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Admins, this is totally CRAZY and SO UNFAIR. Really? Ok, admins this is getting really out of hand. Here you guys are making updates, when you should be helping players get back into the game. For "Alpha Toothless" you should make it for 3 month membership or above just like getting Toothless and the skin should just come with the dragon. I hear that people are so jelous, and mad about this and many other things in this game. I am a HUGE fan of this game, and httyd itself. But all you guys want is money. You do not really care what the players think. Or your showing that you do not care. My old avatar got hacked and DELETED. (Super Heather) I PM you guys OVER AND OVER again, and not even a response. You only care if they are famous, because they get you money. Admins, I am not trying to be mean, I am trying to help make this the best game ever, so far, people are getting so mad (that I hear) that some people are quitting the game. This is out of control. At least give people other options to buy the skin besides money. Use runes and gems. Just price it higher. I also hear there are bad glitches going on and it is really getting out of control. If I were I game maker, I would care what the players think about the game. So far, right now, you are basicly throwing random stuff in people faces, that they can't even buy. Some people do not have an option to buy stuff. Make some stuff cheaper for a least the kids would ya? If anyone agrees, then help me out! I think this is crazy, and full of nonsense. Please take my words of advice, it could help you make even MORE money. Please at least try. Bring out what people want, and please get people back into SoD. and I would like my other avatar back please! xD


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I totally agree that the devs need to do more to fix glitches and the admins need to respond to our pm's more. I have pmed the admins a couple of time in the past few months and never gotten a response. I know they're busy but a few months is more than enough time to have gotten around to reading my message and sending a response. I also think we need to be more informed that glitches are being worked on and that the devs are aware of problems that we report. Very rarely do I see a post that says a problem is being worked on. Also what happened to the seasonal animals? I've seen lots of people on the forum ask this question and that's what one of my pms was about but so far this issue has not been addressed at all. Also the flight suit glitch has been around for a long time and I recently got it but nothing has been done to fix it. I know that some people like this glitch but I think it should be fixed for those of us who don't like it. I love this game and all but I do think more should be done to fix glitches and there needs to be more communication with the players by the admins because lots of pms and posts on the forum go unanswered.


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