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It's understandable  that with manual human verification of each account registered here, there will still be some spammers that manage to get through.
What would be nice, though, is if the spammers that got through could not post a new topic every MINUTE or less and bury every single relevant post on the forum in no time. 
My suggestion is that users should get a cool-off period if they try to post a certain number of new topics in a certain period of time. Then if they persist, the cool-off period should be increased with each attempt. Once a certain amount of cool-off periods are triggered in a certain amount of time, the account should be locked pending investigation by the administrators. 
Another suggestion I've seen is that new users should have to write a certain number of replies before they can post new topics.  Many forums have it so that users need to have around 10 replies posted before they can make new topics or post links. 
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Would be better if they put

Would be better if they put report Topic & report reply to report it fast!! and prevent spam


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I have already personally

I have already personally suggested some Drupal Modules to Bryjolf, just a few days ago, in fact. Drupal is the sitebulding tool SOD uses to host its forums. I suggested the use of the Spamicide and LoginTobbogin modules, which, according to a forum maintainer, managed to eliminate all but the most determined of spammers.

The following is taken from my post and Brynjolf's subsequent reply:


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09/01/2015 - 19:42

I have found a Drupal-based mod for eliminating some spambots by autobanning IPs that have been associated with spambot creation and operation. Please look into this. Any time the mods are offline, it becomes open season for the spammers. Whatever your latest patch was, clearly it has not worked.


Please, please read this, and maybe pass it on to the forum programming teams. There has got to be a Drupal module out there somewhere to stop this, because clearly Captcha is not working in the least.


Of particular interest is the Spamicide module, which adds a field to registration that normal users can't see, but that spambots will inadvertantly fill out. When a spambot fills it out, their application is rejected.

Also, the LoginToboggan module, which modifies user registration so that users can both set a password and be required to verify their email at the same time.


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09/02/2015 - 11:48

Thanks for this NightmareRebuff. But it looks like we took care of all the spammers so far! Thanks for sending this along and we will keep in mind for the future.





Whatever fix was made, it clearly has not worked for long.



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Yes, I have read up on those

Yes, I have read up on those filters, too. I have mentioned the Authorititive Voice Method in other topics about this without acknowledgment. 


But I also figured that they had been dismissed by the admins already, too, for whatever reason. Because nobody in their right mind chooses something as ineffecient as manual human verification of accounts over an automated process. Siren (I think) mentioned that they are verifying the new accounts themselves.


I only mention flood control because of the fact that this particular user has managed to create over one hundred spam topics in the last ten hours. If the admins insist on manual verification,  the least they could do is use a minimum post count and/or flood control in conjunction with it. I can accept that spammers will occasionally get through any security. What I cannot accept is when ONE spammer is capable of wiping out all relevant and recent topics because they there is nothing stopping them from making a new topic every minute.