ADMINS, PLEASE, something I'd like to see

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Dusty Blaire
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Hello, fellow dragon trainers! 

I know it's been suggested before but allow me to elaborate on the idea of being able to trade in unwanted items and eggs to Trader Johann. 

The reason I say Trader Johann, and not between other players, is because then we are at the risk of scamming which makes the game less child friendly. If we were able to trade our items in for, say, half their original price then that would make the game a lot better, especially for the players who can't afford stables and have unwanted dragons. 

The game is educational, and I think bringing an aspect like this into the game would teach younger people how to manage money which is an important skill to learn. 

So, let's say you had a boneknapper egg but you didn't want it, you'd simply go to Trader Johann and you'd go to the "sell" tab. There you have your backpack contents and you can pick anything to sell for half its original price. 

So, providing I'd bought this boneknapper egg straight from the store, I'd be able to sell it for 360 gems (half of 720). If, however, it was from a mystery dragon egg chest, it would go for half the price of the egg chest. I'd then click on it, click sell, and a little thing would pop up asking me if I was 100% sure I wanted this item to go, as I couldn't get it back afterwards. I'd click 'yes' (or 'no' if I didn't want it to go) and I'd immediately be credited my gems/gold.

Saddles would go for half of their store price, as would farm decorations and animals, and any buildings. 

I have so much clutter, and this would be a brilliant way for me and any of my fellow dragon trainers to clear it without making the game go broke (because I understand the game relies on purchases, and this method would NOT stop anyone from buying gems or memberships) but then also keeping the players happy. 

Please can we have this feature? It would be a big help to all of us. 


Dusty <3

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I want trading too

Good idea

I would love to sell a lot of stuff.







I can draw your Viking! Click the link below!


Thanls to all the incredible artists who made these pictures for me!-









My pictures-







Sandwraith- Nibbles

Nibbles is my first dragon that I rescued from a cage. She is purple, and is at level 30. 


Groncicle- Vexy

I found Vexy on johann's ship. I helped her find her way back to ice storm island. She's level 20.


Nadder- Lulu

I got Lulu out of the hatchery's collection of eggs. She is level 24.


Death song- Melody

I rescued Melody from her mum's nest, after she was abandoned by her. She is level 11.


Armorwing- Armor

I saved Armor from dragon hunters and she bonded with me. She is level 3.


Smokebreath- Smog

Smog is the second smoke breath I got. I won him in battle. He is level 6.


Smokebreath- Skyfog

Skyfog is the first smokebreath I got. I also won her in battle. She is level 13.


Whispering death- Groundwhisper

I got groundwhisper after finding her egg in the tunnels under Berk. She is level 12.


Whispering death- Groundquake

I won groundquake in battle. She is level 10.


Whispering death- Groundshake

I also won Groundshake in battle. She is level 10.


Screaming death- Screech

I won Screech in battle. She is at level 30.


Razorwhip- Cut

I found Cut's egg in an abandoned ship. She is level 20.


Razorwhip- Snip

I won Snip in battle. He is level 9.


Hotburple- Grunt

I won Grunt in battle. He is level 8.


Snafflefang- Fangsnaffle

I won Fangsnaffle in battle. She is level 10.


Flightmare- Frightmare

I won Frightmare in battle. She is level 5.


Moldruffle- Mold

I won Mold in battle. She is level 10.


Speed stinger- Sting

I won sting in battle. She is level 8.


Fireworm queen- Helios

I won Helios in battle. She is level 5.


Shockjaw- Helpfulwarrior

I won Helpful warrior in battle. I named her after one of my friends. She is level 10.


Hobblegrunt- Wobbles

I won wobbles in battle. She is still a baby and at level one.