Admins! Someone! Please help!

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I play SoD on my mobile phone, and when I get to the log in-window, I put my username and password, and log in, it says AN ERROR OCCURRED, and DATA VALIDATION FAILED! My Wi-Fi seems to be fine even when I'm abroad, I've been playing it for a several days without a problem, but now, ERROR! I've been trying to play it on different devices but it doesn't work. I've been trying to restart my phone, but nothing works.. If someone could help me I would be happy..

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Oh my thor

Many people seem to have this problem!

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yep. Unfortunately I think it's happened to everyone. Apparently it's happened before and it only lasted a few days. It kind of stuffs up the daily rewards but hopefully it will be back to normal soon


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Sapphire: Female Deadly Nadder, dark blue with light blue belly

Nightshard: Female Razorwhip, silver with a darkish tinge

Shockwave: Male Thunderdrum, green with light belly and spots

Coral: Female Tide Glider, dark blue with light blue details and pink patterns

Cinder: Male Monstrous Nightmare, orange with darker patterns and yellow-orange belly

Pebbles: Male Gronkle, brown with lighter belly and blue speckles

Sahara: Female Sand Wraith, light sandy orange colour

Cloudchaser: Male Stormcutter, same colours as Cloudjumper

Firework: Male Typhoomerang, dark blue with light head and details

Shrubb: Female Prickleboggle, green with brown spots and light belly

Geode: Male Snafflefang, purple with teal spots and light blue belly

Frostclaw: Male Groncicle, light icy blue

Melody and Harmony: Female Hideous Zippleback, purple with green spots and blue belly

Emberwing: Female Fireworm Queen, golden yellow with bright orange spots

Thistletail: Male Whispering Death, dark teal with lighter teal belly and bright green spines


Favourite Classes: Sharp, Tidal and Strike

Dream Dragons: Windwalker, Terrible Terror, Night Terror, Scauldron, Skrill, Timberjack, Buffalord, Speed Stinger, Snow Wraith

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Sapphire: Sapphire was my very first dragon. I took a quiz with Gobber and I got a Hideous Zippleback, but I have always wanted a Deadly Nadder. So I got an egg and hatched it, so Sapphire was born. We spent hours going on quests and training, until she grew up to be a gorgeous adult Nadder. We have a very strong bond, and that will never change.

Nightshard: After a while with Sapphire I noticed she was getting lonely. I decided I wanted another sharp class dragon, so I decided to get a Razorwhip. Then Loki's Mirage came along, and I decided to give it a go. So I completed it, and to my surprise and joy I won a Razorwhip egg. I hatched it and named her Nightshard. She has grown up to be a great battle dragon, as well as a very good friend of mine.

Shockwave: I was quite happy with 2 dragons, but I wanted another one. I heard that if you collect 1000 sheep in Thunder Run Racing, you will get a mystery saddle, stable and dragon egg. So I did it. I raced until I threw up from boredom. Finally I collected my 1000th sheep and I got a Thunderdrum egg. I was, to be honest, a little disapointed. I wanted a really cool dragon like a Snow Wraith or a Death Song. But I got a Thunderdrum. Nonetheless, I hatched him and named him Shockwave. We are pretty good friends, although he prefers to be by himself and I don't take him out as often as I probably should.

Coral: I had seen how cute baby Tide Gliders are, and wanted to get one. So I saved up loads of gems to buy one. I hatched a pretty blue dragon, and when she grew into an adult she got pretty pink details on her wings, head fins and tail fin. I have an ok bond with her. She is very Beautiful, and I love her like I do all my dragons, but I just don't have a super strong bond with her, as she prefers swimming with other dragons. I do take her out and fly around with her though.

Cinder: I got Cinder from some of the leftover gems I had from buying Coral. I do love him, and take him out a fair bit, but he is a bit feisty and selfish, so I usually let him have his space. We are pretty good friends though.

Pebbles: I bought Pebbless from the last of the gems I had left from buying Coral and Cinder, since Gronkles are one of the cheapest dragons. He and I are pretty good buddies, but he is lazy so he doesn't usually want to do anything. We still have a fairly good bond.

Sahara: I started noticing that everyone had Sand Wraiths. They are fast, good looking and I really wanted one. So I saved up my gems and bought an egg. The result was an adorable baby Sand Wraith. As an adult she is very fast and easy to ride. She is very playful though, and loves other dragons so she gets overexited easily. We are great friends, although I haven't been taking her out lately because I want to make sure all my other dragons are getting equally loved,

Cloudchaser: I bought this Stormcutter from the leftover gems from buying Sahara. He turned out pretty much the same colour as Valka's Stormcutter, Cloudjumper. I was stuck on names for him. Eventually I gave up thinking of something really cool and different, so I went with Cloudchaser. Then after I named him I thought 'OH! I should have named him Tawnywing! (Tawny frogmouths are a type of owl and Stormcutters act alot like owls)' but I couldn't rename him, so his name was Cloudchaser. I do regret naming him that, but nonetheless I love him and take him out flying a fair bit. He is smart and courageous, and we share a pretty strong bond.

Firework: I won Firework from one of two mystery egg boxes I bought. I was really happy to get a Typhoomerang, and enjoyed raising him. He does usually prefer to fly around with other dragons rather than be with people, but we are still good friends.

Shrubb: I won Shrubb from the other egg chest that I bought. I was a little disapointed to get a Prickleboggle, but onge I raised her to be an adult I realised I actually quite liked them. She is very mischievous though, and often misbehaves when I am not looking. She gets overexited when we fly because she loved playing with other dragons but she is overall a good dragon.

Geode: I won Geode from another egg chest I bought. He is a very good looking dragon and I do love him. He doesn't seem to care a whole lot about anything, he is a very laid-back dragon. We are still good friends besides his carelessness.

Frostclaw: I found Frostclaw at Icestorm Island. I helped him back to his island and made a nest for him. a while later he came up to me and led me to his family! Their nest had been broken so I rebuilt it and in return he became my dragon. He is a bit stubborn and likes his own space, but he is loyal to me and we are pretty good friends.

MelodyAndHarmony: Since I had so many dragons now, I was an Ultimate Dragon Trainer and was allowed to get starter dragons for gold. I already had a Nadder, a Nightmare and a Gronkle so I decided to get a Zippleback and complete my collection. Melody and Harmony are very cuddly, and love eachother as well as me and spend alot of time sleeping with me. They sometimes get themselves into trouble though, since they are very curious.

Emberwing: I won Emberwing from yet another mystery egg box. She is pretty feisty, and will stick up for herself. She doesn't really like other dragons except for Fireworm Queens but respects me as she knows who's boss. I do spend a fair bit of time with her.

Thistletail: Thistletail is the newest member of my dragon family. I got his egg from a quest down the tunnels under Berk. I found a whole crate of them, probably planted by Outcasts (again). Hiccup rewarded me for my help by letting me hatch one of the eggs. I don't know much about him yet, but he seems very shy, although friendly with me.


Congrats if you read all that, I spent way more time on it than I should have. Nonetheless, hope you enjoyed it! :)


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It'd be nice if they posted

It'd be nice if they posted on their Twitter what's going on 

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What have I done?

Geez, I panicked so much that I even posted a topic, while everyone is posting topics about the same issue. But the admins don't work in the weekend, so does that mean that this thing will continue until Monday?

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That's my concern as well.

That's my concern as well. I'd like to know too. I haven't had this game very long so idk what they do when this happens. I've not been there for it before.