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Please make it possible so we can put our dragons in any list order that we favorites at the top. So that people like me with tons of dragons don't take forever to pick which one we want to race in TRR. (Thunder Run Racing) would make the game so much easier for a lot of us. Because we can't chat in TRR so people think we're are just sitting there. Even if it has to be in the order that there in stables fine..but it takes forever to get to woolly howl and silver phantom. I'm sure alot of others would agree with me..also maybe trading eggs to.  I myamys have alot and would love to trade them for other dragons I don't have or want more of.

PS..also when we finish a able to delete some items out of our backpack. Takes up room..

Thank you in advance!


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I completely agree! I would love to have a more efficient way to switch dragons in TRR. I expect most racers (especially ones who race many types of dragons) understand the hassle of trying to switch dragons in TRR. I have been very careful not to hatch any extra dragons for this very reason... However, it still takes me several minutes to switch to a dragon near the end of my list.

Just about anything has to be more efficient than what we currently have... Whether we are able to put dragons in a certain order (though still inconvenient for those of us who like to race all types of dragons), or just a faster way to scroll through (perhaps similar to our dragon list outside of TRR?).


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