Admins please read, I'd like to report someone

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So this happened in race today:


I had rly luck with getting boost on my sand wraith so i had a boost in 2 races. I have some boosts i only use against ppl who use their boost. So there was this player. After these races he first said "qpissy and" what i didnt understand first and i didnt care about. But in the race him and another sand started to hardcore boost. Thats all the time until i decided to buy toothless for gems. I needed to use boost to win against them. Then he said those words to me. I know who this person is and you all know, too bc the AD.


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Dear Admins, please add the Sworstealer to the game. I would love to see another dragon like the Tide Glider, that has no role in the series.

Oh and please fix the age up glitch. It doesn't affect me but many people want to play.




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Please let it happen n_n







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lol I know what they were

lol I know what they were saying


if I said it here id get banned LOL


I’m back loL





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Yeah theres a problem here

The game is allowing anyone to say anything apparently, Which is not child-safe in my opinion, This is a kids game! people need to watch their language, and that's rude what that player said Nobody should be rude or swear.  (PS I don't know this player but if i did i would have seen them say that a few times maybe)


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Thank you for the info...

Thank you for reaching out to us and reporting this. We take reports like this very seriously. Online safety is our biggest priority as we aim to create a safe and healthy environment for all our players. Please rest assured that we are investigating this further for a resolution. And for the time being, ask that you keep in mind that there are already strict chat restrictions in place to prevent this type of conversation in the game and we are constantly striving to upkeep this system to cover the numerous word variations that players use to get around them. The last thing we would want is for our players to be exposed to conversations deemed inappropriate for our fan base. We will be sure to track the mentioned in-game accounts accordingly for a full investigation. Thanks so much for reaching out!

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I have also seen someone who

I have also seen someone who did the same thing.

First they said something like this before the race started, AND when the race begun, the person was really fast!

I can really hardly say that they used a speed boost because it only lasts for 2-3 seconds and not for the entire race.

Also, they finished the race under 50 seconds, which I REALLY do not think anyone could do that even if they used all speed boosts they had...

Sadly, I didn't have my phone to record the proof and after the race I didn't see them anywhere...





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