looking for a new partner.

STATUS: Adopted by SilverAceWing

CAN'T GO WITH: Dot, Bowser, Tundra, Chihuahua


Out of the three siblings, Bowser is the biggest and... well, baddest is a strong word, but let’s say he has no issues with taking advantage of less confident rabbits. To put it very bluntly, he’s a bit of a bully. A mentally and physically sturdy partner would probably be best.

STATUS: Adopted by xXNightValorXx

CAN'T GO WITH: Sam, Dot, Tundra, Chihuahua





Despite the name, Fluffy is not exactly the ball of fluff she looks to be. Not that she’s mean or anything, but she has her own opinions on things. Food, for example, needs to be brought to her immediately and if she decides you’re taking too long, you can expect a growl and a thump to hurry up. Also her territory is hers and woe betide you if she decides she doesn’t want you there. She won’t outright attack, but a little nip should be expected.

To other rabbits, she’s moderately dominant and shouldn’t be too hard to match. Just watch out to make sure she’s not hogging all the food.

STATUS: Adopted by SilverAceWing



Moa ended up in the shelter through…well, no one’s fault, really. Her owner lost her job, and had to move to a small apartment, where she had neither the room nor the money to take care of her rabbit. So she brought Moa to the shelter to give her a chance at a home and a partner.

Moa is very calm and collected, preferring to observe rather than engage. This does not mean that she is in any way shy or uncertain however. On the contrary, she will not stand for anyone trying to dominate her. She is in charge, period.

Moa needs a partner who can give a little pushback. If paired with a very submissive rabbit, she might take to bullying them.

STATUS: Adopted by Warmetalgarurumon



Appropriately named, Sunny is a ray of sunshine. She’s always happy, running after you wherever you go and friendly to everyone. It’s a real miracle no one’s adopted her yet…

STATUS: Adopted by Sohki



Lucy’s story is, sadly, an all too familiar one. Bought at a pet store by people who succumbed to the pleas of their kids without any real idea of what they were getting into. The 600gram baby quickly grew into a 2kilo lady who refused to put up with the indignity of being toted around by children. A snap and a bite later found her in the shelter with “behavioral problems”.

Understandably, Lucy is not very fond of humans. Good as food providers, but don’t expect to get an affectionate rabbit. She is very good with other rabbits though, slightly dominant but there’s really no harm in her. All she wants is a little respect.

STATUS: Adopted by StormShear57



Cocoa is a very athletic rabbit. Jumping onto the counter is a piece of cake for her, and she outruns pretty much anyone with ease. She’s not really one for sitting still, except when the TV is on. She’ll happily sit on your lap watching TV for hours, seeming to have a preference for sports programmes. She’d probably like a partner who is as active as she is, to race with.

STATUS: Adopted by The Seashocker Tamer



Rose was found on the street. Probably set free by her owner who mistakenly thought a life of freedom is the best life for a bunny to have. Unfortunately, tame rabbits have been bred by humans for centuries, and have lost all instincts needed to survive. They don’t know what is safe to eat or to run from a predator, and usually within days. Rose was lucky. A passerby noticed the clearly not wild rabbit and called the shelter to pick her up.

Despite her ordeal, Rose is not a nervous rabbit. She is confident, a tad dominant, and knows exactly what she wants: a partner and a home.

STATUS: Adopted by InkyDigiWing



Daffodil was part of an oops-litter. Her owners thought they had bought two females, but a surprise litter appearing in the pen one morning proved them wrong. Her father was neutered and lives happily ever after with her mother, but their kittens were brought to the shelter in hopes of finding good homes.

All of her siblings have been adopted, Daffodil is the last one left. Why? No one knows. Daffodil is healthy, happy, and ready to start a new life.

STATUS: Adopted by toothless0603



Pearl, despite her sweet and innocent nature, has been waiting on a new home for a while. People are put off by her red eyes, it seems. Like she can help it. Pearl is an incredibly sweet little bunny, gets along with most anyone and will be a wonderful pet for someone willing to look past her looks.

STATUS: Adopted by Flitt



Twyla was bought at a pet store. Unusually, her owners had in fact done some serious research before getting her, so they got her with a male who they had neutered once they got older. Unfortunately, her case shows that it isn’t just gender playing a role when putting two rabbits together. Twyla and her partner just didn’t like each other, which became apparent when they were six months old and entered puberty. They developed their own personality, and they didn’t match. Her owners did the responsible and hard thing, and brought her to the shelter while taking out another female for their male. Twyla is a bit dominant and, unusually, doesn’t show a preference for males over females.

STATUS: Adopted by xXNightValorXx

CAN'T GO WITH: Chihuahua


Juniper’s owner died, causing her and her partner to be sent to the shelter. Unfortunately, her partner died soon after arriving, leaving poor Juniper all alone. She hasn’t been eating very well and mostly just sits quietly in a corner. What she needs is quite obvious, and she isn’t picky about it.

STATUS: Adopted by Solveig the Fair



Classic story: one of the females turned out to be a male, and a month after arriving in her new home Dot became a mother of three. All very cute, until they grew up and started fighting amongst each other.

Those rabbits turned out to be a lot more trouble than expected and the kids had lost interest anyway, so their owners dumped the whole quintet at the shelter.

Due to their traumatic history, all five of the rabbits now have ba.d associations with each other and can’t be adopted together anymore. Dot’s very sweet though, and shouldn’t be hard to match.

STATUS: Adopted by ninjadragon

CAN'T GO WITH: Sam, Bowser, Tundra, Chihuahua


Poor Tundra got the worst of the fighting between her siblings. Her ear healed, but the mental scars persisted. She’s developed a fear of other rabbits and, by extension, humans, and needs a gentle, solid partner she can trust.

STATUS: Adopted by Silver Phantom

CAN'T GO WITH: Dot, Sam, Bowser, Chihuahua


Chihuahua, Chi for short, is the smallest of the litter, although it didn't get quite bad enough for her to be hand-fed. This has never stopped her however, and it is suspected she is responsible for Bowser's scar. In her mind, she is a giant, and she lets no one tell her what to do.

STATUS: Adopted by Warmetalgarurumon

CAN'T GO WITH: Dot, Sam, Bowser, Tundra, Spot, Twyla



I also have three pre-existing couples. With these, you don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting for a combination to be approved, but ask me first if you can adopt them, please.

Yin and Yang are brother and sister. Inseparable from birth, they were truly miserable during the few weeks they had to be apart for Yang to be neutered. Putting them back together was a heartwarming sight: they cuddled and licked each other for hours.

These two belong together, and can only go to a new home together. They’re friendly and curious, but also independent. They won’t say no to a petting every now and then, but most of their cuddles they get from each other.

STATUS: Adopted by Solveig the Fair


Cherry and Apple were brought in together. Their owner went to a nursing home and pets weren’t allowed there. The two have been together all their lives and find support with each other, which is why they can only be adopted together.

They can be a little shy at first, but in a few weeks they open up to new humans and reveal themselves to be very friendly, polite family members. They lack any destructive tendencies, so you can leave them hopping about all day long.

STATUS: Adopted by ninjadragon


Lily and Waffle are escape artists. Able to get out of practically any enclosure, they’ve even been seen working together to accomplish this. One of them holding the wire up for the other to slip underneath. But don’t worry, they always come back home at the end of the day. That’s where the food is, after all.

STATUS: Adopted by xXNightValorXx



How this works

Rabbits are social animals and should always be kept together. But if you put two completely random rabbits together, you’ll be lucky to have one left alive the next day. If you want to introduce two rabbits, you have to do it in a neutral area (someplace neither rabbit can claim as theirs) and keep a close eye on them. Which is what we’re going to do here.

Whether two rabbits like each other mostly depends on their personalities, but the genders play a role too. The match with the greatest chance of success is male-female. Male-male or female-female couples may work when they’re young, but when they grow up they almost always start fighting. Of course there are exceptions, but the recommended partnering is one of the opposite gender.

There’s no form here, all you have to do is propose a combination of the above rabbits and if they match (which is decided by me and a random generator) you can adopt them. Put them in your siggy or wherever you want, as long as you credit me.


The Rules

  1. You cannot adopt any rabbits unless I’ve given you the green light for your proposed combination.
  2. It’s first come, first serve, so no spot saving. It’ll be too hard for me to keep track of who asked for a rabbit first. I also don’t think spot saving will be necessary, since literally all you have to do is pick two rabbits and cross your fingers.
  3. If you want a rabbit already requested by someone above you, hope their combination fails. If it does, I will try your combination next. If their combination succeeds however, too bad for you, you have to pick another rabbit that hasn’t been adopted yet. Keeping track of this is your own responsibility, so read what people above you have tried before posting.
  4. Every combination of rabbits can only be tried once. If your chosen two don’t work out, you can pick another partner for one of them and give up the other. I will keep track of failed combinations in this post.
  5. You can rename them if you want, I guess…? Just run any possible names by me first. I reserve the right to veto a name.
  6. All the males are neutered, so you can’t ask for a litter from your rabbits.
  7. You can adopt as many as you want, as long as they get along. Keep in mind here that it’s easier to put three unfamiliar rabbits together and hope they figure it out on their own than try to add a lone rabbit to an existing duo.
  8. There is no predetermined order to this, it’s not a puzzle. Which rabbits are adopted together depends entirely on the combinations you decide. If we end up with remaining rabbits that don’t go together, I will make more. If there are none left and people still want to adopt, I’ll also make more.
  9. Do not reply to anyone else’s posts, or mine when there’s a DNR in it.
  10. If you’ve read the entire thing, put the sound a rabbit makes in your subject line.


The Loophole

One of the above rabbits is based on one of my own. This can also be a rabbit that’s been adopted already. If you think you know which one it is, PM me with your guess and if you’re right on your first try, I’ll let you design a rabbit of your own. You could base them on one of your dragons if you want. Keep it realistic though, I don’t want to do green rabbits. I also won’t do exact duplicates of the rabbits above.

Your customized rabbit still needs a partner, so you have to submit a personality and propose a partner for them on this thread. Same rules apply, I decide if a combination works.

To help you figure it out, here are some clues:

I have more than one color to show
To join me, your best chance is a doe

Two proudly standing ears adorn my face
Which of my peers are still in the race?

Still don't see me? Okay, how's this:
My unique hairdo makes me hard to miss!


Examples of customized rabbits:

Pyxis, for Flitt

Babette, for Silver Phantom

Celestia, for The Seashocker Tamer

Splash, for Solveig the Fair




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A post just in case, and also for questions.


You may now reply! (But not directly!)

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Uh, frm?

They are so cute!! May I try Twitch and Pearl?


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Eh, close enough

Twitch freezes with fear when he is put in a neutral pen with Pearl. Whenever she tries a friendly approach, he bolts like she’s attacking him, leaving her very confused. When there is no improvement hours later, you are about to give up on the two of them together, thinking this is causing Twitch far too much stress.

But then something finally seems to click in Pearl’s brain, and she switches tactics to entirely ignoring Twitch.

Now that he thinks she’s forgotten about him, Twitch’s natural (if deeply buried) curiosity takes over and he makes his way over to Pearl at a snail’s pace, ready to run at a moment’s notice. She sits motionless as he checks her out, sniffing all over. When he finally makes it to her head, she gives him a very gentle lick over his forehead, and you watch in astonishment as all the tension b.leeds out of him. He snuggles up next to her, grateful for his new protector.


Congratulations! These two are all yours!

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Awwwwww *watches with a smile* thank you!!

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Don’t they squeak sometimes?

May I adopt Yin and Yang? I wasn’t actually planning on adopting any, but I fell in love with these two!



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Nah, that's guinea pigs

After taking them home, Yin and Yang spend the entire day investigating their new surroundings, sticking to each other's sides and mostly ignoring you. But when you sit down on the couch that evening, they hop up and settle down beside you, Yang on the outside and Yin sandwiched in between.


You sure can! 

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Solveig the Fair
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Yay, thank you! :D I’ve never owned a rabbit, but I would love to someday

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Can i get Nibbles and

Can i get Nibbles and Daffodil? :)




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What sound does a rabbit make?

Things with Daffodil and Nibble start out promising. They sniff at each other and then take a few hops away. This continues for most of the day, so you decide to leave them for a few minutes for a bathroom break.

When you return, Nibble is sitting very quietly in one corner and there are scraps of brown fur all over the place. As you watch, Daffodil charges at Nibble with her ears back and her tail up. He evades her just in time, and she chases him growling three times around the pen before you manage to grab Nibble and pull him out of harm's way. You don’t know what happened during your bathroom break, but any chance at friendship between these two is gone.


Sorry, but you will have to try another combination.

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Nibble and Hazel?

Nibble and Hazel?

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Two males...

Despite knowing two males usually don't go well together, you try, hoping for an exception. No such luck. Within minutes of meeting each other, the two are rolling across the ground in a clump of fur, each trying to get at the other's throat. You manage to tear them apart with great difficulty and take them away from the battlefield.

The rabbits seem fine, but your own hands are littered with painful scratches. Definitely not a good combo.


Nope, sorry. If you're really set on one of these two, I suggest pairing them with a female.

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Nibbles and Rose?

Nibbles and Rose?

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Really set on Nibble, aren't you?

Third attempt. This time with Rose. It doesn't look so good at first. Maybe Nibble is still giving off a scared impression from Daffodil, but Rose wastes no time pouncing on him, chasing him relentlessly. You're about to intervene, when Nibble suddenly stops, turns around, and starts licking a surprised Rose all over like his life depends on it. Possibly it does.

In any case, it seems to do the trick. Rose settles down and lets herself be washed by Nibble, and accepts his presence thereafter. It takes several days, but these two grow on each other as time passes.


Third time's a charm, here you go!

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Yep i immediately love him at

Yep i immediately love him at first sight now i love rose too!

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The Seashocker Tamer
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Um...purr purr? No, that's a about thump thump? XD

Can I try Binky and Cocoa? These rabbits are adorable btw!!!!








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                      Now that that's out of the way....   


                                      Main Viking:

                                  Seashoker Tamer       

Friend Code: Pm me for it

Main/Fav Ingame dragon: Titan w​ooly howl or Silver phantom, can't choose! 

Clan: Isle of Gazoo

Trophies:2,000 and counting!

Number of dragons (not including eggs):43

Adventurer Level: 50

Fishing level:14

Dragon Bonding level:50

Farming Level:21

UDT Points: 233865 and counting!

Weapon of choice: sword or mace (particulary macy the mace) XD

                                Secondary Viking:


Main dragon: Rumblehorn

Clan: DVMA

                             Out of Game info:

Favorite color: Royal/saphire blue

Main hobby: writing and/or listening to music if that counts as a hobby

Favorite season: winter (so peaceful! Especially with snow on the ground )

Gender: Female

Favorite type of music: edm

Favorite quote:                                                                    


 I guess you can call me a SOD veteran, I started in 2014 but then my account deleted and I took a LOOOOOOONG hiatus afterward, haha. I am OK in racing, I have my good days and bad. I recently moved to sunny CA but used to live in Chicago. I am proud to say I am a Jehovah's Witness, been regular pioneering since 2016 and that is my main priorty in life. It was the best decision I ever made. I'm also an animal lover, I have an Indian Ringneck Parrot, 2 betta's, 2 mastiffs, 3 quail, and 14 chickens (hopefully a horse soon)!



Banner by EmeraldHuntress65                    


But enough me! 

         Here are some of my favorite memes, screenshots and wonderfully done art!

This is my titan woolly howl who was drawn magnificently by Madoka. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful

work of art!     


                         My girl Joshie was made stunningly by Tigerli1y!                             

                    Another beautiful masterpiece of Joshie done by Sohki!                 



Here is my extremely rare Titan Light Woolly made by Kasanelover!



This is azul who always hangs around my shoulder and loves looking in the mirror. (Made beautifully by Belubel)


                                 The end!   (For now....)











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They do thump thump, but I was looking for another sound XD

Binky at first seems rather overwhelmed by Cocoa, who races around him faster than he can follow. Once she tires herself out however, he approaches curiously and bumps her with his nose, like a kitten inviting an older cat to play. When she doesn't respond, he flops down at a respectable distance from her. They stay that way for a while.

When you come with food, they both shoot upright and then each seem surprised at the other's enthusiasm. They approach each other more slowly this time and a few careful licks are exchanged. They eat side by side.

An hour later, you see a brown and a white blur racing about and hurry to intervene. But then you realize the racing is playful and you see Binky performing the funny jumps he was named for. Once crazy hour is over, they flop down against each other and you smile. They'll be fine together.


These two are all yours! And thank you, I rather like the way they came out :)

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The Seashocker Tamer
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Fine! How about sniff sniff?? XD

Yayyyyy! My two energy balls work great together! I shall run all over the house trying to make sure they don't break anything precious or they hit something hard XD Tysm! 

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Uh... Boing? Sniff sniff? Does a rabbit even make sounds?

Yay I was so excited to see your rabbit adopts up! They are indeed cute and fluffy! May I try Wolf and Daffodil?


GIF aminal stickers aminals bee - animated GIF on GIFER - by MalonnWelcome everyone to my siggy! GIF aminal stickers aminals bee - animated GIF on GIFER - by Malonn

(banner by the amazing EmeraldHuntress!)

(Profile pic is made by the amazing DyliehIdol)



I'm a proud Christian and I believe Jesus Christ has died for me!

"All roads lead to God, only one leads to heaven," -Greg Laurie


"Her soul belongs to words and books. Every time she reads, she is home." -Unknown


I'm female

I live in 'Murcia where everything is on literal and metaphorical fire


Pancake says hello! 

(Made by the wonderful Sohki!)


I enjoy:

Writing (mostly AUs at the moment)

Roleplaying (Scifi, Multiverse, fantasy, fictional, httyd)

Creating way too many OCs... (over 100) and then torturing said OCs

Drawing/ doing art stuff (Yes, I do take requests, and you can PM me for one!)

The colors purple, red, black, gray, blue and yellow

Music/ Singing (Beth Crowley, Sleeping at Last, Evenesance, Within Temptation)

Jellyfish (They are the best sea creatures)

Dragons!! (obviously, I mean why else would I be here?)

Cats!! (Ahem, Warriors fan here)

Horses! (SSO player at your service...No, I will not build you a bridge)

Hybrids (Ikran, dragon and wolf hybrids specifically)

Full-moon monstrosities/monsters (Aka weremonsters, or more specifically werehorses)

Watching: ATLA/LoK, The Tales of Arcadia series, Starwars CloneWars, anything HTTYD, Danny Phantom, Ultimate Spiderman, Gravity falls, BNA, Glitch Techs, My Hero Academia, etc.


(Erin my Ikran-fury animated by the wonderful TigerLily!)

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Also this siggy will always be under construction. Please be aware of your surroundings, we've also been having a slight demon problem and your safety is always in mind.

(Blinko By Chameishida)

He's gonna make sure you behave, he's a demon himself you know.


Look! A new art thing! Featuring art! Much wow!


Art by the wonderful DyliehIdol, ZestyDragonWing, AMAZEing, Flitt, MoonFyre, AndreaEaston, SpeedyLeaf, TosiLohi, WoollyHowlEra, Aetherna and more!















Don't worry :3 have a jellyfish!

Yesssss Jellyfish >:D 


















Huh... Your really into reading this siggy... Did you read my warning then? Perhaps not since you don't look okay... You're not possesed now are you? Are you- OH HECK YOU'RE POSSESSED! *runs away screaming*


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They do, but I'll admit they are not the most vocal of animals

Daffodil at first tries to boss over Wolf, but it soon becomes apparent he's having none of it. Every time she tries to mount him, he turns around and gives her a whack. It takes a few hours, and you hover over them anxiously the entire time, but things don't turn violent and finally Daffodil agrees to lick Wolf when he pushes his nose under her chin, settling into the order of this relationship. Once she does, he grows gentler towards her, licking her too every once in a while. Not too often though, in case she gets too full of herself. 


Enjoy these two! Cute and fluffy, as promised XD

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Huh I have learned something today :D

Yay! These two shall have a good life- away from all my cattos :P

Thank you so much! :D

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Ooo ooo (Is that what they make?)

May I try to adopt Muffin and Sunny? :)


Astallara (right), my fierce venturer and food provider for the members of my siggy, and her companions (Pyrisýs [left], Nixchión [top left], Catfish [top right]), by the epically mighty Andrea!!

Click/press on Astallara or Nixchión to see their respective backstories. ;D


The gorgeous art you see above was done by none other than Flitt Ingerman. Thanks so much, Flitt!!


This awesomely adorable pic of Chakoel was drawn by Izzy. THANK YOUUU!!


This utter MASTERPIECE was done by Frugal Tilko. Thank you to infinity!!!!!!!


An utterly fantastic banner for my best bud, created by Dragonrider's Fury!! THANK YOU SO MUCCCHHHHH!


This beautiful image of my mug, Chako and Ritherrinth was made by Relief Moor. Thanks A LOT; I LOVE IT!!


A pixelated Chakoel, depicted in a wondrously incredible fashion by Drake the Dragon!!! Thank you SO VERY much!


This is an edited screenshot, taken on Chakoel's FIRST BIRTHDAY, created by the entirely awesome Dylieh! THANKS A TON! :D


Our epic struggle against Revo͝olmiya, depicted by Frugal Tilko!! THANK YOU BEYOND THE EDGES OF SPACE!!!


Megaboltphoenix was the author of this gem!! THANK YOU A LOT!!!!!


This superb portrait of my buddy and I was created by Dragon34611!! I send you extreme and wholehearted "THANK YOU"S!!


My boy in his favorite element, crafted by the one-and-only Toothless0603!!!!!! Thaaank youuu for this absolutely STUNNING drawing!!!


A mystifying image of Chako during Dreadfall (2020), by the genius Frost Shards!!! THANK YOU!!!


Click/press HERE for a Windwalker nestling of your own! :)

Mocha and Cocoa, the brave and valiant siggy guardians.

Far above them, Mug and Coffee welcome you kindly to the siggy.


If you would like a mug hatchling (there're currently seven species available), click or press HERE! :)

Cinnamon, the wise and thoughtful siggy sage for my dragons who need one.

To be directed to Cinnamon the Sage's shining art gallery, fashioned by brilliant vikings, press/click on this sentence. ;3


If you're interested in obtaining a customizable Seashocker still, press/click HERE!


My Ludicrous Self:

The above art (left) is by Soulofthefoxy!!

*Hello!! My name is Sohkirys! Chakoel is my chief dragon companion; we race, swim, explore and fly the skies together. 

*I love writing, making/watching films and am an utterly proud servent of Jesus!!!

*Feel free to ask me anything; I'll do whatever I can to help! You all are awesome; thank you so much for reading!!


*"Aren't five sparrows sold for two pennies? But God does not forget even one of them" (Luke 12:6, NIrV).


*"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13, ESV).


Ralgarr the Deathwalker (by Flitt), Rärle the Deathglider (by Chameishida) and Ryis the Tidegripper (by Chameishida)!


Top 5 Favorite Dragons:

1. Windwalker

2. Sliquifier

3. Deathgripper

4. Tide Glider

5. Egg Biter

My favorite class is Tidal! Strike is my second favorite!!


Top 5 Favorite Animated Films:

1. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

2. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)

3. Kung Fu Panda (2008)

4. The Land Before Time (1988)

5. The Lion King (1994)

My favorite non-animated trilogy is lotr! ;D


Top 5 Favorite TV Series:

1. The X-Files (1993-2018)

2. Steins;Gate + Steins;Gate 0 (2011-2015, 2018)

3. Code Geass (2006-2008)

4. Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011)

5. Durarara!! + Durarara!!x2 (2010-2011, 2015-2016)


Top 5 Favorite Books/Series:

1. lotr (1954-1955)

2. The Children of Húrin (2007)

3. HTTYD (2003-2015)

4. Beowulf (2001)

5. Harry Potter (1997-2007)


Top 5 Favorite Colors:

1. Dark Blue

2. Dark Purple

3. Dark Brown

4. Black

5. Gray


Top 5 Favorite Foods:

1. Mac 'n' Cheese

2. Hash Brown Casserole

3. Crab Rangoon

4. Orange

5. Chicken Enchilada


Thus, thou hast gleaned the fundamental elements of my soul. ;)


My Favorite Vikings:

This section got demolished by the cruel siggy glitches... give me a sec while I repair this.


My Glistening Beasts:

Both versions of Seabelly were made stupendously by the stupendous SilverWing!!







Chol and I, nobly prepared for battle--behold this epicness by the even more epic Dylieh!!



An astonishing artpiece by the astounding, awesome and talented Tigerli1y!!!!









Ever so elegantly place your finger (or your true and loyal mouse) upon this link and press (or click XD) if you would like to see the other members of my gallant drago tribe. :)


Herein exists the Dragon Nursery,

whose inhabitants are guarded by Accithera the Griffin (by Speedyleaf), Vatn the Whale Dragon (by Frugal Tilko) and Cïrhmoa the Manticore (by Speedyleaf).

The inhabitants--Black, Cream, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Spice and Pumpkin--bid you farewell. :)

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Eh, not exactly... they're not pigeons XD

Muffin and Sunny is a true case of love at first sight. They greet each other without a trace of fear and are licking and cuddling together in minutes. Anyone who sees them together gets a warm fuzzy feeling in their chest...rabbit love is something very beautiful <3


A wholehearted yes for these two!

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Ohhhhh. Whoops XD

:DDDDDDDDD YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! They shall be cuddled and loved and given good lives! ;3



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Yay, they're here!!!

Can I do Lucy and Hazel? Hehe, I have fallen in love with Hazel. I'm hoping for rabbits who won't bee too lonely when I'm not online.


Credit goes to Aussie the second



credit for these two goes to Lady fighter


gif by WoollyHowlEra




and now that that's out of the way. . . 



Hey all, and welcome to my








Blackfyre, my Signature Guardian (and Night Fury OC), drawn by AMAZIEing




[more] banners by Lady fighter :) thank you so much!



gif of Hurricane the baby Seashocker, made by the utterly amazing Sohki!! TYSM!!!!



So. . . where to start? Why my username is what it is? Okay. I can safely say that it was inspired by Hookless's name (Hookfang + Toothless) ----- as in, Stormfly + Windshear (along with my second-favorite number, 57).

This is a little random, but a song that I love is The Dark Before the Dawn, by Andrew Peterson. A lyric video for that can be found by clicking/tapping on this link


I am a teenage girl, a HUGE Loki fan, a bit of a Tom Hiddleston fan, ProLife, and Christian. I have two rabbits, and am a little. . . *clears throat* . . . obsessed with dragons. I enjoy creative writing and a little bit of drawing in my spare time. I have accounts on, Wattpad, FictionPress, and MessagInk under the same username as here, but so far, all I've posted on any of them is my Wings of War fanfic trilogy on my Considering putting it on Wattpad as well. . . idk


My main movie fandoms are HTTYD (obviously), LOTR, Star Trek (remakes), and Marvel. My main book fandoms are The Green Ember Series, by S. D. Smith, and The Ashtown Burials, by N. D. Wilson, although The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson, is also good.






Lucy (left) and Hazel (right), my siggy's resident rabbits, adoptables done by Moonfyre. The art section, what with its combination of a rather diverse amount of animals, can get a little crazy at times, so these two are here instead.


Tahoe, my siggy's resident puppy, an adoptable done by Silver Phantom



SoD Account Info




Viking Username: Hilankanayla


Viking Level: 50


Main Mount: Pouncer, Ruffrunner, Merciful (my Sand Wraith), and various other dragons


Mount Level: Pouncer and Merciful are 50, Ruffrunner is 8


Friend Code: GF12G6 (I accept all requests I get)


Clan: Permanent Damage


Where I'm Usually At: Thunder Run Racing



Favorite Videos


Turns out, I like random [usually] music videos. Here are my favorites. I'll narrow it down to just one video one of these days. . . (HTTYD --- The Flight of the Silverbird) (Loki ---- I Won't Be Silenced [Speechless]) (Marvel --- Unstoppable) (LOTR --- This Is War) (Thor: Ragnarok Humor)



Art by AMAZIEing


Loki as a rabbit


Lash, my Deadly Razortail OC


Emberstone, my Lycanwing OC


Leaper, Night Light OC


Winter Wildflower, Night Light OC, Leaper's sister


Ocean Dawn, Night Light OC, Leaper's other sister


Art by Others


Myria the Manticore, by the very skilled Speedyleaf :) I love her!


Speckle the Night Light, made by the amazing AndreaEaston :D she's brilliant!


Stormkeeper the Blight Fury, by ZestyDragonWing :D thank you so much!



Davion the Deathly Singflyer(top) and Skyfire the Piercing Shriekscale (bottom) by Chameishida :) TYSM!!!


Stormcloud the Alpine Squaller, by Featheronfire :D she looks great!


Hilan and Leaper, made by TosiLohi :D TYSM!!!!!!


Moon Raider, my Light Fury OC (top), and Flaming Honesty, my first Night Light OC (bottom), both drawn beautifully by Iamthesenate! They're awesome!!




Ocean Dawn drawn by the amazing InkyDigiWing!! she looks amazing!!


Ocean Dawn, Leaper, and Winter Wildflower, drawn by Tigerli1y!! tysm!


Reisu the Sand Wraith, by the amazing Madoka Miyazono!!



Hilan, my main OC, in her Lycanwing form (top), and Amaroq the Aleution (bottom), both drawn by the amazing Dylieh!! TYSM!!!


Hilan in her farm at Dreadfall, drawn by the amazing Silver Phantom!! tysm!!!

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Yep, they are! Took me long enough, didn't it XD

You watch closely as the rabbits meet each other, worrying Lucy's attitude might be a bit much for half-wild Hazel. It certainly seems that way at first, with Hazel shying away from Lucy and her chasing him around a bit. But your initial assessment of Lucy's personality was correct: there's really no harm in her. She seems to understand Hazel's fear and shows a gentle side no human has ever seen. They eat together and afterwards, when they're digesting, Hazel suddenly flops against Lucy and sighs, apparently seeing something in her no one else has. Lucy lays her head on Hazel's protectively, and you know they will figure it out together.

And they do. They bring out the best in each other: Lucy has a friend who loves her for who she is, and Hazel has a protector who will defend him from anyone she thinks means him harm...including you.


Well, they're yours! I think these two are one of the best possible combinations for being on their own (I hope you enjoy watching them, because cuddling is pretty much out of the question...).

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Joined: 06/14/2020

I'm so glad the pairing worked!!!!! Hehe, I just read the backstories and thought that Lucy would be a good match for Hazel. I don't mind that they're not people-rabbits ---- if I had wanted bunnies that love to snuggle, I wouldn't have chosen them. Plus, I know that rabbits that are afraid of people generally have a harder time finding a home, and when I read Hazel's backstory, my heart absolutely melted. 

I can't get enough of rabbits, both domestic and wild. Once I had the opportunity to care for some orphaned wild cottontail babies, and even though I only had them for half a day, it was an amazing experience, feeding them formula with a pipette. 

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She is outgoing, loves company, is mostly active at night and is very quiet. She tends to notice everything but be unnoticed by others.


May I try her with Thumper?

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Aware of Pyxis' nocturnal tendencies, you try out Thumper and her late in the evening. Thumper is easily visible of course, looking ghostlike, but Pyxis looks like a piece of the night sky fallen to the ground. You can't help but admire the contrast between them, but of course what they look like doesn't matter. The rabbits themselves are only concerned with what's inside. 

Apparently, both are pleased with what they find. Pyxis' quiet, unnoticable personality seems to encourage Thumper to approach her, and by the time you leave, yawning, you can't distinguish the huddle of dark fur into two rabbits anymore. At night, all rabbits look the same. This has been one of the most peaceful try-outs ever.


Soooo sorry it took this long! My birthday was yesterday and the preparations swallowed up more of Saturday than I'd anticipated them to. I hope you're happy with them!

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No need to apologise!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! hope you had a good day :)


Yay! Thank you! Those two are going to get along well

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Lock has Locked my subject in a cage of despair

May I adopt Flappy and Moa?


Wan the first Avatar Night Fury guards my signature, approach with caution...

(The two diffrent looks of Wan were made by the amazing WoollyHowlEra)


(an amazing gif edit of my guardian Wan by my friend InkyDigiWings)

(An amazing edit of my guardian Wan by Frost Shards)

(made by EmeraldHuntress65)

Warning for PMs : if you are PMing me there's a chance I won't respond to it unless it's for RPs or Art then i'll respond to it

Under construction until i have time to redocorate it

Siggy banner made by Silver Phantom

by my amazing friend Lady fighter


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Table of contents (shows the color of each section and what order it appears in) :


Httyd with other franchises mix

       -Digimon OCs as Dragons

       -She-ra and The Princesses of Power OCs and Canoned character as Dragons

       -Freah Precure OC as a Dragon

Other Franchise OCs

      -Fresh Precure OCs

      -Suite Precure OCs

      -Yoshi OC

      -Danny Phantom OCs

      -Wings of Fire OC

      -The Dragon Prince OCs (TDP for short)

      -Glitch Techs OC

      -Avatar: The Last Airbender OCs (ATLA for short) and Legend of Korra OCs (LoK for short)

      -BNA OCs

      -Tales of Arcadia OCs (ToA for short)



Viking Profiles

     -Main viking Warmetalgarurumon

     -Second viking Delphox Alpha

     -Other vikings back-ups


My thanks


sorry for being lazy here's some of them

by Iamthesenate

an amazing edit of Pink night and her mate Silver Blue Star done by WoollyHowlEra

An amazing drawing of my Chimeragon Frozen made by the amazing IceyShadow

Mug Sea Shocker hatchling Sea and Shock by Sohki

Httyd with other franchises mix:

Warmetalgarurumon (Wargreymon x Metalgarurumon) DigiLight [my mascot for this account] by InkyDigiWing

by Iamthesenate

GatoGarurumon by ShadowFuryTreaderGatoGarurumon (Gatomon x Metalgarurumon) DigiLight by InkyDigiWings

Dracomon fury

Dracomon fury who's Warmetalgarurumon's older brother by InkyDigiWings

WargreymonWarmetalgarurumon's mom Wargreymon by InkyDigiWings

MetalgururumonWarmetalgarurumon's father Metalgarurumon by InkyDigiWings

Catra (She-ra and the princesses of power canoned character) as a nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Liza (SATPOP OC) as a Nightlight by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Lizshade (Liza x Nightshade are OCs of SATPOP) by ApertureNightFury12345 (InkyDigiWings now)

Sary (Fresh precure OC) as a Nightlightlight by me

Other franchise OCs:

Sary vs Cure Cherry (Fresh precure OC) by me

Sarah Higashi (Fresh precure OC) by me

Singer (Suite precure OC) by me

Cure Singer (Suite precure OC) by me

Allisa Kurokawa (Suite precure OC) by me

Forum Request + Flamering by ImDerpySheylaMy Yoshi Flamering made by ImDerpySheylaYT

Sammy and Spirita by NightFury125Sammy Fenton and her dragon friend Spirita (Danny Phantom OCs) by me

Sammy and Spirita ghost forms by NightFury125Sammy Fenton in her ghost form Sammy Spirit and Spirita in her ghost form (Danny Phantom OCs) by me

An amazing drawing of my ghost girl Sammy Spirit by my friend toothless0603

An amazing drawing of my ghost dragon Spirita by my friend toothless0603

An amazing drawing of my Seawing-Nightwing hybrid Swordstealer (Wings of Fire OC) made by Tigerli1y

an amazing headshot of my Startouch elf OC Regiana made by DyliehIdol1214

Regiana the startouch elfmy Startouch elf OC Regiana (one of my favorite OCs for The Dragon Prince) by me

Lunaraisia (or just Luna for short)Lunaraisia or Luna for short the Celestial dragon (My second favorite OC for the Dragon Prince) by me

Regiana and Lunaraisia together made by TosiLohi

Nila the moonshadow elfNila the Moonshadow elf (The Dragon Prince OC) by me


Suany the Sunfire elfSuany the Sunfire elf (TDP OC) by me

Athena the Tidebound elfAthena the Tidebound elf (TDP OC) by me

Aura the Skywing elfAura the Skywing elf (TDP OC) by me

Hydra the Earthblood elfHydra the Earthblood elf (TDP OC) by me


SelaphiaSelaphia the storm dragon (TDP OC) by me

MariaMaria by me

Sorcerer and Seekertwins Sorcerer and Seeker (TDP OCs) by me

An amazing drawing of my Glitch Tech OC Jessica Light in her casual outfit made by DyliehIdol1214

QpGWS6b by NightFury125a christmas group shot of Jessica, Jenny, Rayla, Luna, Max, Ryan, and Casper made by ParkeetAndine

Ying the Firebender by NightFury125Ying my firebender (Avatar: the Last Airbender OC) by me

Adah the waterbender by NightFury125Adah my waterbender (ATLA OC) by me

Flora the Earthbender by NightFury125Flora my earthbender (ATLA OC) by me

Aayla the airbender by NightFury125Aayla my airbender (ATLA OC) by me

Chang (LoK version)Chang (ATLA/LoK OC) by me (this is Chang's full clothing looks like {if anyone is willing to do a full body art of her it would greatly appreicated)

An amazing drawing of my LoK OC Chao made by DyliehIdol1214

Sola the being of spirits (a LoK OC) is running animated by Tigerli1y

my BNA OCs Daisuke Sato (the lion) and Setsuna Ogami (the wolf) in their beastmen forms made by toothless0603

Kaida (human form) by NightFury125Kaida Lake Jr. human form (ToA OC) by me

Kaida (hybrid form) by NightFury125Kaida hybrid form by me

Kaida (dragon form) by NightFury125Kaida dragon form by me

Monstrous Kaida by my friend toothless0603

Aridam (human form) by NightFury125Aridam Chaos human form (ToA OC) by me

Aridam (hybrid form) by NightFury125Aridam hybrid form by me

Aridam (dragon form) by NightFury125Aridam dragon form by me

Aridam (cat form) by NightFury125Aridam cat form by me

Elizabeth Casperan by NightFury125My witch OC Elizabeth Casperan (ToA OC) by me

an amazing drawing of my wizard OC Elizabeth Casperan by my friend toothless0603

Roger profile by NightFury125Elizabeth's animal familier Roger (ToA OC) by me

a drawing of Roger being he's arrogant self by Tigerli1y

Alina (human form) by NightFury125Alina Chaos human form (ToA OC) by me

Alina (hybrid form) by NightFury125Alina hybrid form by me

Alina (dragon form) by NightFury125Alina dragon form by me

Alina (cat form) by NightFury125Alina cat form by me

Lupita, Balance, and Aridam by NightFury125A christmas gift involving my werewolf Lupita (ToA OC), Balance (multiverse guardian), and Aridam (ToA OC) made by my friend toothless0603


R.I.P. old look of Shine you'll be missed (banner done by AndreaEaston)

i'm a huge

Add a little bit of body text by NightFury125

(this banner was done by me)

Douxie Fan by NightFury125

(by me)

Danny Fenton Danny Phantom fan by NightFury125

(by me)

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Thank you to every artists who made me art they're all so lovely and make me smile when I look at them when i'm feeling low. I also want to thank my friends your all there when I need some cheering up and help me through the tough times. Thank you all of you :D

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Moonfyre's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/02/2020
No sound...? Okay, I guess...

When you put them together, Moa immediately asserts her dominance over Flappy, who frankly looks like he just woke up and doesn't really follow what's happening. He seems bewildered by her hyperactivity, bouncing around him, but then decides he'll just figure it out tomorrow, or something, and flops down. Moa seems to interpret that as a sign that he accepts that she's the boss, and lays off him. 

This pattern pretty much stays the same. Moa sometimes feels the need to slightly bully Flappy for some (imagined) slight, and he just lets it wash over him unflappably. Whether he doesn't care about being bossed around or if he just doesn't notice it is anyone's guess...

Mostly they just chill together though.


Yep, you can have them!

Warmetalgarurumon's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 12/15/2014
I'll take excellent care of

I'll take excellent care of Moa and Flappy

Moonfyre's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/02/2020

Wow. I did not expect these to be this popular. I thought twenty-two rabbits would have me covered for a few days, but instead they're almost all gone within 24 hours!

I'm gonna put in a pause here. I will make new rabbits (maybe take a leaf out of Andrea's book and base them off animals) hopefully next week. Any ideas for backgrounds and personalities are appreciated, because my imagination is finite.

I will try the posted combinations tomorrow, but DO NOT POST any new ones. You can still guess for my rabbit and I'll still do the customizable ones though.


StormShear57's picture
Joined: 06/14/2020
You need ideas, you say?

Some potential names:


Hairy Pawter (male)


Gilligen (male)


Robyn (female)


Juniper (any gender)


Silverbelle (female)


Twyla (female)


Some potential breeds:


Holland Lop (brown and white with a little bit of black)


Dutch (white and black)


Dwarf (any color -- either solid or with a few speckles)


Rex / Mini Rex (usually a solid color)

Moonfyre's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/02/2020
I like Juniper and Twyla!

I like Juniper and Twyla! Will probably use those :) any chance you might be able to help me with some backstories too? (In PM, if possible, so as not to spoil anything here?)


As for breeds...mmmmmmyeah. I'm not really a huge fan of breeds, or more accurately breeders. Unlike dogs, with their massive variety in build, size, traits, etcetera that has been bred into them throughout the ages, rabbits have only recently been kept as pets. Before, they were kept for their meat, so the only important trait was to get very big very fast. Which is why most variation in rabbits is the color of their fur, and not so much build and definitely not character traits. And well, the rabbit showing world is a very ugly world. Only one out of ten rabbits or so is show-worthy, and the other nine are disposed of in ways...not very fitting on a PG-rated forum. I'll let you in on a little secret: my rabbits come from a breeder as well, but they were on the short track of being sent to the zoo as snake food because the breeder had no use for them i.e. they weren't perfect. If a friend of ours hadn't been passing by at the right moment and taken pity on them, I would have missed out on the most adorable, funny, quirky little rabbit pals ever.


All right, that's enough depression. Truth is, I based a lot of the rabbits on breeds already. Moa is a Dutch rabbit, Cocoa is a Black and Tan, Binky is supposed to be a Dalmatiner Rex, Muffin is a Harlequin, and Twitch is a Russian rabbit. For bonus points, can you guess which breed Fluffy is based on?

StormShear57's picture
Joined: 06/14/2020
Speckle, get back here with that subject!

Glad you like those two names! Juniper just popped in my head, and Twyla is a full-size Rex that used to live at the House Rabbit Society rescue center where I volunteer.


I'm not a fan of breeders -- or pet shops -- either. I mean, there's a reason that it's best to adopt from rescue centers! Rescue centers give the animals that live there the attention that they need, and other places don't as much, as far as I'm aware of -- it probably varies from place to place. My first rabbit my mom bought for my off of Craigslist when I was seven, and she originally came from a pet store. She was just the sweetest, most playful little girl, a mini-Rex. I didn't lose her until earlier this year, actually. idk where the good gosh darn my second rabbit really came from. I got him from the rescue center, and found a tatoo in his ear after I adopted him. My dad said that he was probably a breeding rabbit, or a purebred, and my friend suspected he was a meat rabbit. He was tiny, though, so I rather doubt the latter possibility. My third, who I have right now, a black full-size Rex, is also form the rescue center, and I haven't got the slightest clue where he came from. My fourth, his companion, came from a pet store originally. Her owners knew someone who knew one of our friends, and that was how we found out about her.




What breed is Fluffy based on? Hmm, that's a tricky one. I don't know as many rabbit breeds off the top of my head as I would like, but from looking at her, I'd say she's either a mix or some kind of a Lionhead, judging from the fur between her ears. She reminds me of Bigwig from Watership Down for some odd reason. Must be that fur on her head.

Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 04/03/2020
May I adopt Cherry and Apple?

May I adopt Cherry and Apple?



Name in Real Life: Can't tell you this

Age in Real Life: Can't tell

Grade in Real Life: 5th

Gender/Pronouns: Girl, She/her pronouns

Real Life Hobbies: Math, Reading, SoD, Writing, School, Playing the Flute, Mario Cart Wii

Name in SoD: TheNightLightTrainerOfBerk

Clan: I tend to swich clans a lot, but right now I'm in At last you see the light

SoD Hobbies: DT, Flying around aimlessly, running the mazes, and hanging out in the Hidden World Annex.

Where to find me: Um... Anywhere but Zippleback island, Impossible island, and Hobblegrunt island.


Moonfyre's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/02/2020

Cherry and Apple are a bit shy at first, so you leave them alone for a bit. You feed them and leave them by themselves as you go to bed. It works: the next morning, both come running at you happily, excited for cuddles.


Yep, you may!

Moonfyre's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/02/2020

The new batch of rabbits is up! I've got five males and five females, but hereby a small reminder that Fluffy, Lily and Waffle are still open from the first batch :)

Silver Phantom's picture
Silver Phantom
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 01/17/2020
Meep meep

Can I please try matching Tundra and Babette? :)


Btw here's my lil' Babette:





                      Welcome to my signature!








     This is Galesprinter, guardian of my siggy. He was hatched by the extremely talented Sohki! 

           This is Aeria. Behold this beautiful light fury, crafted by the fantastic SilverNight!



     This is Tinder, my adorable kyte! She was rescued and gifted to me by LissaFish the amazing designer!




Friends: (I'm literally copying Sohki, this is a great way to portray friendships!)

ANIC101: Anic, you're a fantastic friend! You are funny, super helpful, and more! And Corrin is AMAZING! Thanks for being there for me, always with a positive attitude.

Sohki: LONG LIVE THE GLORIOUS CHAKOEL! :D Sohki, you rock! Thank you so much for Galesprinter! You're an awesome person, and I'm glad to call you one of my forum friends.

Lady Fighter: Lady, you're my very first friend here! You're always there for me, sympathetic and kind. Nyx and Hypnos are fortunate to be with such a lovely dragon trainer!



Gtg work on this soon!



Camicazi the nightlight by Andrea Easton! Thank you soooooooo much!!!!!!




In-game name: XxAthenaTheValkyriexX

Membership status: Current three-monther.

In-game age: Late teens

Main dragon: A broadwing Silver Phantom, female. Her name is Selene.

In-game clan: Dark Challenge
In-game besties: xLancePaladinOfVoltronx, xBeautifulDyannaOfBerkx, Lady fighter, CossackMakerOfChaos, PatsyTheAngel,


Moonfyre's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/02/2020
I had a MYSTERIOUS VISION of the FUTURE and saw...

...that you would want to try these two ;P


Two females usually don't go well together, but you think Babette's mothering instincts might be good for poor scared little Tundra. At first, Tundra sits frozen in a corner, but something in Babette's appearance seems to comfort her and she allows the bigger rabbit to approach. Babette's mother hen tendencies kick in and she starts gently licking Tundra's scarred ear. You see Tundra's eyes half-closing as she leans into Babette.

With Babette's solid presence beside her, Tundra develops into a social, curious, mischievous little bunny. But at the first sign of danger, she runs straight back and hides behind her friend. Who always stands ready to defend her, whether danger is actually present or not.


Enjoy your two loppy girls!

Silver Phantom's picture
Silver Phantom
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 01/17/2020
ViSiOnArY...aRe YoU pSyChIc??

Eeeeeeee!! Thank you so much! Aww, my two itty bitty girlies...I've got plenty of siggy space for them to cuddle in! :D


*Not so subtly dives between them, turning the snuggles into a hugfest*

Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 04/03/2020
Pickle thought the subject was a chicken egg

Can I adopt one more pair? If so, I would like to try Panda and Dot together.

Moonfyre's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/02/2020
A thank you for the first pair would have been nice, but aight

Panda and Dot get along without a fuss, but you worry about Panda's eating habits. He wolfs down anything they get, and Dot visibly loses weight. You start feeding them separately, but of course that's not an ideal solution. Finally, Dot gets so hungry she yanks a dandelion leaf Panda is chewing on straight out of his mouth. Panda is so surprised he does nothing but sit there while she gobbles down the rest of the leaves. From then on, he shares with her, knowing he can expect a hit if he doesn't.


Yup, all yours!

Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 04/03/2020
Aaahhhh! So, so, so sorry I forgot to thank you. Thank you!

Thank you!

Solveig the Fair's picture
Solveig the Fair
Berk's Power Player
Joined: 03/25/2020
-insert subject here-

Splash is one of the few rabbits who likes water. As his name suggests, he loves to splash around and even swim. He’s curious, adventurous, and rather sweet. He won’t push his partner to join his escapades if they don’t want to; he’ll be happy with someone he can cuddle with at the end of the day.


I’d like to try Splash and Juniper!

Moonfyre's picture
Supreme Viking Champion
Joined: 03/02/2020
Splashy bunny!

Juniper is so desperate for company she literally throws herself at Splash the moment she sees him, accepting him immediately with all his quirks. Splash looks slightly bewildered, but delighted with the company.

While Juniper accepts his love of water, she doesn’t go near it herself at first. Eventually though, you spot her dipping her paws in while Splash encourages her from where he’s swimming in the middle of the pool. She never grows very fond of water, but she’s always more than happy to lick Splash dry once he comes out.


Yep, she's yours!

Solveig the Fair's picture
Solveig the Fair
Berk's Power Player
Joined: 03/25/2020
Such a cute pair!

I’m so glad it worked out and Juniper is happy! Thank you!

The Seashocker Tamer's picture
The Seashocker Tamer
Joined: 05/01/2020
Floofy rabbit!!

 This is my girl Celestia (Aka Celest) She is an extremely smart rabbit who doesn't get scared easily and is extremely loyal to her friends and companions but watch out if you get on her bad side! As long as you don't agitate her -which she doesn't get agitated easily- she'll gladly do whatever you want her to and follow you around as a little companion. She's a go with the flow rabbit who just wants some company.

Can I try her with Checkers?