ADMINS! Additions/Updates Suggestions Plz!

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Perhaps with the Titan Speedstinger, in the store, it could be added that Titan Speedstinger can run on water, as a sort of evolutionary addition.

With the various species of dragons, each one can use their individual traits outside of the minigames, like Nadders shooting spikes (maybe even raising or flattening them on/off), Monstrous Nightmare flame up at will, Typhoomerang fire spiral, etc.

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I like the ideas for sure, but I can see soo many glitches rising from this.... Pretty sure they don't add that in because it's a lot of work or something, but would be awesome if they could make it that way, I would love to be able to use spine shots and have a flamming nightmare as well. Would feel more like the actual dragons for sure.


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