ADMINS! I don't have any quests! And I now cannot log into downloaded version game!

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Yet again, even before the update all the new quests I should have gotten never appeared! I really need you guys to fix this please! I know with the new update and all your busy with fixing other issues, but this has gone on now since the update with my account. I need some one to tell me that they even know I need help! Just say you'll get on it or something! Because this is seriously starting to upset me, and I'm running out of pateince. Just say SOMETHING! I can list here all the thing I really need you guys to fix, you don't have to do it right away, just tell me you'll at least DO it.


One, I have none of the new quests since the Scauldron Quest. (I did get the titain rune starter, where I met with Hiccup) And the one quest the fog rolled in is still stuck.

Two, my game app on my computer once again has the gray screen over the play button. So I can't play it on the app. (It was fixed for a day)

Three, I have a TON of stuck chickens on my farm all in one place, it's like glitter paradise there....I mean it's not really a big deal but it's probably messing with my account.

Four, My acomplishments.....oh man I don't even know where to begin with those. But I am a leader of a clan, so the one acheivment hasn't been finished on my account.....


That's not many things to fix. And if you say clear your unity cache I'm going to scream. No matter how many times I do that, it never changes. The thig you guys need to do is to go in and fix these bugs so your game will run smoother. No doubtedly a lot of people have asked this, but if you fix these individual may find the next update to be less.....of a failure. Sorry to be so blunt, but it's the truth. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and at least reply that your working on it, it'll make me feel a little better.




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Wow your having quite a few problems. you get the quest with the meteorite?. i think that was the last one before the titan quest.

I'm also having problems accessing the game at the moment (pc download), i can only assume they are currently updating. For me the download bar dont appear, and i cant select play...   : /

Have you tried contacting the admins through facebook?. they seem more active on there.



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